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Holocaust denial and distortion
Libel: Israel imitates Nazi crimes
Holocaust denial and distortion
Holocaust desecration, denial, and abuse, have all been components of Palestinian Authority ideology. Palestinians from both Fatah and Hamas have accused Israel of burning Palestinians in ovens, and alternatively have accused Zionists of committing the Holocaust against Jews for political, financial or social gain. A PA TV children’s broadcast taught that Israel burned Palestinians in ovens, and at an exhibit in Gaza children put dolls, representing Palestinian children, in a model oven adorned with a Star of David and a swastika. A PA daily wrote: "The exhibit includes a large oven and inside it small [Palestinian] children are being burned; the picture speaks for itself,” as if the exhibit was documenting something true. [Al-Ayyam, March 20, 2008] The event was sponsored by the Palestinian “National Committee for Defense of Children from the Holocaust.”

A senior Palestinian academic taught adults on PA TV: “There was no Dachau, no Auschwitz; these were disinfecting sites.” A Hamas TV documentary explained that it was Jewish leaders who planned the Holocaust, in order to eliminate Jews who were "disabled and handicapped”.

A crossword puzzle clue in the official PA daily identified “Yad Vashem” (Israel’s Holocaust memorial) as a “Center for the Holocaust and Lies.” The same PA daily has published many articles denying the Holocaust, including one that termed the Holocaust a “hen laying golden eggs.”

Schoolbooks produced by the Palestinian Ministry of Education teach the history of World War II in great detail except for the history of the Holocaust, which is totally ignored. One history book goes so far as to teach that Nazism was a racist ideology and that there were trials of Nazi war criminals, but it leaves out that Jews were the target of the racism, and the crimes for which the Nazis were on trial.

Palestinian education erases the actual Holocaust from history and usurps the word “Holocaust” or its own wide range of malicious libels.
This video depicts a PA TV children’s play teaching that Israel burned Palestinians in ovens.
"They [Israel] are the ones who did the Holocaust,
their knife cuts to the length and the width of our flesh...
They opened ovens for us, to bake human beings.
They destroyed the villages and burnt the cities.
And when an oven stops burning, they light a hundred [more] ovens.
Their hands are covered with the blood of our children."
[PA TV (Fatah), March 25, 2004]

In addition, admiration of Hitler continues to be a component of the PA world. A PA funded children’s publication published an essay written by a teenage girl admiring Hitler, who told the Palestinian girl in her dream: "I killed them [the Jews] so you would all know
that they are a nation which spreads destruction all over the world." This essay published in 2011, yet in spite of broad international condemnation following PMW’s exposure, it was not removed from the Palestinian educational website Zayzafuna, when we last checked in Oct. 2013.

Since 2012, there have been a number of statements by the PA or PLO officials acknowledging the Holocaust. This has not yet been incorporated into PA formal education.

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Libel: Israel imitates Nazi crimes

Student on PA TV: “The Israelis were burned… they are doing to us what was done to them” 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Mar. 11, 2014
Official PA TV program Youth of the Land about the role of social media networks.
Student Jatlina Zinad: “The Israelis were the most enslaved people; they were burned, and today, they are doing to us what was done to them.”
Fatah youth on Netanyahu: “If this racist would look himself in the face, he would see the snows of Poland” 
Source: Official website of Fatah's Mobilization and Organization Commission, fatehorg.ps, Mar. 10, 2014
     “Fatah’s Shabiba [youth] movement in the West Bank published a press release in response to the declarations made by the extreme right-wing Prime Minister of the occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu, demanding that President Mahmoud Abbas [publicly] declare his recognition of Israel as a Jewish state at Birzeit University…
In its statement, Fatah’s Shabiba said that Netanyahu and his right-wing government should learn from history, which has proven at every stage that nations yearning for freedom, justice and independence inevitably achieve victory, and that occupation, racism and darkness are fated to vanish. It [the movement] noted in its statement that every olive tree and every speck of dust in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Acre, Safed, Nablus, Ramallah, Hebron, Gaza and all of Palestine recognizes the true owners of the land, for Palestinian land is alive and knows its original inhabitants, and knows who the new invaders are. [The message also stated that] the Nakba (“the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) of our people, their expulsion from their villages and cities and the destruction of [their] villages over 66 years ago, will not erase the facts nor change the true face of the land.
In addition, Fatah’s Shabiba addressed a message to Netanyahu: ‘If this racist would look himself in the face, he would see the snows of Poland, where his father Benzion Netanyahu and his ancestors were born, while, if he had the courage to look into the eyes of the children of Palestine, he would see the soil of Jerusalem, the olive [trees] of Beit Jala, the orchards of Haifa, the coasts of Jaffa, the Arab character of Palestine…’"

