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Rewriting history
Jewish history rewritten
Rewriting history
Rewriting the history of the Land of Israel in order to deny Israel's right to exist is central to Palestinian Authority (PA) policy. Long before it started the PA terror campaign (the "Intifada," 2000-2005), the PA was fighting a history war – erasing Jewish history and replacing it with a fabricated Palestinian history. This rewriting has two central goals:
1- Erase the Jewish nation's 3,000 year history in the Land of Israel;
2- Invent ancient Palestinian, Muslim and Arab histories in the land.

The goal of this historical revision as a political strategy was first expressed publicly at a conference of Palestinian historians in 1998, when rewriting history was linked to the political goal of denying Israel's right to exist:
"Dr. Yussuf Alzamili [Chairman History Department, Khan Yunis Educational College] called on all universities and colleges to write the history of Palestine and to guard it, and not to enable the [foreign] implants and enemies to distort it or to legitimize the existence of Jews on this land... [History lecturer Abu Amar] clarified that there is no connection between the ancient generation of Jews and the new generation." [Al-Ayyam, Dec. 4, 1998].
Erasing Jewish history in the land of Israel is followed by the PA’s invention of ancient and modern histories that support its political ideology and claim to the land of Israel. The Holocaust and other aspects of Jewish history are alternately denied, downplayed or distorted. Another distortion is to hide from Palestinians that Jesus was a Jew who lived in the Land of Judea/Israel. PA leaders repeatedly define Jesus as a Palestinian who preached Islam, thus denying not only Jewish history, but also the history and legitimacy of Christianity.

Citing numerous examples, this section will document that these and other historical revisions are an integral part of Palestinian policy and are used to create political ideology.
Jewish history rewritten
Denial of 3,000 years of Jewish history in the land of Israel is the foundation of all PA political ideology. To accomplish this, the PA systematically distorts both ancient and modern history, ignoring both archeology and historical documentation, and replaces them with an odious fictitious history. The new history demonizes Jews, accusing them of having been evil and destructive throughout history, and thereby triggering non-Jews to justifiably hate, persecute and expel them. This rewriting forms the basis for the Palestinian Authority denial of Israel’s right to exist.
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1- Jewish history in Land of Israel erased
2- Jerusalem's Temple/Jewish history denied

1- Jewish history in Land of Israel erased
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Denial the Jewish history and connection to the Land of Israel has been policy since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority.
This video is a recent example of a PA academic, denying the existence of thousands of Hebrew language coins, Hebrew texts and Hebrew Bullas (seals) carrying biblical names that that have been found in the Land of Israel.

Lecturer, Urban Planning, Bir-Zeit University, Dr. Jamal Amar
"There is a view that where it [the Dome of the Rock] stands was the Holy of Holies of the fictitious Temple – and by the way, that is merely an illusion. There is no remnant of it. It's a myth. A story of no value, like the Arabian Nights, and other legends… Only in Palestine… [after] 60 years of digging, and they've found nothing at all. Not a water jug, not a coin, not any earthen vessel, no bronze weapons, no piece of metal, absolutely nothing of this myth, because it's a myth and a lie. This digging has not left a single meter [unturned], but it has achieved absolutely nothing.” [PATV, June 23, 2009]
Jews are not descendants of tribe of Israel, were never in Palestine and are not a real nation 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 15, 2014
We can allude to five main [points] of dispute [between the Palestinians and Israelis:]
1. The Israelis say: ‘This is our land, not your land...’ [So,] Mandatory Palestine deceptively becomes historic ‘Israel,’ a fact that has been disproved by many, most prominently by Shlomo Sand.
2. They say: ‘We are more ancient, because we had kingdoms (the fact is, if they did indeed exist then they were Arab and existed elsewhere… and the Israelis of today have nothing to do with them) [parenthesis in source] and we had prophets.’ [They say] this despite the fact that gaps have begun to appear in this story in recent years, with the appearance of intellectuals, historians and archaeologists who reject claims regarding the antiquity [of the Jewish people] and kingdoms, either in terms of size and territory or in terms of their very existence in Palestine…
3. In addition, the claim that the Israelis were and remain a single nation is highlighted, and that they belong to an ancient race (meaning that ethnically, genetically and nationally they are the successors of the People of Israel, who were in fact the tribe of Israel – Arab Yemenites who are no more) [parenthesis in source] – a point that has been completely disproved by experimental science and genetics…
4. They lie that they are a ‘nation,’ though they never were..."

