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Rewriting history
Jewish history rewritten
Jewish history in Land of Israel erased
PA daily op-ed: Israelis have no right to land, which God gave to Palestinians 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 2, 2014
From op-ed by Imtiaz Diab:
     "Regarding those [Israelis] who came boasting the metal of their gleaming rifles, while fleeing a fate of their bodies being turned to white dust (i.e., the Jews who fled the Holocaust), who shared our bread and salt with us, who betrayed our courtesy and claimed their God had promised our land to them – they are only transient in their journey in the Diaspora, [a journey] which has protected them from dissolving into the nations that hated them everywhere, except for us, we who gave them shelter in our homes.
We know well that they… will leave our holy olive tree one day, [the olive tree] which they uprooted from the soil they claim to own!
They have never understood that God gave this land to those who were born on it, those who have lived on it, those whose fathers were buried in it, and to those who were compelled to migrate by force by those who came and claimed the land was desolate. This is the land of those who have loved it, breathed its air, embraced its trees and wept over any damage done to its soil…"

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Woman in PA TV documentary: Israel is not the homeland of the Jews 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Dec. 27, 2013
From a documentary that aired on official PA TV:
Woman: "I'm not against Jews. They can live. They can live on Mars, Allah willing, but they cannot take over places that are not their places, or land that is not their land and a homeland that is not their homeland."
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Official PA daily: Jews have "nothing to do with... historic Palestine" 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 25, 2013
Op-ed by Adel Abd Al-Rahman, regular columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
     “How, and on what grounds, is the Jew, who has nothing to do with the Palestinian Arab land (historic Palestine) [parenthesis in source], entitled to return to it, while the Palestinian son of the Palestinian is not entitled [to return]?”
Official PA daily: "The Israeli apartheid state" is based on "a false Zionist narrative‎" and "colonialist Zionism‎" 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 21, 2013
By columnist for official PA daily Adel Abd ‎Al-Rahman
     ‎“European Union representatives ‎hastened to send letters to the ‎representatives of Palestine and Israel, ‎containing ‘carrot and stick’ measures for ‎each of the parties. Regarding the former ‎‎(the ‘carrot’ measures), the European ‎Union took care to emphasize that it would ‎provide financial and economic support on ‎various levels if the two-state solution ‎within the June 4, 1967 borders is reached. ‎At the ‘stick’ level, it threatened to blame ‎Israel for the failure of the negotiations due ‎to the continuation of the settlement ‎‎[project]. The letter to the Palestinians also ‎included a threat in the event they ‘did not ‎agree’ to make concessions that would ‎bring about a leap in the peace process! ...‎
What is being demanded of the ‎Palestinians? Is there any obligation ‎towards the Israeli apartheid state that they ‎have not met since the signing of the Oslo ‎Accords? Are the Palestinians being asked ‎to cede the right to return to their homes, ‎which was promised to them by ‎international law? Are they being asked to ‎cede their historical narrative in favor of a ‎false Zionist narrative and recognize the ‎‎‘Jewish [character]’ of the Israeli state, ‎thereby placing their own necks and that of ‎their people under the guillotine of ‎colonialist Zionism?”‎
Official PA daily denies ancient Jewish connection to Israel while falsely claiming ancient Palestinian heritage 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 17, 2013
Op-ed by Dr. As’ad ‎ Abd Al-Rahman, ‎regular columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
     ‎“The debate surrounding the identity of ‎the ‘State of Israel’ and the identity of its ‎citizens since its establishment in 1948 is ‎still ongoing, and ‘Israel’ may well be the ‎only [country] in the world that refuses to ‎grant its name as a national identity to its ‎citizens.‎
The real reasons for the disagreement in ‎Israel about a citizenship that would ‎define the national identity of the state ‎and its citizens, from among the national ‎identities offered – Israeli, Jewish and ‎Hebrew – arise from huge historical, legal ‎and religious obstacles, which prevent ‎Israeli identity from being used as the ‎national identity of the Zionist state and its ‎citizens… ‎
Genetic ‎analysis, scientifically revealed that the ‎European Ashkenazi Jews, who adopted ‎the Jewish religion in the 7th century CE, ‎are from the Aryan race, and have no ‎connection to Semites...‎
‎The Oriental Talmud of the Oriental Jews ‎who converted the Ashkenazim from their ‎pagan religion to Judaism, is the ‎‎‘Palestinian Talmud, [or] Jerusalem ‎Talmud.’ ‎
This Talmud was written thousands of ‎years ago, ‘in the ancient Palestinian ‎Jewish Aramaic language,’ meaning the ‎language of the Canaanite Palestinians. ‎It’s enough for us to know that the name ‎of the Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem ‎Post, was, from its founding in 1932 until ‎the establishment of the Zionist state in ‎‎1948, The Palestine Post.’”‎

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PA daily acknowledges Jewish symbols on artifacts from the Byzantine period 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 26, 2013
In a rare instance, the PA daily acknowledges Jewish history in the land of Israel:
     “In the [Russian] museum [in Jericho] there is an exhibition of Byzantine copper coins from the fifth and sixth century CE, as well as ceramic lamps from the [period of the] second half of the fifth century to the first half of the seventh century that bear Christian, Jewish, and Islamic symbols.”