For a longer version of the item, click "full article."
Fatah official calls Israel a “criminal, fascist, Nazi occupation” 
Source: Official PA TV Live, Feb. 26, 2014
Official PA TV Live broadcast a program under the heading, “What will happen after the negotiations?”
Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee Jibril Rajoub: “Had Fatah not taken decision-making and the Palestinian national will into its own hands using bullets, it would not have been possible for our cause to change from a refugee cause into a statehood cause. I’m not saying that on April 30 [2014] (i.e., when the negotiations with Israel are scheduled to end), we should pick up rifles and take to the streets, but neither do I rule this out – provided that the struggle be a means, and not an end. Therefore, the most important thing for us to do is… start an internal national dialogue to define our national agenda and our national strategy. In addition to the fact that the Palestinian cause, or Palestine as a state, is now on the international agenda, we have achieved something great and important over [the past] 50 years: We have attained moral supremacy over this criminal, fascist, Nazi occupation."

For a longer transcript, click "full article."
PA condemns the Holocaust, but includes it alongside "the Israeli occupation regime" as one of "several chapters of catastrophic evil in human history" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 30, 2014
This is a rare and positive example of the PA acknowledging and condemning the Holocaust and its targeting of Jews. However, the PA subsequently compares “the Israeli occupation regime” to Nazi conduct during the Holocaust, listing both as examples of “catastrophic evil in human history”:
: “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the crime of the Holocaust”
     “On [International] Holocaust Remembrance Day, the [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the acts of massacre that were committed primarily against Jews, as well as against other minorities, which are among the most serious crimes perpetrated by man against humanity. [The Ministry added that these crimes had been perpetrated] in a way incomprehensible and unimaginable to a free person, as part of a process of ethnic cleansing and genocide that will remain a mark of shame upon humanity’s forehead forever.
In a public announcement yesterday [Jan. 29, 2014], the [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that there have been several chapters of catastrophic evil in human history that must be confronted and prevented from recurring… among them are the apartheid regime that blatantly dominated South Africa; the Israeli occupation regime and the domination of another nation, as in the case of the Palestinian nation, whose land expropriated, who was forcefully expelled from it, and who was robbed of land, freedom and honor.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the UN, its organizations and on all nations and specifically the permanent members of the Security Council, to take measures to protect humanity from these crimes’ recurrence and save it from them now, and hunt down the perpetrators [of such crimes.]”
Netanyahu "imitates Hitler's racism," which he acquired "genetically from the days of the Nazis" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 27, 2014
     “Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel, is trying to create his own political lexicon, which is different than all his predecessors'... And he is demanding that the Palestinians recognize the Jewishness of the State of Israel! I believe that any Palestinian, ordinary as he may be, and any Israeli with any common sense, can ask Netanyahu, as a kind of challenge, what is his definition of the Jewishness of the Israeli state? ... Does Israel really recognize all its Jewish citizens as Jews, like the Falash Mura [Ethiopian] Jews for instance? And do the Arab Jews - Palestinians, Iraqis, Yemenites and Moroccans - enjoy equal treatment in Israel? I believe that when Netanyahu will broach this topic it will give off a very bad odor of racism. It is possible that Netanyahu has preserved it and acquired it genetically from the days of the Nazis and the Aryan race... Instead of Netanyahu disassociating himself from any act that would remind him of Hitler's racism, he imitates it and wants to replicate it against the people of Palestine, its inhabitants and nation and even against the citizens of the State of Israel themselves!"
Official PA daily: ‎‎“Israel is using the Jews in order to ignite a new Holocaust against them”‎ 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 12, 2014
Op-ed by Adel Abd Al-Rahman, regular ‎columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
     ‎“The only narrative consistent ‎with historic Palestine is the Palestinian ‎narrative, and any other narrative is ‎nothing more than a fabrication meant to ‎justify a colonial occupation that expels ‎‎[the original inhabitants] and settles ‎‎[others in their place]. Therefore, all the ‎claims of the leaders of the Zionist ‎movement, from Herzl to Netanyahu and ‎everyone in between, are false… ‎
Proponents of the Zionist movement are ‎pumping up these lies through their ‎internationally influential media outlets, ‎which are supported in an unprecedented ‎way by the imperialist West, in order to ‎disseminate them and to brainwash the ‎Jews, who have been deceived, to realize ‎‎[their] colonial objectives in the region. ‎This [is being done] because the State of ‎Israel (Note: the Palestinian media ‎generally avoids using this term) was a ‎front line and support base for the ‎capitalist powers… and its purpose was ‎the partitioning of the Arab region and the ‎theft of its resources, to prevent the ‎awakening of the Arab nation and to serve ‎as a way out of the distress of the Jewish ‎question within the given time frame.‎
This conflict was never a religious conflict, ‎and never will be. This is because Israel is ‎using the Jews in order to ignite a new ‎Holocaust against them – not to protect ‎them or their interests – and to embroil ‎them in a war with the Palestinian Arab ‎nation and with the peoples of the Arab ‎nation, even though a central part of the ‎Jews with Israeli citizenship are Arabs – ‎residents of the various Arab nations, ‎including Palestine itself.”‎

