Making a Difference

     PMW representatives have been invited to give testimony and present findings about Palestinian society, politics and ideologies in government, academic, and media frameworks. This includes hearings, lectures and briefings to members of US Congress and Senate, the Canadian, British, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Australian Parliaments, and members of European Parliament. PMW representatives have lectured at conferences and at universities in the US, Canada, France, England, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Philippians, and others, and to senior security officials around from the world. PMW has given analysis on CNN, FOX News, BBC, and the full range of world TV news and video documentaries.

JPost: FIFA investigating Rajoub based on PMW complaint and evidence 

After PMW submitted numerous complaints and letters to FIFA regarding terror support and other violations by PA leader and head of Palestinian Football Association Jibril Rajoub (June 12, 2019) 

PMW director responds to Israel declaring Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV a terror organization  

"'Declaring Al-Asqa TV a terror organization is a precise labeling,' said Itamar Marcus, director of PMW."  

PMW impact: Swedish and Norwegian MPs to seek funding cuts to PA 

Following PMW's director's recent briefings before MPs and government officials in Norway and Sweden, MPs from both countries said they would seek changes in their governments' funding to the PA. (Feb. 20, 2019) 

PA Ministry of Information tracks PMW releases to protect Fatah's Facebook page from closure 

Fatah's page has received three warnings from Facebook, and there are fears that Facebook might close the page. (Feb. 17, 2019) 

PMW Report Reveals PA Paid Nis 230 Million To Families Of Dead Terrorists 

"The PA is paying no less than NIS 732 million in financial rewards to terrorists and their relatives, a PMW report revealed." 

PMW Report on Fatah`s Facebook in 2018: PMW called on FB to close terror supporting account 

“We strongly request that Facebook immediately close and delete Fatah’s Facebook page and ensure that no similar page is reopened." 

Father of terror victim praises PMW as a “uniquely worthwhile organization” 

"By exposing the PA leaders’ true words, PMW has affected U.S. and European policy towards the PA... PMW is a uniquely worthwhile organization."  

PMW salary posters featured at protest against Abbas assuming chairmanship of UN bloc 

PMW's salary posters were featured at the protesr. 

Following PMW lecture, Dutch parliament passes motion to cut funding to PA 

Just three weeks after PMW Director Itamar Marcus spoke to Dutch MPs in November, the Dutch Parliament voted 94-56 to cut 7% of Dutch funding to the PA. (Dec. 17, 2018) 

PMW director briefs Canadian MPs on PA hate education 

"Informing parliamentarians about the reality of Palestinian culture is a first step to driving action, according to [PMW Director] Marcus." 

Dutch MPs call to cut PA funding, following PMW and terror survivor’s lectures 

PMW director Itamar Marcus and Kay Wilson, a survivor of a brutal terror attack, addressed members of Dutch Parliament. (Nov. 8, 2018) 

Jpost: PMW director to address Dutch MPs at the Hauge on PA's "Pay-for-slay" policy 

"PMW director Itamar Marcus will address Dutch parliament members at the Hague on Wednesday, in an effort to persuade European countries to end funding for the PA that goes to terrorists and their families." 

Official PA op-ed threatens Israeli minister, PMW asked to pass on warning 

Message PMW was asked to deliver to Israeli Minister for Public Security Gilad Erdan addresses all Israelis and ends with a warning from the Quran. (Oct. 9, 2018) 

PMW asks the US to deny Abbas entry for UN speech 

PMW sent a letter last week to the US Secretary of State asking that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas be denied entry to the US for the UN session this week due to his direct responsibility for paying salaries to terrorists.  

American terror victims appeal to Pres. Trump after PMW’s letter to State Department asking Abbas to be banned from entering the US for UN GA was rejected 

"The letter to Trump and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman was organized by the families after the State Department rejected a similar overture to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by Palestinian Media Watch last week." 

Belgium cuts PA funding based on PMW report  

In response to PMW's report that the Palestinian Authority had named two schools after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, Belgium reacted promptly by severing all financial support to the PA Ministry of Education. (Sept. 20, 2018) 

PMW sends letter to Israeli Defense Ministry asking why anti-Pay-To-Slay law hasn’t been implemented 

"The Defense Ministry... received a letter last week from Palestinian Media Watch complaining that the Pay for Slay Law has not been applied to payments made in 2017. PMW director Itamar Marcus suggested that implementing the law could have discouraged Fuld’s murderer." 

