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Historically important
Gaza War (2014)
Historically important
Confusion about Israel-Arab affairs is often the result of incomplete or false historical information. This section clarifies some of the pressing questions of Israeli-Arab history by showing actual events, eye witness accounts, and other documentation of historical significance.
Gaza War (2014)

PA minister claims 550 million shekels have been paid to families of those killed in Gaza war, more would be paid if not for shortage in international aid 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 8, 2017
Headline: “Marking Palestinian Martyrs Day in Gaza – Al-Agha: A national strategy is needed…”

“During the [Palestinian] Martyrs’ Day ceremony that was held by the National Committee of Martyrs’ (Shahids) Relatives and the [PLO] National Association of the Martyrs’ Families [of Palestine]… PLO Executive Committee member Zakariya Al-Agha gave a speech…
Al-Agha referred to the suffering of the Martyrs’ family members in everything related to the payment of their allowances (mukhassasat), and particularly the families of the Martyrs of 2014 (those killed in the 2014 Gaza War –Ed.) He noted that the time has come to put an end to this suffering, and called on [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas to make his decision, even though it is known that the financial situation of the PLO and PA is difficult. [Al-Agha added that] despite this, the Martyrs are a red line, and it is necessary to start finding appropriate solutions, when in the first stage, it is possible to pay an allowance of one Martyr to each family, while the transfer of the rest of the allowances will be completed if the financial situation of the PA improves…
[PA] Minister of Labor Ma’moun Abu Shahla gave a speech on behalf of [PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, in which he conveyed the blessings of the government to the families of the Martyrs…
He saluted all of the Martyrs of Palestine, and at their head Martyr Yasser Arafat, and noted that... 550 million (Israeli) shekels have been paid to the families of the Martyrs in Gaza out of 18 billion shekels [that were transferred] in the fields of health, education, welfare, electricity, water, sewage, and more. He said that if not for the scanty capabilities, the shortage in international aid, and the continuation of the rift (i.e., between Fatah and Hamas), the situation would be better.”
Palestinian Center for Human Rights director supports armed struggle 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 23, 2015
Headline: “Raji Al-Sourani: The UN report regarding the war in Gaza provided all that we want as Palestinians”
     “The moment the UN report regarding the war against Gaza last summer [2014] was published, Israel immediately attacked it strongly, while the responses of the Palestinians regarding the report ranged from blessings to those who said it compares the victim and the hangman.
In order to examine this report and the other legal matters pertaining to the Israeli aggression and the occupation’s violations against our people, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida met with Palestinian Center for Human Rights Director Attorney Raji Al-Sourani…
Regarding the benefit of pursuing the leaders of ‘Israel,’ Al-Sourani stated: ‘We are in a battle that requires us to use all of the weapons at our disposal: humanitarian, legal, ethical, armed struggle, and ending in the freedom flotilla, as there is nothing better than having the elite of the international community coming to you on a flotilla in order to support you and your cause.’”
Fatah’s military wing: 2014 Gaza War showed IDF’s weakness, and we "will not lay down [our] weapons" 
Source: Donia Al-Watan News website‎, July 7, 2015
Headline: “Al-Aqsa [Martyrs’] Brigades: The 2014 war exposed the occupation’s weakness in the face of the resistance.”
      “The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades - the Al-Asifa Army - Fatah’s military wing, stressed that the recent Israeli war last year [2014], revealed the extent of the weakness, inferiority, and defeat of the occupation’s army against the people of the resistance. The Al-Asifa army clarified in a press statement today [July 7, 2015], Tuesday, that the Israeli occupation did not succeed, in any of the battles, in attaining even one of the goals it proclaimed before entering the war against Gaza.
The [Al-Aqsa Martyrs’] Brigades emphasized that they still adhere to the option of resistance, and will not lay down their weapons as long as the Israeli occupation weighs heavily on its land. The [Al-Aqsa Martyrs’] Brigades stated: ‘We are ready for every new aggression against the Gaza Strip… We are working day and night, and we are preparing and planning things for this enemy that it does not expect. We are now a thousand times stronger than we were in the past.”
PA daily reports on Amnesty International report condemning Hamas for war crimes 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 28, 2015
Headline: “The Amnesty International organization: Hamas committed war crimes against Palestinian citizens”

Note: All Amnesty quotes appearing in the text are taken from Amnesty’s report: http://bit.ly/1GwiVdX

“The organization Amnesty International stated yesterday [May 27, 2015] in a report that the Hamas movement committed war crimes against Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip during its war against Israel in 2014.  Amnesty’s report stated: ‘Hamas forces carried out a brutal campaign of abductions, torture and unlawful killing against Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel and others during Israel’s military offensive against Gaza.’ …
Amnesty pointed out a number of incidents in its report that it described as ‘spine-chilling,’ in which Palestinians who were accused of assisting Israel were subjected to torture and killing. In addition, Amnesty stated: ‘In the chaos of the conflict, the de facto Hamas administration granted its security forces free rein to carry out horrific abuses including against people in its custody. These spine-chilling actions, some of which amount to war crimes, were designed to exact revenge and spread fear across the Gaza Strip.’"

