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Diplomacy and/or return to violence
Abbas uses 6 words to condemn kidnapping, 35 words to condemn Israel 
Source: WAFA news agency, June 16, 2014
     "The Palestinian President's [Abbas'] Office condemned the chain of events that took place last week, from the kidnapping of the three Israeli youths to the series of consecutive Israeli violations - both concerning the prisoners' [hunger] strike, and the break-ins into the Palestinian homes, the attacks of the settlers and the occupation army, which led to the death of a young Palestinian as a Martyr (Shahid), and the persecution of numerous innocent people.
In a statement published today, Monday June 16, 2014], the President's Office reiterated that all sides must refrain from violence, especially since the President's position is to continue the intensive action toward [securing] the release of the prisoners agreed on (i.e., an allusion to the fourth phase of prisoner releases, which Israel cancelled), and [the release of] all the prisoners in the [Israeli] jails when a final status agreement is signed.
In addition, the President [Abbas'] Office praised the efforts of the Palestinian Security Forces in keeping order, calm and stability, in order to prevent the Palestinians from being drawn into anarchy and instability, and to prevent any element from taking advantage of the situation for non-national purposes."
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Abbas is lying to Americans, says former Hamas spokesman 
Source: Facebook page of Ihab Al-Ghussein, former Hamas spokesman, June 8, 2014
     "You know what Mahmoud Abbas says behind closed doors?? He says: 'Guys, let me [continue] saying what I say to the media. Those words are meant for the Americans and the occupation (i.e., Israel), not for you [Hamas]. What's important is what we agree on among ourselves. In other words, when I go out [publicly] and say that the [PA] government is my [Abbas'] government and it recognizes 'Israel' and so on, fine - these words are meant to trick the Americans. But we agree that the government has nothing to do with politics (i.e., foreign relations). The same thing happened in 2006, he [Abbas] said: 'Don't harp on everything I tell the media, forget about the statements in the media.'
Come on [Abbas]!
The problem really isn't with him [Abbas], the problem is with whoever believes him. Ha, Ha, Ha! (I really do want real reconciliation, meaning partnership and achieving unity, but not reconciliation as Abbas means it)."
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Because of Israel’s military superiority, PA Chairman Abbas says ”no” to armed confrontation 
Source: Sky News Arabia, Dec. 12, 2013
PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas: “Then came the Intifada (PA terror campaign, 2000-2005), which was an armed Intifada. It destroyed us, completely destroyed us. I wish you could see Ramallah now, and [that you] could have seen it during the Intifada.
I have said that I won’t agree to an armed Intifada but the people have the right to hold public peaceful demonstrations anywhere and using any means, however, not military means.
Honestly, we don’t have the Israelis’ military capabilities. Proof of this is that they destroyed everything here in the Intifada, including the Presidential Headquarters - the Muqata’a in Ramallah and in Gaza. Therefore, I said ‘no.’”
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PA TV glorifies Abbas' defiance of the US in seeking UN observer status 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Nov. 29, 2013
PA TV broadcast the movie ‘The appeal to the UN; secrets and hidden [facts]’ Part 1.
The movie’s intro: “A clear objective and a legitimate right.”…
“We chose the way and entered the conflict; we won and waved the name ‘Palestine.’
“Defiance, power, determination, the appeal to the UN; secrets and hidden [facts].”
Member of Fatah Central Committee Muhammad Shtayyeh proudly recounts the times PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said ‘no’ to the US: “I want to tell you something important. When we went to the [UN] General Assembly this time, President Mahmoud Abbas told the US ‘no’ 12 times. This is the twelfth time he said ‘no’ to the US… when Dick Cheney tried to dissuade him from attending the Arab [League] Summit in Syria. President Mahmoud Abbas told the Americans ‘no’ when the US tried to prevent the Hamas movement from participating in the 2006 elections. President Mahmoud Abbas told the US ‘no’ when it tried to prevent us from entering a National Consensus Government with Hamas.
President Mahmoud Abbas said ‘no’ when the US tried to prevent him from signing the reconciliation – the [Hamas-Fatah] Cairo agreement…
The US tried to prevent us from appealing to the [UN] Security Council, and despite that we appealed. The US tried to prevent us from appealing to the [UN] General Assembly, and despite that we appealed.
The US tried to prevent President Mahmoud Abbas from visiting Iran, and despite that he went.