PA: PMW caused PA leader Rajoub’s suspension from FIFA 

PA condemns FIFA for suspending Jibril Rajoub, "based on the claims of an Israeli organization... Palestinian Media Watch." (Aug. 26, 2018) 

Australian senator “shocked” by Antisemitism in PA media, following meeting with PMW director 

"Australian Senator Amanda Stoker… was shocked by the Antisemitism and incitement she witnessed in the Palestinian media, which was exposed to her in a meeting with the director of PMWItamar Marcus." 

Terror victim’s father calls PMW “invaluable” 

"Here is the text of the statement by PA Government Spokesman Yusuf Al-Mahmoud... made available by the invaluable Palestinian Media Watch." 

PA TV verbally attacks PMW: "PMW is an extremist Zionist NGO with teams that work around the clock"  

PA TV rebroadcast a translated feature story from Israeli TV about PMW and its international impact, as "proof" that PMW is running "propaganda campaigns against the Palestinian leadership." (July 20, 2018) 

Father of terror victim praises PMW’s “meticulous” documentation of PA salaries to terrorists 

"For years now – as meticulously documented by Itamar Marcus and PMW – the PA has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in monthly stipends to perpetrators of atrocities." 

Israeli MPs thank PMW as Israel passes law to deduct terror money from the PA 

MP Avi Dichter, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee: "Palestinian Media Watch provided us with authentic data that enabled productive and professional deliberations, nuances that are very difficult to achieve without precise data." (July 3, 2018)  

Following PMW lecture to Australian MPs, Australia ceases aid to PA over salaries to terrorists 

"In a statement, [Foreign Minister] Bishop expressed concern that providing further aid would allow the PA to use the funds for activities that 'Australia would never support.'"  

PMW participates in parliamentary committee as Israeli “pay-to-slay” bill passes through 

"Representatives of Palestinian Media Watch told the committee that during the week in which the legislation was postponed, the amount the PA gave terrorists and their families was more than 23 million shekels." 

Israeli Minister of Public Security adopts PMW complaint, requests Attorney General open police investigation against PA leader Rajoub 

"Public Security minister: Palestinian Media Watch supplied evidence of his clear incitement to murder" 

Minister of Public Security adopts PMW complaint to police against PA leader Rajoub 

PMW submitted a complaint to Israeli police in March against Palestinian leader Jibril Rajoub for incitement to murder during the 2015 - 2016 Palestinian terror wave. (June 20, 2018) 

Far-reaching PMW achievement in Israeli Parliament today 

Palestinian Media Watch has been working with the Knesset committee in all of its deliberations about this legislation. (June 11, 2018) 

Israeli version of Taylor Force Act heads to final vote, with PMW’s input 

"Maurice Hirsch, current head of Legal Strategies for PMW, suggested that, if flexibility is necessary in order for the law it pass, any freezing of the deductions would require approval from the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee..." 

PMW findings basis for Israeli terror victims’ call for police to investigate PA official  

"According to Almagor, Rajoub appears in Israeli media outlets as a supporter of peace, but Palestinian Media Watch released a video showing the PA official inciting terror." 

PMW sends complaint to FIFA over Palestinian Football Association head’s politicization of the game and support for terror 

In response, the pro-Israel monitoring group PMW has written to Gianni Infantino, with a copy to the Argentinians... accusing Rajoub and the PFA of trying to “continue in their attempts to politicize football." 

PMW’s “damning” report cited as proof of Palestinian football head’s terror support  

"[A] damning report on Rajoub’s activities issued by the Israeli NGO PMW in 2016 emphasized his defiance of the 'fundamental Olympic goal to use sports as a bridge to peace' by naming sporting competitions in honor of Palestinian terrorists." 

PMW posters of terrorists and their PA salaries distributed to Israeli MPs at committee hearing 

PMW was invited to the Israeli parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defense committee once again last week. (May 23, 2018) 

PMW participates in parliamentary committee discussing Israeli version of Taylor Force Act 

"Maurice Hirsch, current head of Legal Strategies for Palestinian Media Watch, also argued that the Defense Ministry bill would be ineffective." 