Note: Shlomo Sand is an Israeli professor of history who has stated that he does not think Israelis or Jews have a “historical right” to the land.
Official PA daily: Israel is a "colonialist, settler and Orientalist state, ‎which fabricated a historical narrative in ‎order to colonize Palestine‎" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 20, 2014
Op-ed by Izz Al-Din As'ad
     ‎“IS was‎ a pawn of Israeli-American ‎intelligence, meant to fulfill the dream of ‎the Jewish state…‎
The danger in a religious state is evident ‎to all groups of a people’s ethnic and ‎religious minorities, given that the Islamic ‎State – represented ‎ by IS – has ‎imposed a poll tax on the Iraqi Christians, ‎and fought other Muslims – both Sunni ‎and Shiite – under the pretext of [their] ‎having forsaken Islam and [committed] ‎heresy. In other words, a religious state, ‎whatever the religion may be, is based on ‎an ideology of exclusion, inequality, ‎injustice…‎
Every religious state has fought and will ‎always fight other religious and ethnic ‎minorities in order to expel them from the ‎country. This is what happened in Serbia, ‎this is what is being carried out in Iraq by ‎IS, and this is what may happen to the ‎Palestinians in Israel, both Muslims and ‎Christians, if the dream of the Jewish state ‎is fulfilled…‎
Establishing a Jewish state means the ‎Jewish territory controlled by the Jewish ‎state will be land for Jews only. In the ‎Palestinian case, this is a complex issue, ‎because this state is a colonialist, settler ‎and Orientalist state, which fabricated a ‎historical narrative in order to colonize ‎Palestine. It will act forcefully to destroy ‎the Arab society in Palestine, which was ‎colonized in 1948. This may amount to the ‎expulsion of the Palestinians living in ‎Jerusalem, in order to cleanse the Jewish ‎state of the ‘gentiles’ – the Jewish term for ‎non-Jews…‎
The creation of IS, the outlining of its ‎strategy... contribute ‎dangerously to the realization of the idea ‎that Israel is a Jewish state.''
Senior PLO official Hanan Ashrawi attacks Obama for acknowledging Jewish history 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Aug. 10, 2014

PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi: "Look at the most dangerous thing that Obama said to [New York Times journalist] Thomas Friedman. Once again, he [Obama] has adopted the discourse of Zionist ideology. He adopted it when he came to this region, speaking about the Jews' return to their land, and that this is a Jewish state, the Zionist dream, and so on. Obama's adoption of the discourse of extremist Zionist ideology and his turning it into a basis for political decision-making is dangerous."
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2- Jerusalem's Temple/Jewish history denied
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Denial of the Jewish history in Jerusalem and the existence of the Jewish Temple is a central component PA political ideology. This denial started with Yasser Arafat and continues to be reiterated by academics, politicians and religious leaders. The PA systematically distorts the ancient history of Jerusalem, ignoring the vast historical documentation and thousands of archeological finds related to Jewish history that have been found in Jerusalem.

This music video, broadcast regularly on PA TV through 2008 and 2009, denies any historical connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem, repeats the libel that Israel is planning to destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque and calls on Allah to protect the mosque. “Oh [Sons of] Zion, no matter how much you dig and no matter how much you destroy, your imaginary Temple will not come into being… [Allah protect Al-Aqsa] from every thief and every oppressor.”