Balfour Declaration was "A promise [made] by those who had no ownership to those who had no right" 
Source: Zayzafuna magazine, Nov. 1, 2013
Zayzafuna: November 2013 marked the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.
Cover of the Zayzafuna magazine:
“November 2, 1917
The Balfour Promise (Declaration)
A promise [made] by those who had no ownership, to those who had no right (i.e., Jews)”

Note: The Balfour Declaration of Nov. 2, 1917 was a letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Baron Rothschild stating that “His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people,” and is seen as the basis for later international commitments to establish the State of Israel.)
PA daily acknowledges possible Jewish connection to ancient Jerusalem well 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 20, 2013
     “Near the Monastery of Mar Elias, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, roughly half way between it and Bethlehem, one can find the well of Kadismo that was an important landmark on the historical Jerusalem-Hebron-Bethlehem road before [that road] suffered a painful blow with the occupation of what was left of Palestine in 1967. Researchers tell us that the name of the well is a distortion of the Greek name kathisma, meaning ‘seat’ or ‘place of rest’, while others believe it comes from the Hebrew word kodashim, meaning ‘what is sanctified.’ Since the fourth century, when the Roman Empire adopted Christianity, it has been known as ‘the Virgin’s well.’”
Al-Aqsa Mosque Director on PA TV: Jewish medallion artifact is Arab, not Jewish 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Oct. 11, 2013
PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem interviewed Director of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Najeh Bakirat.
Bakirat: “The medallion that was found near the Marwani Mosque (Solomon’s Stables) was an authentic Arab medallion that was turned into a Jewish archeological object.”
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Note: The gold medallion referred to was discovered 50 meters from the Temple Mount's southern wall in 2013. The medallion is engraved with Jewish symbols: a menorah (candelabra,c enter), a shofar (ceremonial horn, left), and a Torah scroll (Bible, right).
Israelis misunderstood where the “promised land” is – it’s in Yemen 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Oct. 1, 2013
PA TV program In a Prisoner’s Home:
Host Abir Al-Shamali: “How can we work together to revive our legacy in the younger generations’ memories? Because, as you know, the Israelis claim that this is the promised land - the holy land (Quds), even though, it should be known, that if they had read our people’s history, a more educated person would have looked for the [place named] Quds, Kaddesh (holy), which is located in Yemen, which means, the promised land that the Israelis demand is in Yemen and in the mountains of Yemen.”
Fatah representative in the Palestinian National Council Abu Dahouk: “In the beginning of the occupation the Zionists acted based on [the belief] that the old would die and the young would forget. We have children who are three years old and they say ‘I’m a Palestinian.’”
“Jews have no right” to the Cave of the Patriarchs, which is “completely Islamic” 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 3, 2013
     “The Head Custodian of the Ibrahimi Mosque (Cave of the Patriarchs), Hijazi Abu Sneina told [official PA news agency] WAFA... ‘The Ibrahimi Mosque has been entrusted to us, and everyone is responsible for preserving and protecting it, whether during Ramadan or during the other months of the year, because it is a completely Islamic Mosque to which the Jews have no right.”
Israel is “inventing history and names, trying to prove its historic existence” 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 4, 2013
Op-ed by Imtiyaz Diab:
Headline: “The Palestine Sunbird”
     [The writer reports that an Israeli commission has sent requests to international organizations to change the name of a bird now called the “Palestine Sunbird” and begin calling it the ”Orange Sunbird”.]
“’Orange Sunbird’! That’s what [Israel] wants to call it! It wants to kidnap [the bird] from us, and it has set up a special commission to promote the name change. This commission has sent letters to all international unions and organizations that deal with nature, in order to pressure them into changing the name…
Does defending the Palestine Sunbird and declaring it a national symbol not necessitate our preparing legal dossiers and negotiation files needed to make this issue a red line in negotiations for a permanent settlement between us and them? Yes it does, because Israel will not compromise when it comes to inventing history and names, trying to prove its historic existence. This is very different from the Palestinians and the Arabs who have believed that strong evidence is sufficient to protect their existence.”
“Not a single remnant connects” Jews in Israel “to the land” 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, June 10, 2013
Article by Jihad Al-Khazen, originally published in the London paper Al-Hayat. It was republished in the op-ed section of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
     “The Canadian government is Israel’s ally, meaning it is the Arabs’ and the Muslims’ enemy – even if they deny it – since it supports the fascist, racist state that occupies Palestinian lands, kills, expels, and destroys…
I am amazed that the Canadian nation doesn’t lift a finger. Sarcasm is all I can come up with, and so I say to myself that the cold must prevent the Canadian citizen from thinking, and that allows his government to do as it pleases…
What appears above is my own personal opinion about Canada, its policies and its government.
I call on all Arab states, and the Islamic states along with them, to follow in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia and begin a gradual boycott of Canada.