PMW director interviewed by JNS prior to committee hearing on Israeli equivalent to Taylor Force Act 

Itamar Marcus, founder of PMW, an Israeli nongovernmental organization (NGO) that monitors payments made by the P.A. to terrorists and their families told JNS that “the waiver makes the law completely ineffective.” 

14 Members of Congress call to stop aid to PA, citing PMW documentation 

Following PMW's report, 14 members of US Congress sent a letter to the Secretary of State citing the documentation in PMW's report, and concluding: "... we urge you to immediately suspend all aid payments to the Palestinian Authority." (May 3, 2018) 

Article in JNS highlights PMW's efforts in Israeli Parliament against PA terror salaries 

"Much of the work to uncover the advanced payment schemes and to inform government officials in Israel, the US and in the EU has been organized and researched by Palestinian Media Watch." 

Israeli PM spokesman for Arab Media uses PMW findings to attack Hamas on social media 

"Even PA President Abbas’ senior advisor and Chief Sharia Judge says that Hamas is intentionally sending Palestinians in Gaza to go and die... via @palwatch." 

US and Israeli leaders respond to PMW report on PA 2018 budget calling to cut funding to PA 

US and Israeli leaders have responded to PMW's report with calls to cut funding to the PA.  

PMW Exclusive: PA publishes new budget; continues to defy US and Europe by rewarding terror 

The PA has 2 budget categories rewarding terror; together they equal 44% of anticipated foreign aid. (March 28, 2018) 

Jer. Post: PMW and bereaved families submit complaint to police against Palestinian leader Jibril Rajoub 

Yesterday, Palestinian Media Watch and three bereaved families submitted a complaint to the police against Palestinian leader Jibril Rajoub. (Mar. 9, 2018) 

PMW and bereaved families submit complaint to Israeli police against Palestinian leader Rajoub  

"Several bereaved families and Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli NGO, plan to report senior PA official Jibril Rajoub to the police on Thursday for alleged incitement to murder Israelis." 

PMW in Knesset says government should arrest PA leaders who incited murder 

Palestinian Media Watch made a presentation at the Knesset, at the invitation of the "Lobby for Promoting Recognition of Israel's Victory." 

Following PMW reports, families of terror victims challenge Palestinian universities' ties to student group named after a terrorist 

"The PA has also named schools, summer camps and sports tournaments after Mughrabi, according to reports compiled by Palestinian Media Watch." 

Israel Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee approves pending legislation based on PMW findings 

"The committee accepted a proposal from lawyer Maurice Hirsch... who today represents the NGO PMW — to take into account not only direct payments to terrorists and their families from the PA, but also from any other body acting on its behalf." 

UK MPs use PMW material to defend Israel 

Just two weeks after British MPs met with the Head of PMW’s Legal Department Maurice Hirsch, the MPs were actively using PMW's material in Parliament to defend Israel. 

PA attacks PMW for "wild incitement campaign"  

following PMW’s repeated exposure of incitement to violence on official PA radio, the Palestinian Authority has reopened its verbal attacks on Palestinian Media Watch. (Jan. 28, 2018)  

PMW's Role in Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Salaries to Terrorist Prisoners 

Palestinian Media Watch played an active role in the hearing last week in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of Israel’s parliament discussing legislation to deduct from the tax revenues that Israel transfers to the PA, the amount the PA pays in funding to terrorists and their families. (Jan. 14, 2018) 

PMW plays active role in Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on salaries to terrorist prisoners 

PMW played an active role in a recent hearing in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of Israel's parliament discussing legislation to deduct from the tax revenues that Israel transfers to the PA. 

PMW report spurs Denmark to cut funding to PA NGOs 

PMW is changing European attitudes one country at a time.  

PMW report sparks confrontation between Israeli PM's spokesperson and Fatah on social media  

Israeli Prime Minister's spokesman tweeted PMW's report that the PA is promoting suicide bombings. Fatah responded on its FB page. 

Belgium responds to PMW bulletin: Belgian funding to PA schools still suspended  

"Belgium is upholding its commitment to suspend construction projects with the Palestinian Ministry of Education, a spokesperson for Brussels told The Algemeiner after a Belgian official was spotted at the inauguration of a new Palestinian school[, reported by PMW]." 