Therefore, there is a long record of this spirit of defiance found in the President, the Palestinian leadership and the Fatah Movement.”
Abbas Rep.: "We struggle, negotiate, fight… we choose the forms of struggle according to existing conditions” 
Source: Official PA TV Live, Nov. 4, 2013
Palestine Live TV broadcast a rally held in honor of released terrorists from Jenin, which was attended by many PA officials. A large sign announced that the event was held under the auspices of Abbas.
Host of the event: “Now, we call on Azzam Al-Ahmad - Abu Nidaa - member of the Fatah Movement’s Central Committee, to deliver the President [Abbas]’ speech, we will now all salute His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas, Abu Mazen.”
Fatah Central Committee member Azzam Al-Ahmad: “Mothers and families of our brave prisoners, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, I send you President Mahmoud Abbas’ greetings in this celebration of the release of a new group of our heroes, our brave prisoners, who have been a new example of endurance, resolve and giving, and who taught how to sacrifice… We say to Marwan [Barghouti] and to Ahmad Sa’adat and to our thousands of prisoners: Be assured that we will celebrate [your release] shortly. There are no life sentences under any circumstances. Our revolution that has been described as the revolution of the impossible, yes, it is the longest revolution in history. We do not know despair, true, we are taking a circuitous route but we will achieve our goals. We struggle, negotiate, fight – the popular resistance is escalating and expanding, and we choose the forms of struggle according to the existing conditions.”

Note: Click "full article" below to view a longer transcript of the event. The "full article" also includes descriptions of the released terrorists who were being honored as well as descriptions of the imprisoned terrorists mentioned by Azzam Al-Ahmad.
Senior Fatah official: Abbas “baffled everyone” with diplomacy; now we can “administer poison to them [Israel] drop by drop” 
Source: Official PA TV Live, Nov. 3, 2013
PA TV broadcast a rally in Surif, Hebron in honor of released prisoners Ziyad Ghneimat, Mustafa Ghneimat, and Najeh Muqbil.
Abbas Zaki: "How great and magnificent what you have done, oh heroes returning from captivity... How great what President Mahmoud Abbas has done, who through his insight knew how to defeat the enemies… Mahmoud Abbas came with his strong argument, with his intelligent policy, and with excellent, elegant diplomacy, and he baffled everyone in the Israeli camp, and he forced this equation (i.e., equating prisoners who had killed with prisoners who had not). For no one expected that Israel, which hands down life sentences and decided that they [the prisoners] would go from prison to the grave, [would release them]. They have become medals on the chest of this nation… The release of these heroic brothers was payment for nine months in which we won’t turn to international institutions… When Israel and America declared that ‘the old will die and the young will forget,’ and when they said that this is their ‘Promised Land,’ we told them that what is ‘promised’ is turbulent confrontation. We took up arms, and with cascades of blood we inscribed [in the books of history] victory after victory. And today, through diplomacy, by winning the world over on our side, and by removing Israel from public opinion (i.e., as a legitimate state), we will administer the poison to them drop by drop… We say to Israel: Die in your rage. Go to your cemeteries and recite over your dead whatever you recite. Here they are [who Israel said] 'have blood on their hands' (i.e., murderers); here they are [back] among their own people: fighters, knights, free men!”

For the full transcript and descriptions of the terrorists, click "full article."
Fatah official on behalf of Abbas: All forms of resistance are legitimate  
Source: Ma’an, independent Palestinian news agency, Oct. 3, 2013
     “Participants in the Eighth International Popular Resistance Conference in Bil’in, which began on Wednesday and will continue until Friday, emphasized the importance of official and popular support of popular resistance, which has given the Palestinian cause international momentum.
The conference, held in the village of Bil’in, was attended by [PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, former Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, Fatah Central Committee Member – representing President Mahmoud Abbas – Mahmoud Al-Aloul, District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Laila Ghannam, several members of the PLO Executive Committee and the Palestinian Parliament, leaders and representatives of Fatah’s national forces and Fatah’s Central Committee, European Union Representative in Palestine John Gatt-Rutter, [and] several European ambassadors and consuls…
In a speech delivered at the conference on behalf of the President, Al-Aloul asserted: ‘We believe in resistance in all its forms to be the right of occupied nations, as guaranteed by International Law.’ He called [on participants] not to be afraid to discuss the forms of popular resistance that were chosen by the people in this period… He added: ‘The experience of struggle in Bil’in, which suffered greatly and sacrificed many Martyrs (Shahids), has achieved a victory and forced Israel to retract its decision to gain control of the lands and residents of Bil’in.’ [...]
Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said: ‘Convening this conference is a success in terms of increasing international awareness and unity [in favor of] popular resistance, and [garnering] support for the power and drive of non-violent popular resistance.’”
Abbas expresses opposition to “armed resistance” in meeting with journalists in Lebanon 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 6, 2013
     “President Mahmoud Abbas met with approximately 100 of Lebanon’s leading journalists… The President was spontaneously bombarded with questions regarding weapons in the refugee camps, the armed resistance and his reasons for not meeting [Secretary-General of Hezbollah] Hassan Nasrallah… The President said that he is willing to meet all Lebanese leaders and that no meeting had been arranged with Hassan Nasrallah. He added that he declares he does not want an armed resistance, so that Israel will not use it [as an excuse] to demolish Palestinian cities.”
Abbas: Resistance, including violence, is “determined at each stage by the national interest” 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, May 14, 2012
Abbas speaks on Nakba Day:
     "Unfortunately, what was agreed in Doha [reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas] was opposed by senior Hamas members in Gaza, who prevented its implementation with groundless excuses. They [Hamas] preferred narrow party interests to the supreme national interest, using the word 'resistance' as if there was disagreement about it among Palestinians. I want to remind [them] that resistance to the occupation is a broad all-inclusive concept, with various means and tools, which are determined at each stage by the supreme national interest. It was we [Fatah] who initiated armed resistance for many years, and thanks to it, we obtained recognition of our rights, and [recognition] that the PLO is the legitimate and sole representative of the Palestinian people. That was after the PLO, for many years, was considered a terrorist organization by the US, Israel, and others. ”
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Abbas says he rejects armed struggle and wants peace in interview with German paper 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 1, 2012
Headline: "Welcomed Irish representative, the Central Elections Committee, and a delegation of released prisoners – President [Abbas] to German newspaper: If the present situation continues, they'll be building a settlement in my office in Ramallah. Israel must hurry and bring about peace, because no-one knows what the Arab Spring will bring."
Interview with President Mahmoud Abbas
Die Zeit: "The Israelis doubt [Palestinian intentions] because rockets are still being fired on Israel from Gaza."
Abbas: "If there's reconciliation with Hamas, that front [southern Israel] will be quiet."
Die Zeit: "Are you able to commit to that?"
Abbas: "I commit myself to that. I have already shown, during the period of my presidency, that I fulfill my promises. During the past five years there has not been a single incident in the West Bank related to Israeli security. The Israeli politicians deny this, but the Israeli generals, and those responsible for intelligence, will tell you: We take our hat off to Abbas. He does excellent work!"
Die Zeit: "It is said that Netanyahu's government has no interest in talks. Why, then, are you continuing with negotiations?"
Abbas: "We have no choice. We will never return to the armed struggle! Never! There will be only non-violent resistance to the occupation."
Die Zeit: "Is that your conclusion from the blood-drenched second Intifada (i.e., the Palestinian terror campaign), which brought with it many suicide terror attacks between the years 2000-2005?"
Abbas: "Such a thing [the Intifada] must never be repeated. We want peace; therefore we must take responsibility for Israel's security: Five years without a single unfortunate incident! Why does the other side not understand this?..."
Fatah official: “If the Israeli side refuses peace, then all the options are open to our people” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 8, 2012
     "Member of the Fatah Central Committee, Jamal Muhaisen delivered greetings from the President [Abbas], the central committee and the revolutionary council… emphasized that our people and its leadership seek peace. He said, 'If the Israeli side refuses peace, then all the options are open to our people…' … Muhaisen addressed Israel, saying: 'We are a people that will not raise a white flag, because we are a fighting people. You have an opportunity to be part of the region. If not, your fate will be like the fate of all the invasions of Palestine, all of which ended in defeat.'"
