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Suicide terror & Shahada
Success of Shahada promotion
Suicide terror & Shahada
People who see life as the supreme value have difficulty understanding the mind of the suicide terrorist. Why were so many Palestinians willing and eager to kill themselves in terror attacks against Israel?

In order to create willingness among the population to confront Israel violently, the PA took advantage of the ancient tradition in Islam, Shahada or Death for Allah, which mandates Muslims to aspire to die in combat for Islam. The PA told their people that this ancient tradition also applies to them in confrontation with Israel today.

This indoctrination began shortly after the start of the PA terror campaign (the "Intifada," 2000-2005) and continues today. The PA promotes Shahada as a mandatory religious Islamic duty, both for adults and children, promising great rewards.
Success of Shahada promotion
The Palestinian Authority's Shahada indoctrination has been very successful. Many parents celebrate the death of their children, and some even describe how they prayed for their children’s death as Martyrs. Even 11-year-olds talk about death lovingly, as if it’s the most they can achieve in life.
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1- Children seek death
2- Adults seek death
3- Parents celebrate children's death

1- Children seek death
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Mother of terrorist who killed 19 -year-old policewoman: “Praise Allah, he wanted to die as a Martyr and has obtained Martyrdom” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 20, 2016
     Headline: “Martyr Ahmad Abu Al-Rub…”
This is the third in a series of articles published on Feb. 13, and Feb. 15, 2016
“After the Friday prayer, Ahmad walked to the cemetery to look for the grave of his Martyr (Shahid) friend Ahmad [Awwad Abu Al-Rub], sat by the grave, recited the [Quranic Sura of] Al-Fatiha, and then left.
This is what happened every Friday since the boy Ahmad Awwad Abu Al-Rub died as a Martyr, after being shot by the occupation at the Al-Jalameh checkpoint, when Ahmad Abu Najah Abu Al-Rub’s heart was bound to his friend, and kept anything that reminded him of him [Ahmad Awwad].
Once, Ahmad returned home and asked one of his sisters if it was possible to grow flowers in special soil in order to lay them on his friend’s grave. The flowers were planted, but when they started to blossom, Ahmad was no longer there to take them to the Martyr’s grave, because he had already joined the Martyrs’ procession…
Since the outbreak of the events of the popular resistance at the beginning of last October [2015] (i.e., euphemism for wave of Palestinian terror attacks, September 2015-April 2016), most of Ahmad’s attention was dedicated to following news channels. Ahmad’s mother told Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that her son ‘became indignant at the events and attacks against the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and the death of the young and the girls as Martyrs.’
Indeed the separation is hard, and death is hard, as mother of Martyr [Ahmad Najah Abu Al-Rub] told us, but she corrected [herself] and said: ‘Praise Allah, he wanted to die as a Martyr and has obtained Martyrdom (Shahada).’”

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Palestinian news agency publishes letter terrorist stabber left for his parents: "Allah willing I will be a Martyr" 
Source: Donia Al-Watan (independent Palestinian news agency), Jan. 14, 2016
Headline: “The last will of Martyr Muayyad Jabarin to his family”
      “A last will has been found at the home of Martyr Muayyad Jabarin, who died as a Martyr this morning [Jan. 14, 2016], which was intended for his parents and seemed to be written in his own handwriting, in which he asks his father and mother to forgive him, and expresses sorrow for the pain he has caused them, and asks Allah to bestow patience upon them. The Martyr wrote in his will: ‘O Lord, forgive me, mother, He is God, forgive me, father. I will kill two Israelisoldiers and have my revenge through them. Do not be upset O mother; your son is a Martyr who has made Palestine proud.’ He added in his will: ‘I hope you will forgive me, and Allah willing I will be a Martyr. I am deeply sorry for what I have put you through, and Allah willing, He will bestow patience upon you.’ He ended his will: ‘The chains are destined to be broken and the night is destined to end.’"

Muayyad Jabarin – a 20-year-old Palestinian terrorist from Sa’ir, near Hebron, who tried to stab Israeli soldiers at the Beit Anoun Junction on Jan. 14, 2016. He was shot and killed by the soldiers.
Terrorist stabber’s father interviewed on PA TV reports on son’s death wish, praises Allah for his son’s Martyrdom  
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Jan. 6, 2016
Official PA TV news broadcast report on funeral of “Martyr” Ahmad Kawazbeh
Terrorist stabber Ahmad Kawazbeh’s father: “Ahmad was an excellent high school student. Two days before he died as a Martyr (Shahid), he said something to us that we did not understand. We said to him ‘You need to study so you will bring us a high [grade point] average, and we want a report card (Shahada - the same as the word for martyrdom) which will make us proud.’ He said ‘Father, I will bring you Shahada (Martyrdom) that will make you very proud.’ It never occurred to us that he meant this type of Shahada (i.e., Martyrdom and not report card). Praise Allah, this is a better Shahada than any report card, Shahada for Allah.”
Immediately after the father’s words, the PA TV host says that the “Martyr” wanted to fulfill his dream of excelling in the matriculation exams, however “the muzzle of the occupier’s rifle was greater than his dream.” She ignores the words of the father who moments before specifically noted his son’s death-wish.