Full text: “Al-Aqsa [Mosque] is ours, Oh Muslims, Al-Aqsa is ours, our Al-Aqsa screams and shouts, Al-Aqsa is ours. Oh Arabs and Muslims, no, no, Al-Aqsa is ours. Oh [Sons of] Zion, no matter how much you dig and no matter how much you destroy, your imaginary Temple will not come into being… My land, my Jerusalem, my blood and my honor will not be scorned. Al-Aqsa is ours, how you suffer! How you have bleed for years! How you scream! How you call out to the millions! What are you hoping for, what are you crying for? Saladin [Muslim conqueror of Jerusalem in 1187] ! Al-Aqsa is ours. Oh Allah, protect Al-Aqsa, Oh Allah, Al-Aqsa is ours, [protect Al-Aqsa] from every thief and every oppressor.” [PA TV (Fatah) Sept. 23, 2008 – Oct. 25, 2009]
Abbas: Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount is ‎"a red line" that "we cannot possibly ‎accept"‎ 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 17, 2014
     ‎“President Mahmoud Abbas said Israeli ‎efforts were being made to implement a ‎division according to time [of prayer for ‎Jews and Muslims] in the Noble ‎Sanctuary (i.e., the Temple Mount) of ‎Jerusalem. He emphasized that this was ‎‎‘a red line’ that ‘we cannot possibly ‎accept’.’‎
The President said at the opening of the ‎leadership’s meeting last night [Aug. 16, ‎‎2014] at the Presidential residence in ‎Ramallah: ‘We are telling Israel and the ‎world that the Israeli efforts to implement a ‎division according to time in the Noble ‎Sanctuary of Jerusalem are a red line, and ‎we cannot possibly accept this in any way. ‎We will not accept that Jerusalem remain ‎occupied.’”‎

Note:‎ The “division according to time” refers to a ‎proposed law (May 2013) being reviewed ‎in Israeli Parliament that would allow for ‎both Jews and Muslims to pray on the ‎Temple Mount. The law seeks to ‎implement separate prayer times for ‎Muslims and Jews at the site.‎
PA Mufti praises "the glorious Al-Aqsa Mosque Intifada‎," threatens violence if Jews try to pray at site of "alleged Temple" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Aug. 13, 2014
Official PA TV News interviewed the PA ‎Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad ‎Hussein, following a news report stating ‎that Muslims would only be allowed into ‎the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Fridays and ‎Saturdays. The report claimed that this ‎decision was part of an unofficial division ‎of prayer times for Jews and Muslims on ‎the Temple Mount as part of a plan to ‎divide the mosque between Jews and ‎Muslims.‎
PA Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh ‎Muhammad Hussein: “I wish to remind ‎‎[any] intelligent person – if there is ‎anyone intelligent in the Israeli ‎government – that [former Israeli Prime ‎Minister Ariel] Sharon’s entering the Al-‎Aqsa Mosque in 2000 triggered the ‎eruption of the glorious Al-Aqsa Mosque ‎Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-‎‎2005). Then, the Palestinian people did ‎not remain silent in view of the ‎desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and ‎the Palestinian people will not remain ‎silent, under any circumstances, in view ‎of the division of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, ‎whether according to time or to place. This ‎nation will not suffer for long the dreams, ‎illusions and tales of those in whose ‎minds the alleged Temple lurks – [the ‎Temple which they claim stood] where the ‎Al-Aqsa Mosque stands.”‎

Note:‎ The division according to time or place ‎refers to a proposed law (May 2013) being ‎reviewed in Israeli Parliament that would ‎allow for both Jews and Muslims to pray on ‎the Temple Mount. The law seeks to ‎implement separate prayer times for ‎Muslims and Jews at the site.‎
Official PA TV: Israelis "invaded the holy Mosque" and discussed "the myth and fable of the alleged Temple" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, June 8, 2014
Official PA TV News on Jewish visits to the Temple Mount:
Official PA TV newsreader: “Our correspondent told us that the [Israeli] settlers invaded the holy [Al-Aqsa] Mosque by means of small groups that entered one after the other and held provoking tours in the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] plaza and its buildings, during which the extremist Glick gave explanations about the myth and fable of the alleged Temple.”

Notes: The PA considers any presence of Jews on the Temple Mount an "invasion." However, all visitors are subject to rigorous checks by Israeli security personnel before being granted access to the Temple Mount.

Rabbi Yehuda Glick is the Chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation that works to increase awareness of the central place the Temple Mount and the Temple hold in Jewish heritage through educational activities and by encouraging people to visit the Temple Mount. He is also active in the Temple Mount Faithful movement whose goal is to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount. In addition he is the coordinator of the LIBA initiative - The Jewish Freedom on the Temple Mount initiative whose goal is to obtain freedom and civil rights for Jews on the Temple Mount.
The Israel Police has banned Glick from entering the Temple Mount and has detained him on several occasions for acting in a way that could disrupt order.
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Topics on this page
1- Jewish history in Land of Israel erased
2- Jerusalem's Temple/Jewish history denied

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