For more, click "full article.''
PLO Councilmember: The Israeli “cannot live without being a Nazi” 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Dec. 30, 2013
Official PA TV program Religion and the World :
Sheikh Yaqub Qarash, Preacher and Member of PLO’s National Council: "Inherent to the occupation is telling the enemy, ‘I have enemies.’ Who are these enemies? They are your prisoners, they are kidnapped civilians. When you come and take our brother Marwan Barghouti, you take him away from our home. What has Marwan Barghouti done? Marwan Barghouti, [Israel said to him:] ‘You rejected peace,’ even though he was one of the [national] leaders who spoke of peace. It is you, Israel, [who] rejected peace. You put Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian leadership under siege, and you cut off the roads to peace. Marwan worked with his brothers and his young men and his family. Ahmad Sa’adat, Fuad Al-Shubaki, many young men from all the organizations, What were they working for? To protect their people while you [Israel] rejected peace. You rejected peace. I say this sincerely, the one who has been rejecting peace for over twenty or thirty years is not the Palestinians. [You are] the one who puts up obstacles, who refuses peace, who wants to say there are prisoners, and there are fighters, so that he [Israel] can present himself to the West [as if] he is living in a war, [saying:] ‘Give me money. Give me weapons. I’m living in a war…’ This has become part of its economic activity, part of societal activity in Israel. Because he [the Israeli] has become someone who cannot live without being a Nazi. He cannot live without being a Nazi. I say this sincerely, the Israeli soldier and Israeli society have adopted its enemy’s (i.e., Nazi) nature. The Nazis harmed them, fought against them, and burned them. [And now] they want to burn us, to abuse us, to imprison us…”

For a longer transcript and descriptions of the terrorists, click "full article."
Israel practices “Nazi occupation policy” against prisoners 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 12, 2013
     “A delegation from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine [DFLP] in the Salfit district visited the district’s Ministry of Released Prisoners’ Affairs branch yesterday [Dec. 9, 2013] to congratulate new director, Nadhir Al-Salkhi, who stood at the head of the reception of the [Democratic] Front members, along with the office staff. The [Democratic] Front delegation included [Democratic] Front secretary in the district and central leadership member Hakam Qadri…
Qadri emphasized that it is important to show great interest in the prisoners and their cause, especially during this period, in which they face the Nazi occupation policy, whose purpose is to destroy and kill them.”