PMW submits complaint to FIFA on Palestinian Football Association head's use of Nazi comparision to refer to Israel  

"In their letter to FIFA, Palestinian Media Watch cited comments made by Rajoub at the October 29 media briefing in which, PMW claims, the PFA leader accused Israel of having a 'fascist governmental plan… that is typical of Nazism.'” 

Diplomats and leaders condemn PA naming statue after Saddam Hussein, exposed by PMW 

"According to Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, there is also a 'Saddam Hussein Square' in both Jenin and the PA’s de facto capital of Ramallah..." 

PMW changing the media narrative on Israel 

"Itamar Marcus, founder of Palestinian Media Watch—a group that monitors Arabic-language messaging within Palestinian television, print media and school textbooks—gave a lengthy presentation." 

Belgian and PA officials to meet over suspension of funding school renamed after terrorist that PMW exposed 

"According to PMW, a Jerusalem-based NGO which first exposed the case, the PA Ministry of Education expressed 'great sorrow' over Belgium's freeze." 

Following PMW report, Belgium freezes funding of PA schools 

"The Belgian government is suspending any efforts to construct or furnish Palestinian schools, after one built with Brussels’ aid was renamed in honor of a mass-murdering terrorist... which was first identified by the monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch." 

Australian MP: PMW presentation exposes PA’s deceit 

"In one of my visits to Israel many years ago, we were given a briefing about the activities of Palestinian [Media] Watch, which was particularly scrutinizing Palestinian media..." 

Following PMW report, Norway refunded by terror-glorifying Palestinian youth center  

"Members of Congress and Jewish leaders are urging the U.S. to follow in Norway’s footsteps, after Oslo secured the return of funds it gave to a Palestinian women’s center that was named in honor of a terrorist [exposed by PMW]." 

PMW presents findings in seminar on Capitol Hill 

"I had the pleasure to walk Itamar Marcus, founder and president of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), from Union Station to the Rayburn House Office Building where he would give a presentation on the recent wave of Palestinian terrorism... on Capitol Hill." 

PMW presentation explains the conflict 

"Palestinian Media Watch documents what the PA teaches adults and children. Messages for Palestinians differ from those for foreign consumption." 

Following PMW reports, British MP demands immediate Palestinian cessation of “incitement surrounding Temple Mount” 

"Dear Prime Minister... I would like to bring your attention to the following examples which have been provided by Palestinian Media Watch." 

Following PMW exposure, US Jewish leaders condemn PA policy of salaries to terrorists 

"PMW on Tuesday exposed Abbas's pledge [to never cease payments to imprisoned terrorists] which was made on the official Facebook page of his Fatah movement." 

Responding to PMW bulletin, mayor of Ma’alot condemns the PA  

“I was angered and shocked by the [PMW] report that the Palestinian Authority recently inaugurated a square and monument named after terrorist murderer Khaled Nazzal… I turn to you with a request to act to remove the monument” 

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu tweets about PMW bulletin 

PM Netanyahu tweeted: "Naming yet another public square for a mass murderer teaches Palestinian youngsters to murder Israelis. That’s the very opposite of peace." 

Denmark follows Norway in condemning Palestinian youth center named after a terrorist that PMW exposed  

"Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli monitoring organization, was the first to alert Denmark that the purpose of the center was to promote a terrorist as a hero." 

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister tells Israeli radio: "Go to the wonderful website of Palestinian Media Watch – PMW. They are doing holy work"  

"Go to the wonderful website of Itamar Marcus - Palestinian Media Watch, PMW. They are doing holy work." 

Norway, UN, Denmark all act on PMW report, and demand Palestinian center return donor money 

After PMW reported that a Palestinian youth center built with Norwegian and UN money was named after terrorist murderer Dalal Mughrabi, Norway condemned it and demanded their money be returned. The UN and Denmark followed shortly afterwards.  

Following PMW exposure, UN Sec-Gen cuts support for women’s center named after terrorist who led murder of 37 

"Palestinian Media Watch first brought attention to the naming of the women’s center." 

Following PMW report, Norway demands return of funding for youth center named after terrorist 

"Acting immediately on a report issued Friday by PMW, Norway demanded that the Palestinian Authority (PA) return Norwegian state funding for a women’s youth center named after female Palestinian terrorist Dalal Mughrabi." 

Israeli Prime Minister's Office uses PMW material in video 

THe video features several stills taken from PMW's website. 