Official speaking in Abbas’ name: Fatah’s program of "struggle” will not change, “resistance in all its forms” is a “right” 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 5, 2012
     "The Ramallah and El-Bireh branch of Fatah held an official and popular central rally to mark the occasion… attended by member of the Fatah Central Committee Mahmoud Al-Aloul, representing President Mahmoud Abbas… In a speech he delivered on behalf of the President, Al-Aloul said: 'On this day, when some pioneers from among our people stepped forward, believing in their Lord and the ability of their people to sacrifice, and refusing submission and oppression – there was an outbreak [of the Fatah revolution], there was the first bullet, there was Fatah…'
Al-Aloul stated that since its inception, the [Fatah] movement has adopted a clear program pertaining to the struggle and to social issues, which it will not change, based on the armed struggle and the people's long-term war. It continued with this and adhered to this, because it [the Fatah movement] believes that resistance in all its forms is the legitimate right of occupied peoples… He emphasized that the leadership, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, has made every effort, offered every opportunity to seek peace, and cooperated with every initiative… Al-Aloul said that 2012 is the critical year of the popular resistance. He called upon Fatah members to participate in it in order to deal with the Israeli aggression. He emphasized, 'We can no longer restrain the villagers, the residents and the youth in their resistance. The popular resistance will erupt alongside the political activity, whose aim is to earn the world's [support], to lay a siege against the Israeli policy, and to isolate the occupation."
Abbas: The PA can ignore US demands even though US gives PA $460 million annually 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 24, 2011
     “The President [Abbas] emphasized that in September the Palestinian leadership will pass a resolution which no-one will have dreamed of, if the available options concerning the peace process fail…
[Abbas] continued: ‘The US is assisting us in the amount of $460 million annually. This does not mean that they dictate to us whatever they want, because we do what we view as beneficial to our cause. I recall that they said, ‘Don’t go to the Arab Summit in Damascus’, but we went. They demanded that we should not sign the Egyptian reconciliation document [between Fatah and Hamas], but we sent Azzam Al-Ahmed to sign it.’
President Abbas made it clear that the Arab Peace Initiative is the ideal solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict… He noted that the Palestinian Authority published the Peace Initiative in the Israeli media and on the ‘streets’, in order to bring it to the attention of the Israelis...
The President continued: ‘When we reach an agreement concerning the establishment of a Palestinian state, we are ready to agree to [the presence of] an international security force, on condition that there is not a single Israeli, civilian or soldier, in our state.”
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Abbas opposes violence as Palestinians lack capabilities, but supports war if Arabs join 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 24, 2011
"He [President Abbas] emphasized that he supports the options that the Arabs will choose, and added: ‘I have said more than once that if the Arabs want war – we are with them. I cannot fight alone. We tried military action during the second Intifada and during the attack on Gaza at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, after the [Hamas] refusal to renew the ceasefire, and it brought destruction upon us. 25% of the homes in Gaza are still in ruins.’
He noted that he opposes military action and that he believes that popular operations resisting settlement and the [security] fence lead to clear positive results for the Palestinian cause. He noted that 50% of the participants in these demonstrations are Israelis, while 25% are foreigners.
He added: ‘We are determined to continue this activity, and we do not wish to turn to armed struggle, because our capabilities and the international atmosphere do not allow for it.'" Click to view bulletin
Abbas hints that violence is an option 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 22, 2010
Abbas at press conference following meeting with Egyptian President Mubarak:
     “[President Mahmoud Abbas] stated that the Palestinian leadership has seven options, the first being the option of direct negotiations. President Mahmoud Abbas said: ‘We shall give negotiations the opportunity that they deserve, and if they fail, the other options will follow one after the other.’ He emphasized that there can be no talk of renewing direct negotiations with Israel without a complete halt to settlement in Jerusalem and all Palestinian areas.”
Abbas hints that violence is an option if negotiations with Israel fail 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 29, 2010
     “During a joint press conference with the Egyptian Foreign Minister... the President [Abbas] said: ‘We spoke about the Palestinians’ options, and we said that these options will proceed one after the other, but the first of them is the renewal of direct negotiations, if Israel will cease all its settlement activities.’ He added: ‘Afterwards, there are other options, the first of which is to appeal to the US and to speak with it. We will ask it to adopt a position on all the issues, and especially on the Palestinian state and recognition of the 1967 borders as the borders of this state.’ He continued: ‘Afterwards there are options that we will take to the Security Council, up until the final options that we spoke about, but right now we are focusing on the first option. At the same time, this does not prevent us from preparing ourselves for all the options that will follow. We have seven options, not one, but we will not pass up the first option until all efforts in its regard have been exhausted. Then we’ll go on to the second option, which is to speak to the US, and if that does not succeed we will move on to the third option, and so on.’”