Ahmad, Muhannad, and Alaa Kawazbeh – 3 Palestinian terrorists, 18 and 19-years-old, and relatives, who attempted to carry out a stabbing attack near the Gush Etzion junction on Jan. 7, 2016. They aroused suspicions of Israeli soldiers at the junction who began a security check of them. The Kawazbeh relatives pulled out knives and were shot and killed by the soldiers.
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2- Adults seek death
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PA daily: Terrorist killer "felt rage" over Israel's "attacks against those carrying out Ribat" and he "hoped to die a Martyr" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 13, 2016
Headline: “Martyr Ahmad Zakarneh – lover of Jerusalem”
     “Indeed, the news of Ahmad’s death as a Martyr arrived. At the same moment the mother’s heart was relieved and she said: ‘Praise Allah.’ Everyone in the village rushed to the home of the Martyr’s family, and did not know whether to console [the family] over his death as a Martyr or express pride in his death in an operation of this type…
Ahmad was a young person who loved everyone, and everyone loved him. For a long time he had felt rage over the occupation’s attacks against those carrying out Ribat (i.e., religious conflict/war to protect land claimed to be Islamic) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. He loved Jerusalem and hoped to die there as a Martyr, and he got what he wanted, according to his mother.”

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Ahmad Abu Al-Rub, Ahmad Zakarneh and Muhammad Kmeil - Three Palestinian terrorists in their early 20's who shot and stabbed two Israeli police officers at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on Feb. 3, 2016. One of the officers, 19-year-old Hadar Cohen, was fatally wounded and died of her wounds. The second officer was seriously wounded. The terrorists, who attacked the policewomen after they were asked for identification, were carrying machine guns, knives, and pipe bombs, leading the police to suspect they were planning a mass attack against civilians. The terrorists were shot and killed at the scene by Israeli police.
Statement by Arab Israeli terrorist killer of 2 reveals he called for the attack “so Jews will know who they are dealing with, those bastards” 
Source: YouTube, Jan. 27, 2016
Words of Nasham Melhem, the terrorist who committed the terror attack in Tel Aviv
    “In order to try to explain to you, I smoked hashish and sniffed… all types and forms of highs, liquid and solid, liquids and even powders…
“Obama, O Christian, convert to Islam, convert to Islam! If you do not convert to Islam may the cross help you, you son of a bitch… Today it is very simple, if you love our Lord the Prophet, Allah’s prayers for him, and his blessings for peace, if you want these eyes, eyes, eyes to see him, it is very simple, die, kill! […]
In my name, Nashat Muhammad Ali Melhem, son of Al-Daharat (i.e., a neighborhood of the village of Arara in the triangle - a concentration of Israeli Arab towns in the center of Israel) here, in this village… ‘And you did not kill them, but it was Allah who killed them.’ (Sura 8:17, Sahih International)… and the second operation (i.e., terror attack) will also be in Tel Aviv, soon, Allah willing, so that the Jews will know who they are dealing with, those bastards… To all the Shi’ites, one by one, your sister’s (extremely blunt curse –Ed.)…, brothers of whores.”

Nashat Melhem - 29-year-old Israeli Arab terrorist who carried out a shooting attack, killing 2 Israelis, Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi, and wounding 8 others, at Hasimta Bar in Tel Aviv on Jan. 1, 2016. Melhem fled the scene, and later that day killed a taxi driver, Bedouin Israeli Amin Shaaban, in another part of Tel Aviv. A week after the attacks, on Jan. 8, 2016, Israeli security forces tracked down Melhem in a building in his hometown of Arara in the north of Israel. After Melhem opened fire at them, the Israeli security forces shot and killed him.
Fatah terrorist who stabbed Israeli civilian "dedicated" himself to "protection of the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and defense of our occupied land" 
Source: YouTube channel "In support of the Intifada", Nov. 6, 2015