Families of terror victims join PMW complaint to FIFA against Rajoub 

"The detailed complaint, based on evidence gathered by Palestinian Media Watch and signed by dozens of bereaved family members, charged that the PFA and Rajoub glorify terrorists." 

Following PMW initiative, German lawmakers send letter to FIFA head urging to reject terror supporter Rajoub’s attempt to ban Israel  

"A cross-party group of German parliamentary deputies sent a letter to the head of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA)... urging him to reject a Palestinian campaign to oust Israel from the sport’s organization." 

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweets PMW bulletin 

"There seems to be only one thing uniting these Palestinian factions - non-recognition & hatred of Israel." 

Israeli Prime Minister's Office uses 5 PMW clips in video combating PA incitement 

"For peace to come, this must stop. Source: Palestinian Media Watch" 

Following PMW efforts, terror supporter Rajoub confronted with his own words at NY event  

"Jibril Rajoub, secretary of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s central committee... was asked many times to renounce recent statements [exposed by PMW, Ed.] praising terrorists for their murder of Israeli Jews. Each time, he dodged the question." 

UK government urged to take action on PA education, following release of PMW education report  

"The government has been urged to step up pressure on the PA over funding pledges after it emerged that more than 20 Palestinian schools... are named after terrorists or Nazi collaborators."  

PMW exposé leads Germany to cancel major sports deal with PA 

The German Olympic Sports Federation is cancelling a recently-announced 400,000 Euro partnership with the Palestinian Football Association because of evidence publicized by PMW. 

PMW report prompts Wiesenthal Center's condemnation of German-Palestinian sports agreement 

The Simon Wiesenthal Center urges Angela Merkel to "suspend this unthinkable agreement," based on PMW's report. 

Former Australian PM cites PMW material in call to cut $43.6 million aid to the PA while it pays salaries to terrorists 

"PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah claimed that his people accepted Israel’s right to exist behind secure borders; but this is hard to credit given Palestinian TV’s consistent glorification of suicide bombers, reference to Jews as the ‘sons of monkeys and pigs’ and claims that the state of Israel is a ‘satanic project.’" 

Australian MP: PMW presentations explain Palestinian youth violence 

"Anyone in this parliament who has been to the many sessions of Palestinian Media Watch that have taken place here over the last 15 years has seen some of the appalling material on television in that area." 

Columbia University Students: “It was important to bring Palestinian Media Watch” to give context to Israeli-Palestinian conflict  

"It was important to bring Palestinian Media Watch and Reservists on Duty to come and give that context and story to people." 

UK freezes £25 million in aid to the PA in response to PMW reports 

PMW's report "The PA's Billion Dollar Fraud" led to public debate in the UK, which culminated in the UK freezing aid to the PA pending an investigation.  

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu cites PMW findings in speech to UN General Assembly 

At the 71st session, Netanyahu cited 10 examples supplied by PMW to show how Palestinian youth are incited to commit terror by their leadership. 

UK MP acts against Fatah official Jibril Rajoub following PMW report 

British MP Joan Ryan (Labour) requested that the British Secretary of State prohibit the entry of Fatah leader Jibril Rajoub into Britain, as a result of PMW’s report “The Jibril Rajoub File.”  

Israeli legislation triggered by PMW report 

Israeli Parliament empowered the Parliament to expel MPs who support terror after PMW exposed that three Arab MPs had honored terrorists. 

Netanyahu cites PMW findings in video message to Abbas 

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a public video appeal to PA Chairman Abbas to join Netanyahu's efforts to achieve peace. The video cited examples of terror support by PA and Fatah leaders, all of which were exposed by PMW. 

PMW report leads to Senate bill limiting funding to PA and PLO 

The Senate is acting to shut a loophole that allows Palestinian leadership to use US aid dollars to provide monthly stipends to people convicted by Israel of murder or terrorism... In recent years, the Palestinian Authority has transferred its stipend program to Palestine Liberation Organization control, which has allowed the program to continue unsanctioned (as exposed by Palestinian Media Watch in its report The PA's Billion Dollar Fraud – Ed.) 

