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Children as combatants
Promoting violence for children
Children as combatants
Promoting violence for children
Cartoon promotes rock-throwing 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 2, 2014

Text: “Purification before prayer is performed with stones.”

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the official Palestinian daily, published a cartoon alluding to the Islamic custom of purification before prayer. In general, purification is performed with water; if there no water is available, sand is used. The cartoon shows a father handing his son a slingshot and telling him that purification before prayer is performed with stones.
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Boy at Fatah ceremony: "Pick up your rifle... Destroy, shock, burn and set fire" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Sept. 16, 2014

Fatah ceremony in Tulkarem marking the anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre.
A boy,  Abd Al-Rahman Mustafa, recites poem:
"Pick up your rifle, resist and terrify [them].
Break your silence, free your thoughts...
Stand firm, strengthen your heart.
Destroy, shock, burn and set fire...
Heal your wounds and forget your cares...
Your homeland is your honor; protect it with your blood...
Find your weapon next to my weapon...
Al-Aqsa [Mosque] calls: ‘Where are my men?’
Palestinian, answer its call; Yasser [Arafat’s] men will not kneel."
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Note: Sabra and Shatila are Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. In 1982, during the first Lebanon War, Muslim residents of the camps were massacred by Christian Phalangists. The PA has a longstanding policy of falsely accusing Israel of committing the massacre or actively helping to carry it out.
Op-ed in official PA daily: "Stop legitimizing the sacrifice of our ‎children" for the sake of garnering support 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 26, 2014
Op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, regular ‎columnist for the official PA daily
     ‎“We justify the deaths of our child victims ‎with a thousand slogans and tales, but ‎ultimately, they get nothing from us but a ‎number and name on a tombstone.‎
The time has come to stop legitimizing the ‎sacrifice of our children‏ ‏to collect tears ‎and cries [of support] from the streets of ‎the capital cities.”‎
Hamas cleric proud of 2-year-old son for pretending teddy bear is a kidnapped soldier 
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Aug. 22, 2014
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) broadcast the Friday ‎sermon from the Al ‎-Shafi‘i mosque in ‎Khan Younis, delivered by Sheikh ‎Muhammad Salah Abu Rajab.‎
Sheikh Muhammad Salah Abu Rajab: “My ‎two-year-old son’s toy, his favorite toy at ‎home – like many other [children] – his ‎favorite toy is a teddy bear. Before the war ‎he used to hold it in his lap. Play with the ‎teddy bear. But today, the bear has ‎become [something else]. My son says ‎every day: ‘Where’s the soldier?’ He ‎carries it on his back, and in his other ‎hand [carries] a toy rifle, and he walks ‎around the house and wants to hide the ‎soldier. Can you [Israel] face them [these ‎children]? You can’t face them. We are ‎training an army against you, which you ‎cannot face.”‎
Fatah youth "set the land on fire!" 
Source: Facebook, Fatah - The Main Page, July 23, 2014

: "The old man's [Yasser Arafat's] Shabiba [Fatah youth movement] - set the land on fire!"
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Fatah promotes riots: "My mother taught me that my stone is my weapon" 
Source: Facebook, Fatah - The Main Page, July 2, 2014
Text: "My mother taught me that my stone is my weapon;
that I am Palestinian only through my struggle;
she taught me to shout that this is my land, so get out!"
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Note: On June 12, 2014, three Israeli teens were kidnapped while hitchhiking in the West Bank. The boys' bodies were found by Israeli security forces near Hebron on June 30, 2014. They appeared to have been shot to death soon after the abduction. Two days later, a Palestinian teen was kidnapped and murdered in Jerusalem in what may have been a revenge attack, although this has yet to be confirmed. Following this murder, Palestinians took to the streets of eastern Jerusalem in violent protests.
PA joins 5 UN human rights conventions, including protocol prohibiting children from taking direct part in hostilities 
Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 3, 2014
Headline: “Palestine joins 5 UN human rights conventions”
     “According to a statement by a UN spokesman, Palestine joined five UN human rights conventions yesterday [May 2, 2014], including a convention against torture and a convention on children’s rights.
At a press conference in Geneva, Rupert Colville, the spokesman for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, listed these UN Conventions as follows: the Convention against Torture, the Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
In addition, the spokesman announced that Palestine’s joining the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict will take effect on May 7, while its joining of the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights will take effect on July 2.”
From Agence France-Presse
Hamas TV: Giant, cuddly bee teaches children to "shoot Jews" and "smash them" 
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), May 2, 2014
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) program Tomorrow's Pioneers on neighbors' rights.
[Phone conversation between Nahul the bee and Qais, a boy from Jenin (West Bank).]