Video uploaded to ‘In Support of the Intifada’ YouTube channel on Nov. 6, 2015
Palestinian terrorist Bara Issa: “In the name of the All Merciful Allah. Allah said: ‘And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision’ (Quran, Sura 3:169). On behalf of myself and the Palestinian people, I, son of Jerusalem, Bara Kaid Faiq Issa, [Israeli] I.D. 40630297, dedicate myself to the protection of the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and defense of our occupied land, out of pure intention and for Allah, and [as] a decisive response to our noble women who cry out: ‘Islam, save us!’ And being at my full mental and physical capacity, I willingly dedicate myself to carrying out this operation (i.e., terror attack), without any party guiding me or pressuring me. My brothers, young ones, Martyrdom is the highest level, and I urge you to follow the path of liberation and Martyrdom. Your brother [in faith] in Allah, Bara Issa, son of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Fatah’s military wing. Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessing.”
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Bara Issa – Palestinian terrorist who stabbed an Israeli man near the Rami Levy supermarket in Sha’ar Binyamin, north of Jerusalem, on Nov. 6, 2015. On the day of the attack (probably before he carried it out), he posted a video taking credit for it. On Nov. 7, PA authorities claimed that Issa had turned himself in to their secur
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3- Parents celebrate children's death
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Creating a supportive social environment for terrorists has been a critical factor in the Palestinian Authority's successful promotion of suicide terrorism. To this end, PA policy has been to honor terrorists as Shahids (Martyrs for Allah), and to teach Palestinian mothers to celebrate when their children die as terrorist Shahids. Categorizing these dead terrorists as Shahids grants them the highest honor a Muslim can achieve, and is therefore cause for a mother to celebrate, according to this PA teaching.
An example of that happiness and celebration can be seen in Um Nidal, mother of a suicide terrorist:

Um Nidal is filmed with her son, Muhammad, who is armed and ready to carry out a terror attack:
     "By Allah, today is the best day of my life. I feel that our Lord is pleased with me, because I am offering something [my son] for Him. I wish to sacrifice more [sons] for Allah's forgiveness, and for the flag [of Islam], 'There is no god but Allah', to fly over Palestine.... It's true that there's nothing more precious than children, but for the sake of Allah – what is precious becomes cheap." Click to view video on website
Mother of terrorist daughter: “All of us, praise Allah, present our children [as sacrifices], and we do not regret a thing” 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Sept. 29, 2016
Maryam Al-Khaddour, mother of terrorist Majd Al-Khaddour: “We in the land of Ribat (i.e., religious conflict/war over land claimed to be Islamic) stand firm, Allah willing. And we are all on this path. May Allah have mercy on all of our Martyrs (Shahids). We are no better than Al-Khansa (woman in earliest period of Islam who rejoiced when her sons all died as Martyrs –Ed.)… All of us, praise Allah, present our children [as sacrifices], and we do not regret a thing.”

Majd Al-Khaddour – Palestinian female terrorist who carried out a car ramming attack outside of Kiryat Arba, near Hebron, on June 24, 2016. Al-Khaddour attempted to ram her car into a hitchhiking station but hit another car, wounding the two Israelis inside. During the attack Al-Khaddour was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers.

Al-Khansa - an Arab woman and poet from the earliest period of Islam (7th century) famous and honored in Islamic tradition for rejoicing when all four of her sons died in battle as Martyrs. She has been lauded by the PA and often presented as a role model for mothers, and the PA has named 8 schools after her.
Cousin celebrates terrorist's "Martyrdom": “Praise Allah, for Allah granted him Martyrdom. This is a victory over the Jews. We sacrifice our children for our homeland” 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Sept. 25, 2016
Official PA TV News, on the death of terrorist prisoner Yasser Hamdouni
Cousin of prisoner Yasser Hamdouni: “Our child is a Martyr (Shahid), we are proud of him. Praise Allah, for Allah granted him Martyrdom. This is a victory over the Jews. We sacrifice our children for our homeland. The homeland is dear to us. We will sacrifice one, two, and three, this is [a source of] pride for us, thanks to Allah that He chose him (i.e., Hamdouni). Allah takes those whom He loves.”

Yasser Dhiab Hamdouni was serving a life sentence for participating in the murder of Israeli citizen Avner Maimon in the Palestinian town of Ya'abad in the West Bank (June, 12, 2003). Hamdouni, a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (Fatah’s military wing), died on Sept. 25, 2016, after collapsing while exercising in the Israeli Rimon Prison yard.
Father of terrorist murderer who killed 3: “I’m proud of what he did”  
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, July 8, 2016

Official PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem, interview with Muhammad Alyan, father of Palestinian terrorist Baha Alyan who killed 3 together with an accomplice, about the terrorists’ bodies that had not yet been transferred to their families at the time of the interview.
Father of murderer Baha Alyan, Muhammad Alyan, on official PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem:
"If the struggle [over the Martyrs’ bodies] was a matter concerning only Baha (i.e., murderer of 3), I would say from the beginning that the whole land of Palestine is the grave of my son and I would never demand him [returned] because I am proud of what he did, and every part of Palestine is his land and the place of his grave."
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Topics on this page
1- Children seek death
2- Adults seek death
3- Parents celebrate children's death

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