Note: Palestinians frequently mention armed resistance as one of the "options."
Abbas: "We are not able" to wage another Intifada 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 28, 2010
Excerpt from interview with Mahmoud Abbas, initially published in Al-Hayat (London), September 26, 2010, and reprinted in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, September 27, 2010:
: [Concerning the definition of Israel as a Jewish state] “In fact, this means that the State of Israel would be for Jews only, and the significance of that is-“
Abbas: “That has great significance. When they say ‘a Jewish state’, they want to rid themselves of all the Arabs who are among them… We shall not agree to a solution to the problem at the expense of the Arabs. Their presence in Israel preceded the establishment of the Israeli state, hundreds of years before the Jewish presence in Israel. It is their [the Arabs’] right to remain, and it is their right to be citizens with equal rights and obligations in that state.”
Interviewer: “Do you suspect that Israel is considering forced expulsion, collective expulsion?”
Abbas: “It has been proposed, by Liberman.”
Interviewer: “You are referring to the exchange of inhabitants for territory?”
Abbas: Yes. The question of exchanging inhabitants and territories – that is also something they [Israel] should forget about.”
Interviewer: “They should forget about it?”
Abbas: “Yes, they should forget about it. We absolutely won’t accept it.”
Interviewer: “… You don’t want a military Intifada (PA terror campaign, 2000-2005), and when you say, ‘We won’t accept it’, what tools do you possess, Mr. President…?”
Abbas: “I possess the right/justice. I hold the right/justice, and proof of that is that the whole world is on my side, without exception. They are in favor of my right, and in favor of demanding my right. I h
Abbas: "If the Arabs would want to fight, we’d be the first to fight" 
Source: Al-Ayyam, Sept. 6, 2010
Interview with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Tripoli, Libya:
     “We tried the Intifada (PA terror campaign) in 2000, and it destroyed everything that we had built. If the Arabs would want to fight, we’d be the first to fight. I told them at the [Arab] Summit in Sirt [Libya]: ‘If you want war, take the lead.’ It’s not possible for us [Palestinians] to go ahead alone; they must be first, with us behind them. We shall not permit them to fight using us. One of them [Arab leaders] spoke about resistance. I said to him, ‘The Palestinian people is not interested in resistance. We, as the [National] Authority, are not interested in resistance, Hamas has abandoned resistance, they are preventing [launch of] rockets and they speak of a tahadiyeh [ceasefire]. Therefore, if he [the Arab leader] is interested in resistance, let him carry it out himself. Nothing is easier than raising a banner [that says], ‘Forward, men!’ And half an hour later we’ll get a slap in the face and find ourselves on the floor. It’s not possible for a responsible person to behave this way.”
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Abbas: "If all of you [Arab States] will fight Israel, we are in favor" 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 6, 2010
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, at a meeting with writers and journalists in the home of the Palestinian Ambassador to Jordan:
     "'We don't accept the statement [of Hamas]: a [Palestinian] state of resistance and refusal. What we hear from everyone is that the basis is negotiations, at a time that the entire world agrees about this, despite the absence of other options, we either have negotiations or no negotiations, what has put Israel in the corner.
We are unable to confront Israel militarily, and this point was discussed at the Arab League Summit in March in Sirt (Libya). There I turned to the Arab States and I said: 'If you want war, and if all of you will fight Israel, we are in favor. But the Palestinians will not fight alone because they don't have the ability to do it.' He [Abbas] said: 'The West Bank was completely destroyed and we will not agree that it will be destroyed again,' in addition to 'the inability to confront Israel militarily.'"
Abbas supports diplomacy now because it is the only option 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 6, 2010
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, at a meeting with writers and journalists in the home of the Palestinian Ambassador to Jordan:
     "'We don't accept the statement [of Hamas]: a [Palestinian] state of resistance and refusal. What we hear from everyone is that the basis is negotiations, at a time that the entire world agrees about this, despite the absence of other options, we either have negotiations or no negotiations, what has put Israel in the corner.
We are unable to confront Israel militarily, and this point was discussed at the Arab League Summit in March in Sirt (Libya). There I turned to the Arab States and I said: 'If you want war, and if all of you will fight Israel, we are in favor. But the Palestinians will not fight alone because they don't have the ability to do it.' He (Abbas) said: 'The West Bank was completely destroyed and we will not agree that it will be destroyed again,' in addition to 'the inability to confront Israel militarily.'"
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