But what is important about a boycott of Canada is that the Canadian citizen will [be able to] cover up with a blanket providing a little warmth, allowing him to ponder the situation where his government incites 1.5 billion Muslims from all over the world against his country…, just to establish relations with one occupation state of six million, when in all of Palestine there is not a single remnant that connects [those six million] to the land.”
"Biblical Israel" is Israeli "jargon" with no basis in history - PA daily op-ed 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 27, 2013
Op-ed by regular columnist Adli Sadek:
     “When they [the Israelis] talk about what they call ‘biblical Israel,’ their jargon is based on the concept of the occupation’s strength and not on the facts of history that does not recognize, for example, any Jewish presence on Palestine’s shores during the short and limited periods that Jews lived on our land.”
Op-ed in PA daily: There was never a Jewish presence on Palestine`s shores 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 27, 2013
Headline: “The bell of the new Zionist proposal”
Op-ed by Adli Sadek
     “When they [the Israelis] talk about what they call ‘Biblical Israel,’ their jargon is based on the concept of the occupation’s strength, and not on the facts of history that do not recognize, for example, any Jewish presence on Palestine’s shores during the short and limited periods that Jews lived on our land.”
PA daily op-ed: Israel "is based on biblical tales" 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 23, 2013
Op-ed by Jihad Al-Khazen. Published originally in London-based Al-Hayat and in the opinions section in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
     “I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll say that the Palestinians are victims of the Jewish occupation which is based on biblical tales. All of Israel [is located] on the land of Palestine and it is a Nazi-like occupation that treats the sole owners of the land with racism, killing, destroying and displacing.”
Mayor of Ramallah: Jews are "new invaders in this region (i.e., Israel)" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, May 6, 2013
Mayor of Ramallah Musa Hadid: "In the Church of the Holy Sepulchre there's the tomb of Jesus. It shows that our Palestinian nation's connection to Jerusalem is thousands of years old (i.e., claiming Jesus is Palestinian)... It's obvious to the whole world that we, the sons of the Palestinian nation who adhere to Christianity, are the Palestinian nation's original sons. We have been the inhabitants of this land for thousands of years. Those who came to us from European countries are new invaders in this region."
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PA minister: Israel assigns Jerusalem a "forged Jewish character that is far from its Islamic and Christian rootedness" 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 4, 2013
Headline: “Al-Husseini updates a Danish delegation about the occupation’s steps in Jerusalem”
     “[Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, and Jerusalem District Governor Adnan] Al-Husseini related to the battle for school curricula that the Palestinian people is immersed in, because the occupation authorities are scheming to fraudulently interfere with Palestinian curricula and alter expressions that are in the heart of Palestinian history and faith, as part of a systematic program using forgery, distortion and deception that has almost fooled many people, and whose goal is to erase signs of Arab, Islamic, and Christian culture, to clear the minds of the new generations, and purge them from their cultural and historical past that has been rooted in this land for thousands of years.
He also related to the destructive actions and excavations being carried out by the occupation authorities in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, and its presentation of its forged Jewish character that is far from its Islamic and Christian rootedness, and mentioned the ‘Mughrabi Gate’ neighborhood, 12% of whose houses have been demolished and removed, and most of whose residents have been banished.”
Abbas rep: Israel attempts to “destroy the holy, archeological and historic sites” and "erase ancient national history” 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Apr. 12, 2013
Headline: “Al-Ta’awun held a ceremony to lay the cornerstone for the ‘Palestinian Museum’ project in Bir Zeit”
     “Yesterday, [Thursday April 11, 2013,] the Al-Ta’awun Institute conducted a ceremony laying the cornerstone of the ‘Palestinian Museum’ project in the village of Bir Zeit north of Ramallah. In a speech on behalf of the President of the Palestinian state Mahmoud Abbas, Presidential Bureau Chief Hussein Al-A'araj stressed the importance of the project which he considered ‘a glorious, important, national structure that makes concrete the strong national will to protect Palestine’s name and its national and cultural heritage’ …
Similarly, he [Al-A'araj] was of the opinion that the general Israeli attempts to destroy the holy, archeological and historic sites, and to incorporate the walls of Jerusalem, the Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque (i.e., Rachel’s Tomb) in Bethlehem, and other [sites] under the so-called ‘Israel Antiquities Authority’, are [all] part of the [Israeli] activities to erase ancient [Palestinian] national history. He also declared that everything found on this land is evidence of its antiquity and its ancient and indisputable connection to Islam and Christianity.”
The State of Israel has no "historical basis" - Israelis not even related to the 12 tribes of Israel 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 15, 2012
Op-ed in official PA daily:
     “It later turned out that the Zionist movement’s leaders and their broad group of followers have no relation even to the (Biblical) twelve tribes of Israel, as the great Hungarian historian [Arthur] Koestler proved, and as Jewish and Israeli researchers clarified later.
This means that the superfluous (nation) in this region, and the one harming its security and stability is the occupation (i.e., Israel) in all its shapes and stages, whether in the past or in the present, and whether in the form of military occupation, settlement, or Judaization and fabrication that have no historical or legal basis.”
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