Note: The DFLP carried out many deadly terror attacks, including the taking of schoolchildren as hostages leading to the killing of 22 children and 4 adults in Ma’alot (May 15, 1974), an attack on a school bus killing 9 children and 3 adults (May 22, 1970), a bombing in Jerusalem killing 7 (Nov. 13, 1975), the killing of 4 hostages in an apartment building in Beit Shean (Nov. 11, 1974) and a suicide bombing near Tel Aviv killing 4 (Dec. 25, 2003). DFLP has participated in and claimed responsibility for dozens of other terror attacks.
Israel is “the state that carries out acts that are more despicable than Nazi racism!” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 2, 2013
By PA daily columnist and member of the Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza Yahya Rabah:
“A despicable figure of an oppressive occupation”
     “Israel is the last remaining model of colonialism as well as the last remaining model of the apartheid state, despicable racism and tales that seem like dark fairytales and it can no longer create natural connections or a positive and open leadership.
Israel hates everyone and patronizes everyone. It does not recognize the rights of its Arab citizens or the rights of its Palestinian neighbors and treats its Arab Jews ‘the Mizrahi (eastern) [Jews]’ and its African, Falash Mura Jews – who one day donated blood units and were surprised to discover the next day that they were thrown out – as second- and third-class citizens.
Israel lives contrary to history and outside of history. It does not recognize international or humane law or the legitimate international resolutions and has not noticed that, since the previous century, the entire world agreed to eradicate colonialism. From ‘the state of those who suffered Nazi persecution,’ it became ‘the state that carries out acts that are more despicable than Nazi racism!’ Therefore, being doomed to extremism, settlement and racism, it pushes itself to the inevitable end.”
PLO official: The Israeli “cannot live without being a Nazi” 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Oct. 30, 2013
Official PA TV program Religion and the World:
Sheikh Yaqub Qarash, Preacher and Member of PLO’s National Council: “Inherent to the occupation is telling the enemy ‘I have enemies.’ Who are these enemies? They are your prisoners, they are kidnapped civilians. When you come and take our brother Marwan Barghouti, you take him away from our home. What has Marwan Barghouti done? Marwan Barghouti, [Israel said to him:] ‘You rejected peace,’ even though he was one of the [national] leaders who spoke of peace... It is you, Israel, [who] rejected peace... [You are] the one who puts up obstacles, who refuses peace, who wants to say there are prisoners, and there are fighters, so that he [Israel] can present himself to the West [as if] he is living in a war, [saying:] ‘Give me money. Give me weapons. I’m living in a war…’ This has become part of its economic activity, part of societal activity in Israel. Because he [the Israeli] has become someone who cannot live without being a Nazi. He cannot live without being a Nazi. I say this sincerely, the Israeli soldier and Israeli society have adopted its enemy’s (i.e., Nazi) nature. The Nazis harmed them, fought against them, and burned them. [And now] they want to burn us, to abuse us, to imprison us…”
PA TV host: “Good, honored sheikh. These were good things [to say].”

Note: Marwan Barghouti - serving five life sentences for orchestrating terror attacks against Israeli civilians. When arrested in 2002, he headed Fatah's military wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades. After he was convicted and imprisoned, he was re-elected member of the Palestinian Authority parliament.
PA daily op-ed: Palestinians paid the price for Nazi Germany’s crimes 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 29, 2013
Op-ed by Columnist for official PA daily Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
     “Former Foreign Secretary of Britain Jack Straw dropped a heavy-weight political bombshell on the Israeli ethnic cleansing state in particular and also on the forces agreeing with it and supporting it regarding the option of eliminating the peace process. [He did so] when he presented the Global Diplomatic Forum, held in the British House of Commons, with a stance that is not considered new, but rather a confirmation of something certain. He said: ‘The obstacle to making peace in the Middle East’ is ‘the unlimited Jewish funds that control the American government and Congress and distort the public will.’ In addition, he added another factor, which is, ‘the German obsession with protecting Israel.’ […]
Concurrently, the legitimate Palestinian leadership must turn to decision makers in the US and Germany and demand that they end the unjustified and illegitimate support of the State of Israel, and put an end to their (the US/German) discriminatory policy favoring its [Israel’s] sabotaging policies and work to repair its [Israel’s] reckless policies that contradict historical, current and future facts. In addition, focus should be put on the German leadership, to pull it out of the complex that has stuck to it following what transpired in the Holocaust during the Second World War, especially since Germany has been paying dearly throughout the decades [during which] Israel was established and has remained. As a result of this policy, the price for Nazi Germany’s savagery and crimes was collected from the Arab and Palestinian people. This is something unacceptable according to any logic or law and is unacceptable according to the values of international, human and religious law...”
“This era’s Nazis” are Israel; Palestinians are the persecuted “Jews” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 25, 2013
By Ahmed Dahbour:
     “The [Palestinian] writer [Dr. Adel Al-Usta] says [in his book ‘The Long West Bank Night’] with a historically significant moan of pain: ‘We have become the new Nazis’ Jews.’ My only interpretation of this cry is that those whom the Nazis abused one day, they themselves became this era’s Nazis, and we became its Jews; that is, [we became] those who are persecuted in it [the era].”
Israel has “a racist, Nazi policy” to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 21, 2013
     “The procession’s participants dedicated their weekly procession to marking the 31st anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre, to expressing solidarity with the [Palestinian] Prisoners’ Movement and to directing attention to the settler break-ins to the Al-Aqsa Mosque (any presence of Jews on the Temple Mount is considered a "break-in." However, all visitors are subject to security checks by Israeli security before being granted access to the Temple Mount. - Ed.)… Coordinator of the National Anti-Wall and Anti-Settlement Committee in Bethlehem, Hassan Breijeh said: ‘What occurred in 1982 in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp is the true face of the Antisemitic, Israeli occupation, that cold-bloodedly murdered more than 3,000 Martyrs (Shahids). This is the real ‘holocaust’ that was perpetrated and is perpetrated against the Palestinian people. However, the Palestinian revolution and the Palestinian people will not wait patiently for the number of victims to reach three of four million. The Palestinian people carrying out Ribat (religious conflict/war over land claimed to be Islamic) on its land is a living people and we will serve as a barrier against Zionism, even if we pay dearly for that.’ Breijeh added: ‘There is a racist, Nazi policy carried out by the Israeli government, pushing the settlers to invade Al-Aqsa on a daily basis, to bring about its division and destruction. Their plan to organize a procession [attended by] one million in the old city [of Jerusalem] on Tuesday, Sept. 24 [2013] will fail.”