Nahul the bee, (adult in a giant bee costume): "My friend Qais - anyway, Rawan, I tell him to take a stone, and when the Jews come, to take it and throw it at them."
Child host (Rawan): "Of course, the Jewish neighbors."
Nahul: "To smash them."
Child host: "If his neighbors are Jews or Zionists? Yes." ...
[Child host Rawan talks to Tulin, a girl in the studio.]
Child host Rawan: "Tulin, why do you want to be a police officer? Like who?"
Girl Tulin: "Like my uncle." ...
Child host: "So what does a policeman do?"
Nahul (adult in giant bee costume): "He catches thieves, and people who make trouble."
Child host: "And shoots Jews. Right?"
Girl: "Yes."
Child host: "You want to be like him?"
[Girl nods]
Child host: "Allah willing, when you grow up."
Girl: "So that I can shoot Jews."
[Nahul the bee cheers]
Child host: "All of them? All of them?"
Girl: "Yes."
Child host: "Good."
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Prisoner's son sings on PA TV: "Dad gave me a rifle and a machine gun as a gift... Defeat America and Israel" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Apr. 9, 2014
Official PA TV program Link in a Chain hosted the son of prisoner Rami Al-Ayleh

Son of prisoner Rami Al-Ayleh:
“Dad gave me a rifle and a machine gun as a gift.
When I’ll be very [big], I’ll join the liberation army.
The liberation army taught us how to defend our homeland.
Our homeland is dear, dear [to us].
[He is prompted from the background:] [We will] defeat, defeat America and Israel.”

Rami Al-Ayleh was sentenced to 17 years in prison.
Fatah cartoon calls for return to armed struggle 
Source: Facebook page of the Fatah Mobilization and Organization Commission, Mar. 11, 2014
Cartoon shows a small boy pulling the hand of a man who is carrying a rifle, dressed in a military uniform and wearing a traditional Palestinian headscarf. The child says to the armed man:
"We have missed you,
come back."
Fatah youth: We adhere to “all options” of struggle 
Source: Official website of Fatah's Mobilization and Organization Commission, fatehorg.ps, Mar. 10, 2014
     “Fatah’s Shabiba [youth] movement in the West Bank published a press release in response to the declarations made by the extreme right-wing Prime Minister of the occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu, demanding that President Mahmoud Abbas [publicly] declare his recognition of Israel as a Jewish state at Birzeit University…
Fatah’s Shabiba said that any solution failing to realize the aspirations of our people – a free and independent homeland without the occupation and its herds of settlers; the right of return for refugees according to the decisions of the international institutions and [UN] resolution 194; freedom for our prisoners and the right of our people to full sovereignty over its land and natural resources –would be completely unacceptable. It [Fatah’s Shabiba] called on the international community to take concrete and effective steps to strengthen and implement the decisions regarding the boycott of the occupation and the imposition of sanctions on it. In addition, it emphasized that [our people] should draw inspiration from the experience of South Africa in this area…
Fatah’s Shabiba concluded its message by underscoring its intention to continue the popular resistance in all arenas and its preparedness for all options. It [the movement] called the third generation of Palestinians, after the generation of the grandfathers and fathers, the generation of adherence to principles and resistance.”

For a longer version of the item and for a description of UN resolution 194, click "full article."
Schoolgirls sing slogan about massacre of Jews 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Mar. 6, 2014
Official PA TV program In a Fighter’s Home showed images of a procession of schoolgirls on their way to Mutaz Washaha’s mourning tent. The girls are shown chanting loudly, “[Remember] Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!”
During the program, Washaha was repeatedly referred to as a “hero.”

Note: Mutaz Washaha was a member of the military wing of the National Front for the Liberation of Palestine. He was released after serving time in an Israeli prison for carrying out shooting attacks. He was killed on Feb. 27, 2014 by an Israel security force that had been sent to arrest him on suspicions of terrorist activity. After Washaha had barricaded himself in a building and refused to give himself up, the forces fired a missile at the building, stormed it, and found Washaha’s body.
Khaibar is the name of the last Jewish village defeated by Muhammad's army in 628. Many Jews were killed in the battle, which marked the end of the Jewish presence in Arabia. There are Muslims who see this event as a precursor to future wars against Jews. At extremist gatherings and rallies, this slogan is often chanted as a threat to Jews, implying that they should expect to be defeated and massacred again by Muslims.
Secretary-General of Fatah youth movement: "It’s our right... to resist in all forms and ways" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Jan. 1, 2014
PA TV program Palestine This Morning episode about the 49th anniversary of the launch of the Palestinian revolution. The program hosted the Secretary-General of Fatah’s Shabiba youth movement, Hassan Faraj.
PA TV host: “Peaceful popular resistance, standing firm on the land –these are the headlines of the time, if one may say so – because there aren’t many options.”
Secretary-General of Fatah’s Shabiba youth movement Hassan Faraj: “We disagree with the leadership somewhat on the issue of peaceful popular resistance. It’s our right, the [right of the] Palestinian people under occupation, to resist in all forms and ways. Perhaps, non-peaceful popular resistance is suitable for this stage. All our resistance is peaceful and in the end, we’re protecting ourselves. All international laws guarantee our [right] to resist with all means and ways. A small boy holding a stone who expresses his anger - this isn’t called violent popular resistance.”
Youth on PA TV: "Fatah taught us what struggle is, what the rifle is, while Fatah alone raised the rifle... that is why I [belong to] Fatah.” 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Dec. 29, 2013
Official PA TV broadcast a filler marking the anniversary of the establishment of Fatah.
The clip shows footage of armed fighters and various people talking about the movement.