Click "full article" for a longer excerpt from the article.
Hamas prevents 37 children from participating in trip organized by Israeli peace activists 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 29, 2014
Headline: “Hamas prevented 37 children, children of Martyrs, from visiting Israel and the West Bank”
     “The [trip] organizers said that the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip yesterday [Dec. 28, 2014] prevented a group of children who lost their fathers in the last Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip (i.e., 2014 Gaza War) from traveling to Israel through the Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing, and said that it is a visit that constitutes normalization.
The Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip, ruled by Hamas, prevented the group from crossing the border due to the ‘suspicious’ route the children would take in the visit.
A group of Israeli peace activists said that they received a permit from the Israeli army to bring in 37 children and five escorts, in order to take a week-long tour of Israel and the occupied West Bank. Yoel Marshak, an activist (of the Kibbutz Movement –Ed.) whose name appears on the Israeli permit, said that the group included children of Hamas fighters who were killed in the war, which lasted 51 days.
Marshak said that it was decided that the children would tour the Arab cities within the Green Line and in the southern areas. Likewise, it was decided that they would be present at the performance of an Israeli-Arab group, would visit a mixed Arab-Jewish school, and the Tel Aviv beach, and also visit the Safari.”
Official PA daily: Israel's strategy is to starve the Palestinians 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 20, 2014
Headline: “The damaging of agricultural lands – a clear strategy for the destruction of the Palestinian economy”
     “The damaging of agricultural lands in the latest aggression against the Gaza Strip (i.e., the 2014 Gaza War) is not just coincidence, nor a military plan to protect the occupation soldiers as they claim. It is a well-planned strategy to destroy the Palestinian national economy and cause damage to the Palestinian farms, in addition to starving the people and harming its nutritional security.”
PA TV guest says Israel was worse than Hitler during the Gaza War 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Oct. 13, 2014
Official PA TV program The Root of the Story interviewed a resident of Shuja’iyya.
Resident (old man): “[Not even] Hitler did to Israel what Israel did to us.”

Note: Shuja’iyya is a neighborhood in Gaza City. There was a heavy battle there between Israeli army and Hamas during the 2014 Gaza war, and many Palestinians were killed. International doctors and journalists who were there have referred to it as a massacre. Israel has defended its actions because Hamas was launching rockets from this area.
Fatah glorifies 9 female terrorists 
Source: Facebook, Fatah - The Main Page, Oct. 13, 2014