Note: Sabra and Shatila are Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. In 1982 during the first Lebanon War, a massacre at Sabra and Shatila was committed against Muslims by Christian Phalangists in Lebanon. The PA has a longstanding policy of falsely accusing Israel of committing the massacre or actively helping to carry it out.
Israeli-Arab MP: Israeli policy regarding the Bedouin reminiscent of Nazism 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, July 29, 2013
PA TV program View from Inside aired an episode about the Prawer plan, a development plan for the Negev that includes relocating Bedouin from unrecognized villages to authorized Bedouin settlements. Guests: Israeli Parliament member from the Israeli-Arab Hadash party Muhammad Barakeh, Chairman of the Greek-Orthodox parish council in Nazareth Azmi Hakim, and Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah.
Israeli Parliament member, Barakeh: “One of the key right-wing [parliament] members, there was a televised debate between us. She said: ‘There are 90,000 [Bedouins] living in unrecognized villages. We want to relocate only 30 or 40 thousand.’ I told her: ‘Yes, a few trains’, hinting to the transfer of the Jews by the Nazis at the time.”
PA official Rajoub calls Israelis "bullies" and "you Nazis" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, July 1, 2013
PA official Jibril Rajoub:
     "This state [Israel] is a state of bullies. Fascists can learn a lesson from this state. This government -- there is none more brazen in human history... Anyone who joins any joint [sports] activity with the Israelis -- I'll take him off the [Palestinian Football] Association's lists, whether he is a player, coach, judge or, God forbid, a team... Did we act correctly and convince [FIFA's] General Assembly? Yes. Yes, we'll suspend their [Israel's] membership [in FIFA] and this way we'll screw them... I won't allow and won't agree to any joint game between Arabs and Israel... If a photo is published of [football star] Messi next to the [separation] fence,|the new Berlin Wall, and the new Nazis [Israelis] will be seen the way they treat Palestinians, the Palestinian players -- well, this by itself will be the highest achievement."
Click to view video
Jibril Rajoub: Israel is committing the “Holocaust of the 21st century” on the Palestinians  
Source: Al-Fajer TV (local independent Palestinian station), June 7, 2013
Deputy Secretary of Fatah’s Central Committee Jibril Rajoub held a press conference about the FIFA Congress on June 7, 2015.

Deputy Secretary of Fatah’s Central Committee Jibril Rajoub: “We are not working on the assumption that the righteousness of the [Palestinian] cause is enough. We won’t succeed while we stand against a narrative which dominates human awareness, namely the Holocaust. This group [the Jews] presents itself as a victim. I believe that what they are doing to us is the Holocaust of the 21st century, but we are not capable of spreading our narrative to the world.”

Note: Jibril Rajoub is Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee, Head of the Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association, and Chairman of the Olympic Committee.