Unidentified youth: “I was raised on Fatah. We were taught to love Fatah. Fatah taught us what struggle is, what the rifle is, while Fatah alone raised the rifle; [Fatah] taught us respect, [taught us] what Martyrs (Shahids) are, what prisoners are, what wounded are, that is why I [belong to] Fatah.”
Fatah Facebook promotes “armed struggle” with picture of child holding rifle 
Source: Facebook page of the Fatah Mobilization and Organization Commission, Dec. 28, 2013
Writing on photo and text: “The National Liberation Movement, Fatah, the torch of the armed struggle”
Fatah's official Facebook page promotes violence for children 
Source: Facebook, Fatah - The Main Page, Dec. 24, 2013
Text: "Today's lion cubs (i.e., name for boys belonging to Fatah's youth organization) are the leaders of the future."
Palestinian youth view terrorist bomb-maker as role model  
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Dec. 9, 2013
PA TV host: "What do you know about Shadia Abu Ghazaleh, you study in a school named after her?"
Girl 1: "I know she is a Martyr and that she had an important role. She fought. The school is named after her to commemorate her and memorialize her and encourage people to be like her."
Girl 2: "Shadia Abu Ghazaleh is a model of the patriotic woman who stood with the men against Zion..."
Girl 3: "We're happy that our school is named after a very well-known Martyr, who played a role and who did something great in the homeland. Shadia Abu Ghazaleh was a prominent fighter. She was one of the Palestinian people's first fighters."
Girl 4: "She was a model of the wonderful female Palestinian fighter. We follow her path in this school."
Sign on school wall: "The Palestinian National Authority, The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, The Northern Gaza Education Administration, The Shadia Abu Ghazaleh High School for Girls"
Mural and biography of Al-Ghazaleh on school wall: [Excerpt:] "Shadia Abu Ghazaleh... participated in the operation (i.e., terror attack) that blew up a bus. She was at home preparing a bomb in order to detonate it in an Israeli building in Tel Aviv but it exploded in her hands and she died a Martyr."
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Note: For descriptions of the terrorists, click "full article" below.
Hamas TV: Cuddly bee teaches children to go with the gun, not negotiations 
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Nov. 29, 2013
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) children's program Tomorrow's Pioneers.
Child host Lin: “Negotiation, Nahul, means that we and the Zionists will become friends. It means we’ll forgive them for the blood of all the Martyrs who died.”
Nahul the bee: “Impossible.”
Child host Lin: “It means that Jerusalem, half will be for us and half for them. And of course this is only if they agree.”
Nahul the bee: “You mean, Lin, that a Jew will come and pray next to me and I’ll pray with him? No. That’s impossible.”
Child host Lin: “Negotiation means that we stop the Jihad fighters, torture them and kill them. It means that 90% of Palestine, which is our land, will be the Jews’ and not ours.”
Nahul the bee: “No. I don’t agree. Impossible.”
Child host Lin: “Are you with them or with the resistance?”
Nahul the bee: “Am I with the negotiation or with the resistance?”
Child host Lin: “Yes.”
Nahul the bee: “Lin, I’m with the bang bang (indicates a gun with his hands). But don’t tell anyone.”
Child host Lin: “Meaning with whom? The resistance?”
Nahul the bee: “Bravo. Applause for Lin.”
Child host Lin: “Well done Nahul.”

For the complete transcript, click "full article."
Hamas promotes class for high school students teaching military-type training 
Source: Al-Jadeed TV-Lebanon, Nov. 24, 2013
Al-Jadeed TV narrator: “The Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari High School bell rings for the valor class. Valor class is the name given by the [Hamas] Ministry of Education for this new subject of study that was added to high school activities. The program includes physical training and learning methods of self-defense, methods of civil defense and semi-military skills.”
Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari High School principal, Khaled Hashish: “This is physical training that is akin to military training but has nothing to do with the army. Our schools are not associated with the army even if this training exists, [training] which teaches the youth to be strong, noble of spirit, work hard and be active.”
Al-Jadeed TV narrator: “The Ministry of Education of the Hamas Movement says this program started during President Yasser Arafat’s time but was not implemented due to Israeli opposition. This is the second year of the implementation of the program that started out as an elective [class] and became mandatory.”
Al-Jadeed TV reporter or narrator: “The valor class program, which has become a daily activity for all students in boys’ high schools, is carried out with coordination between the [Hamas] Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Interior. According to them, its purpose is to vent the negative energy that builds up in these youth because of the violence that surrounds them... Those in charge of the program deny they are attempting to turn the schools into military [schools] as circulated by Western and Israeli media. The matter is much simpler and the weapons with which the students train is merely made of wood.”

Posted on YouTube Nov. 24, 2013
Senior PA leader Rajoub posts picture of himself with child holding rifle 
Source: Jibril Rajoub's official Facebook page, Nov. 11, 2013
Deputy-Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee Jibril Rajoub posted this picture on his official Facebook page.
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