This video was originally posted on July 20, 2014 in the midst of the Gaza War. It was reposted on Oct. 13, 2014:
"Salute the Fatah girls, salute the self-sacrificing female fighters."
Suicide bomber Ayyat Al-Akhras: "In the name of Allah, I am the Martyr who is still alive, Ayyat Al-Akhras, I carry out my operation for Allah alone."
Song: "[They confronted] the enemies like a storm, salute the self-sacrificing female fighters
Revolution of flaming rage, glory, determination, and resolve...
Here are the girls who offered [their lives], graced with determination
The earth is soaked with your blood like perfume
Our drawn sword will be there on the day of battle
The earth is soaked with your blood like a perfume exuding fragrances
[Your] blood revenge is justified
[They confronted] the enemies like a storm
Salute the self-sacrificing female fighters
Here are the girls who offered [their lives], graced with determination
When the homeland sighs, you rise determined
Your blood longs for the earth, O [fighters] girded with fire
You rise like a flood, heralded in Paradise
You redeem the soil of the homeland, crowned with pride
O lovers of the land, crowned with determination
O you who go to avenge, to defeat the oppressor!
We are walking the same path and we will never grow tired
We will continue to safeguard [your] blood, O you who are praised!
O you who are praised!"
Caption: "Fatah's self-sacrificing female fighters - an ongoing sacrifice, starting with Dalal Mughrabi, and the revolution goes on."
Abbas’ advisor: Gaza war was “genocide” and Palestinians are being “annihilated” 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Oct. 10, 2014
Official PA TV broadcast the Friday sermon from Yasser Arafat’s mausoleum in Ramallah. The sermon was delivered by Mahmoud Al-Habbash, the Supreme Shari’ah Judge and Mahmoud Abbas’ Advisor on Religious and Islamic Affairs. Fatah Central Committee Member Abbas Zaki was in the audience.
Mahmoud Al-Habbash: “Is the Palestinian people not more worthy of aid [than the victims of Islamic State]? Is it not more worthy of deliverance and protection? The nation that is being annihilated, that is being subjected to genocide – and then they [Israel] are angry with the President [Mahmoud Abbas] for having described what happened in Gaza as genocide. What should we call it? What did the occupation do in Gaza? Crack jokes, perhaps? Go on a hike? Pat the shoulders of the children who died, and then they died? What do you call what happened? What should we call it, if not war crimes and genocide? What should we call it, if not Holocaust?”
Israel's "mission" in the Gaza War ‎was "killing and destruction" 
Source: Official Facebook page of Fatah Central ‎Committee Member Abbas Zaki, Sept. 30, 2014
Excerpt from the speech given by Fatah ‎Central Committee Member and ‎Commissioner of Arab Relations and ‎Relations with China Abbas Zaki, who ‎represented PA Chairman Mahmoud ‎Abbas at a ceremony marking the 65th ‎anniversary of the founding of the ‎People’s Republic of China:
     "The barbaric massacre of Palestinian ‎civilians perpetrated by Israel in the ‎Gaza Strip using all forms of the most ‎advanced weaponry and without ‎determining military objectives proves ‎that its mission was killing and ‎destruction… [All this comes in ‎addition] to the continuing intentional ‎assassinations of Palestinian citizens, ‎the last of which was the assassination ‎of the Martyrs (Shahids) [Amer] Abu ‎Aisheh and [Marwan] Al-Qawasmi in ‎Hebron.”‎

Note: Marwan Al-Qawasmi and Amer ‎Abu Aisheh – Hamas terrorists who ‎kidnapped and murdered three Israeli ‎youths on June 12, 2014: Eyal ‎Yifrach,19, Gilad Shaar,16, and Naftali ‎Frenkel,16. The Israeli boys' bodies ‎were found by Israeli security forces ‎near Hebron on June 30, 2014. The two ‎terrorists were killed on Sept. 23, 2014 ‎during an exchange of fire with an Israeli ‎army force that was attempting to arrest ‎them. ‎
PA daily op-ed criticizes Hamas for ‎admitting to starting Gaza War 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 17, 2014
Op-ed by Yahya Rabah, columnist for the ‎official PA daily and a member of the ‎Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza:
     ‎“The last war (i.e., 2014 Gaza war) raised ‎difficult questions which have received no ‎brave answers – for example, ‘Why did ‎Hamas refuse the Egyptian [ceasefire] ‎initiative when it was first proposed, only ‎to accept it later on exactly the same ‎terms? Why did Hamas give Israel a ‎dangerous gift for free, by strangely ‎admitting its involvement in the first move ‎that led to this war – despite the fact that ‎Israel does not lack excuses and pretexts, ‎and it would have been a thousand times ‎better for us for it to bear responsibility for ‎the outbreak of the brutal aggression?”‎
Libel: Israel deliberately targets Palestinian children 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 15, 2014
Op-ed by Palestinian National Council member Khaled Mismar:
     “Take note of how the enemy targeted our children [in the 2014 Gaza war] – most of the Martyrs (Shahids) were children – in addition to the women, elderly and handicapped. This is the barbarity of the occupation, which has surpassed Nazism in its crimes. Do you know why they target our children? I will tell you. The late President, [our] icon Yasser Arafat, would always declare that a boy or girl from among the children of Palestine would raise the Palestinian flag over the walls of Jerusalem, over the turrets of its mosques and churches. That is why they are afraid of the children.”

Note: This article was published after the 2014 Gaza war, in which Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israel and Israel responded with Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel.
PA daily article: Don't talk openly about the resistance because collaborators pass the information to Israel 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 10, 2014
     “Since the ceasefire came into effect and the aggression ended, public activity and small talk have increased… However, all this is happening without adhering to the security instructions, and this small talk and the information it contains are collected and exploited by the occupation and its collaborators. Many of the citizens in the shelter centers and hospitals have been talking in detail about their daily lives, the form of assistance they provide the resistance or the membership of their children in the resistance. In addition, they give details about their arrival at the hospital for treatment after having been injured, about doctors or nurses who were brought in to provide members of the resistance with what they needed or other details, which there is no need to mention.  However, unfortunately, they are still passed on to people without [first] verifying their identity or their loyalty to the homeland and struggle...
Security expert Dr. Khader Abbas criticized the small talk that is taking place among people… and [which] provides a great deal of information to collaborators and to anyone lying in wait for us, since every word that leaves someplace or other is recorded for the occupation, especially considering that the recent aggression against Gaza relied on information collected from homes, cars or the political corridors. None of this serves either the interests of the homeland, the resistance or the national project; and it poses the greatest danger to the activity of the resistance.”