Bethlehem governor compares Israeli treatment of Palestinians to Nazi occupation of Poland 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 29, 2013
     “Yesterday [May 29, 2013], Bethlehem District Governor, Minister Abd Al-Fattah Hamail and Mayor of Bethlehem, Vera Baboun welcomed two delegations, the first [a delegation of] youth from Poland and the second from the Republic of Bosnia Herzegovina, at the district offices… Hamail compared what the Polish people had experienced during the Nazi occupation to the suffering of our people under the racist, Israeli occupation. He noted that the occupation controls all aspects of Palestinian life in that the Palestinians, including President Mahmoud Abbas, need Israeli approval for anything they wish to do.”
Rajoub: Israel could teach Hitler "the art of destroying the people and massacres" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, May 23, 2013
PA TV program: Circle of Events. Guest: Deputy Secretary General of Fatah's Central Committee, Jibril Rajoub
PA TV interviewer: “The statements you made in Beirut on the Al-Mayadeen TV station had a lot of impact, according to them ‘We are Israel’s enemies and if we had a nuke we’d have used it…’ I hope you’ll clarify the picture because Israel condemned the [statements] and at the time the Palestinians did not.”
PA official, Rajoub: “Madam, first of all I don’t care what Israel says, I care about what serves the Palestinian people’s interests. The Palestinian people have been living under an occupation, a racist, fascist, vile, inhuman occupation, for 46 years…
I, true, the interviewer [from the Al-Mayadeen TV station] asked me and I answered in the same manner and with those words and even now I say to the Israelis, if there won’t be a reexamination of your conduct on your part, a saying in Hebrew states: ‘kill or be killed,’ we won’t be killed, we’re not Jesus, true, we come from Jesus’ apostles but we, our future and our government and our identity are being trampled under the criminal terrorist settler dogs’ feet. I’m certain that if Hitler would come again he would learn from them the art of breaking the will of the people, humiliating the people, [making the] people suffer, destroying the people and massacres...
The world today has begun to be convinced that we are a victim and that they are the criminals and hangmen. Under the rays of the sun Israel has been revealed to be a foreign and threatening body that threatens the region’s independence, threatens the world’s peace and threatens the world’s values and interests.”

Note: Click "full article" below to view a longer excerpt of the interview.
PA daily: Israel is a “Nazi-like occupation” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 23, 2013
Op-ed by Jihad Al-Khazen. Published originally in London-based Al-Hayat and republished in the opinions section in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
     "I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll say that the Palestinians are victims of the Jewish occupation which is based on biblical tales. All of Israel [is located] on the land of Palestine and it is a Nazi-like occupation that treats the sole owners of the land with racism, killing, destroying and displacing.”
PA daily columnist calls Israel “ugly,” “fascist,” and worse than “Hitler’s Nazi Holocaust” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Apr. 24, 2013
Op-ed by official PA daily columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
     “Samer Al-Issawi ended his 227 day long hunger strike in the Israeli occupation’s prisons after negotiating an awe-inspiring deal with the prison authorities, who agreed to release hero Samer in eight months…
The extraordinary empty stomach battle, carried out by the DFLP member, is indescribable, since nothing remained of hero Al-Issawi but skin and bones and a head with a mind in it that didn’t lose, for even a moment, its memory, identity, [national] belonging and the goals of his battle – so much so that he surprised the court judges two days ago [April 22, 2013] when he exposed his bones and told them: ‘My situation is identical to what the Nazi Germans did to the Jews during the Holocaust!’ In other words: Are you not ashamed, oh tyrants, of what you talk about to this day (i.e., the Holocaust), in order to win the world’s sympathy and to extort hundreds of millions of dollars from the Germans specifically and the Europeans in general?
The empty stomach battle carried out by the freedom prisoners, specifically Samer Al-Issawi…is valuable help for the struggle for freedom because it reveals the ugly fascist face of the Israeli occupation that went further than Hitler’s Nazi Holocaust.”

Note: Samer Al-Issawi - belonged to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine DFLP. Was serving a sentence of 26 years in prison for attempted murder by manufacturing and distributing explosives and shooting at civilian vehicles in 2002, but was released in October 2011 as part of the Shalit prisoner exchange deal brokered between the Israeli government and Hamas. In that deal, Israel released 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who had been held hostage by Hamas for more than 5 years. Al-Issawi was re-arrested in 2012 for violating the
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