Note: This article was published just after the 2014 Gaza War, in which Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israel and Israel responded with Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel.
Click "Full Article" below to view a longer excerpt of the article.

Fatah producing new rockets to replenish supplies to attack "the Zionist enemy" in "coming battles" 
Source: Facebook, Fatah - The Main Page, Sept. 10, 2014

RT TV reporter: "The moment the war (Gaza, 2014) ended, the Palestinian military wings renewed military production in order to replenish the stock, which was emptied during the war. We are visiting the Al-Aqsa Brigades – Al-Asifa Army (i.e., Fatah’s military wing)... where fuel for rockets and mortar shells is being produced."

Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades fighter: "We are preparing and developing rockets in the productions' division of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades – Al-Asifa Army following the ceasefire agreement in preparation for the coming battles."

RT TV reporter: "Because of the tightening of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian factions have attempted to develop their military industry, and here we can clearly see the importance..."

Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades fighter: "During the last war, we fired rockets at the Zionist enemy. We have notified the enemy that we have many more [rockets]. We have also successfully developed the K-132 rocket, which is here beside me."
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Note: This video was posted on Fatah's Facebook page “Fatah - The Main Page.” The video is originally from RT TV.
Editor of EU-funded Ma’an: “My ‎heart… practically soars with joy ‎whenever a Palestinian rocket falls on ‎Tel Aviv”‎ 
Source: Ma’an, independent Palestinian news agency, Sept. 10, 2014
This article was published after the 2014 ‎Gaza war, in which Hamas fired thousands ‎of rockets at Israel and Israel responded ‎with Operation Protective Edge, which ‎aimed at destroying Hamas' terror ‎infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at ‎Israel.‎
Op-ed by Dr. Nasser Laham, Chief Editor of ‎the Ma'an News Agency:
     ‎“My heart, like that of all Palestinian ‎citizens, practically soars with joy ‎whenever a Palestinian rocket falls on Tel ‎Aviv. Not because I am fond of killing or ‎bombarding civilians, but because I feel ‎there is someone defending my dignity and ‎the dignity of my children from the ‎extremist and hostile Zionists, who call out ‎every day, ‘Death to Arabs.’‎
I love peace and strive for it, and hate ‎destruction, bombardment and explosions. ‎But I also hate injustice. And I will protect ‎myself from those who call, ‘Death to ‎Arabs’ and those who come to kill the ‎children of Gaza.”‎

Note: Ma’an currently lists as “partners and ‎funders”: The European Commission (the ‎EU), UNDP, UNESCO, the Government of ‎Denmark, the Government of the ‎Netherlands, and UKaid. ‎‎(http://www.maannet.org/modules/publisher/item.php?itemid=7.). In the past, PMW has ‎exposed articles published in Ma'an that ‎were antisemitic and denied the Holocaust.‎
Abbas: There were 861 Fatah Martyrs ‎and only 50 Hamas Martyrs during the ‎Gaza War 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 8, 2014
     ‎“President [Mahmoud] Abbas said… ‎during a meeting with Egyptian journalists ‎and intellectuals in Cairo… that the ‎number of Martyrs (Shahids) from Hamas ‎during the aggression against Gaza (i.e., ‎Operation Protective Edge) was only 50, ‎while 861 Martyrs fell from Fatah. He ‎emphasized: ‘Israel is responsible and it is ‎the one attacking our people in the Gaza ‎Strip. It is responsible for what’s going on. ‎Of course, it is Israel that killed.”‎
From WAFA, official PA news agency
Fatah song promotes terror: “Launch your rockets, make the sons of Zion tremble and burn” 
Source: Facebook, Fatah - The Main Page, Sept. 3, 2014

Caption on video:
“The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (Fatah’s military wing) – Palestine”, “Martyr Nidal Al-Amoudi Division”
Narrator: “The heroic Martyr Muhammad Majdi Abu Shawish ‘Al-Za’anin... believed that armed resistance is the only way to liberate Palestine. He joined the Palestinian National Liberation Movement – Fatah – and enlisted to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades... The heroic Martyr loved military activity, and was among the commanders of the rockets unit of the Brigades in Beit Hanoun [in Gaza]. He inflicted pain on the occupation (i.e., Israeli cities near the Gaza Strip) time after time... The heroic Martyr would shoot at the invading soldiers during their ground operation. He was a soldier of the mortars – the mortars that terrorized the fragile, so-called ‘army’ of the occupation... As he was preparing to launch his final rocket barrage, the occupation warplanes fired several missiles at him. His pure body gathered up the earth, until his dignified soul rose to its creator. He sacrificed his soul for Palestine... He carried a rifle, and bombarded the depths of the [Zionist] entity with rockets..."
Song in praise of Muhammad Majdi Abu Shawish: “… Fire RPGs, launch the KN rockets. Shoot, Muhammad, do not fear, sow terror among the enemy’s soldiers... Launch your rockets, Make the sons of Zion tremble and burn..."
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PA daily editor criticizes Hamas for admitting responsibility for kidnapping Israeli teens and bolstering Israel’s position 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 3, 2014
Editorial by Mahmoud Abu Al-Haija, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
     “When Hamas leadership member Saleh Al-Arouri announced from Turkey that Hamas had carried out the ‘operation’ of the kidnapping and murder of the three settlers (i.e., the kidnapping ‎and murder of the three Israeli teens), we had nearly suppressed the Israeli version of this affair... We say: The Israeli version regarding Hamas’ responsibility for the kidnapping of the three settlers would have collapsed, had ‘Hamas leadership member’ Saleh Al-Arouri not thrown it a lifeline...
Why make these statements (i.e., acknowledging that Hamas carried out the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teens) [...]? What is the use or the purpose of confirming and strengthening the Israeli version? Al-Arouri’s statements are in fact grievous on more than one level, especially in terms of the political, technical and political use Israel will make of them, considering they will serve as a document in its defense record in the International Criminal Court, which we are hoping to reach. We believe that the Hamas leadership, especially the political bureau, should have a word to say about this, at least to the relatives of the victim Martyrs (Shahids) in Gaza, the wounded, and those whose homes were destroyed and who have become displaced.”
PA official: Israel damaged sewage system to spread disease and made water undrinkable during 2014 Gaza War 
Source: Ma’an, independent Palestinian news agency, Sept. 3, 2014
     “Adalah Al-Atira, Head of the Environmental Protection Authority, disclosed that the Authority is inclined to sue Israel for crimes against the environment [committed] in the Gaza Strip during the recent war. Al-Atira told the Ma’an news agency that the Environmental Protection Authority has been in touch with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) regarding the sending of international environment experts to examine the soil, water and air in Gaza, especially in the wake of the Israeli war.
Al-Atira expects the experts to arrive next month to prepare a reliable report that could be used against Israel in the future. Al-Atira said discussions were being held regarding the organization of an international environmental conference in Palestine.
Al-Atira described the environmental situation in Gaza as ‘catastrophic,’ as the Gaza Strip served as a laboratory for Israel’s unconventional weapons. She noted that harming the environment is considered a war crime according to the Rome Statute… She also said that the destruction of the sewage system has led to leakage which is liable to contaminate the drinking water and cause diseases in the future.  According to research, approximately 90% of the water in the Gaza Strip is undrinkable. The PA is taking steps to provide [Gaza with] a desalination system in order to prevent this pollution from affecting lives.  Al-Atira said that about 70% of Gaza’s sewage was emptied into the sea during the aggression (i.e., Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel), while the rest seeped into the ground.”
Hamas popularity rises dramatically following Gaza War 
Source: Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR), Sept. 2, 2014
     “As we saw in previous instances during and immediately after Israeli wars with Hamas, findings show a spike in the popularity of Hamas and its leaders and a major decline in the popularity of Fatah and president Abbas… It is worth noting that the size of the change in favor of Hamas is unprecedented since 2006. Indeed, if presidential elections were to take place today, Ismail Haniyeh would easily win over Abbas and Hamas would win the largest percentage of the popular vote in parliamentary elections. The overwhelming majority of the public views Hamas as the winner and Israel as the loser in this war. Furthermore, a similar majority views Hamas’ approach of armed confrontation with Israel as the most effective means of ending Israeli occupation. Indeed, an overwhelming majority of West Bankers wants to transfer “Hamas’ way” to the West Bank and rejects the demand to disarm the Islamist group or to disband the other Gazan armed groups.”

Note: This poll was conducted on August 26-30 in the aftermath of the 2014 Gaza war, during which Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israel and Israel responded with Operation Protective Edge, which aimed at destroying Hamas' terror infrastructure and ability to launch rockets at Israel.
Click to view the full poll in PDF or click to view the poll on PSR's website.
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