UK MPs cite PMW's findings on PA misuse of UK funding during parliamentary debate on UK foreign aid 

Jim Shannon MP, Democratic Union Party MP: “All the Minister has to do is turn on his computer and visit www.palwatch.org and see for himself that the Palestinian Authority is misusing the funds that’s given to it by Britain.”  

Following PMW’s findings on PA salaries to terrorists, British government reviewing UK aid to Palestinians 

"The UK government has launched a review into its funding of the Palestinian territories. The decision to look at how British taxpayers' money is being spent... came after it was alleged that funds were going towards incitement projects and the payment of so-called 'salaries' to convicted Palestinian terrorists by the PA [based on PMW findings]." 

PMW report triggers Dutch Parliament to pass motion demanding PA to stop salaries to terrorists 

Dutch Parliament passed a motion demanding "that there be financial consequences" across Europe if the PA continues funding salaries to terrorists. 

Terror victim’s son cites PMW material in Wall Street Journal article on PA hate promotion 

Son of terror victim Richard Lakin: "As long as Palestinian leaders nurture a culture of hate, encouraging school children to go out and kill, more violence is inevitable. By encouraging hatred, they distance all of us from the love and belief in peaceful coexistence for which my father stood." 

Danish MPs question FM about PA paying terrorists’ salaries, prompted by two PMW reports 

Excerpts from Open Council with Foreign Minister of Denmark Karsten Jensen in the Foreign Affairs Committee of Danish Parliament, May 17, 2016 

Israel thanks Norway for protesting PA payments to terrorists, following "explosive" PMW report 

"Israel thanks Norway after its FM grills Abbas on PA's terrorist salaries using foreign funds, following explosive PMW report." 

Danish parliament to question foreign minister about PMW report 

"Council question to the foreign minister: Would the minister comment on the examples of Fatah leaders’ incitement and glorification of terror attacks against Israel, as documented in the report from Palestinian Media Watch entitled Fatah Promotes Terror?" 

Dutch political parties want to stop PA funding following PMW report 

“A large part of [Dutch] Parliament wants the Netherlands and the European Union to no longer help pay funds to the Palestinian Authority’s salary payments to Palestinian terrorists. A recently published [PMW] report says that Palestinian leader Abbas himself admits that these payments are still being made."  

Norwegian Foreign Minister responds to MP's questions about PMW's report on salaries to terrorists 

Norwegian Foreign Minister responds to MP's questions about PMW's report on salaries to terrorists 

Cuts to aid for the Palestinians discussed by Norwegian MPs, following release of PMW's report 

"The second question [Foreign Minister] Brende must answer deals with education [promoting] hatred of Jews in the Palestinian education system, and is based on another report by Palestinian Media Watch." 

Abbas confirms main charge of PMW's new report - that the PA is still paying salaries to terrorists - in meeting with Norwegian Foreign Minister 

Abbas confirmed PMW's report that the PA is still paying imprisioned terrorists' salaries when confronted by the Norwegian Foriegn Minister. 

Israeli Ambassador to Norway responds to “prisoners’ salaries issue” exposed by PMW 

Israel's Ambassador to Norway responds to statements by the Norwegian FM on "prisoners' salaries issue" exposed by PMW 

PMW's report about PA salaries to terrorists leads to debate in Norwegian Parliament 

PMW presented a report on PA salaries to terrorists led to a debate in Norwegian Parliament. 

Norwegian Foreign Minister responds to questions about Norwegian funding to the PA going to terrorists’ salaries  

The Norwegian FM responded to Norwegian TV's segemnt on PMW's report 

PMW report on PA salaries to terrorists debated in Norway. Norway’s Foreign Ministry knows the PA still pays salaries, MPs object 

"[Itamar Marcus] heads Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli organization on the right that monitors Palestinian media. Palestinian Media Watch claims in a report that the PLO is only a cover to appease Norway and other donor countries and that the PA continues to pay money to terrorists in prison." 

PMW submits report on PA hate education to Norwegian Foreign Ministry 

"[PMW's director] is coming to Norway on Friday to attend the With Israel For Peace (MIFF)’s European Israel conference, but also to present the report 'PA Education: A Recipe for Hatred and Terror' to Norwegian authorities." 

PMW salary report leads Congressman to condemn PA salary rewards to terrorists 

Congressman Ed Royce: "For some years now you have a system [in the PA] where basically there's been an inducement to pay human assassins to seek out innocent people and kill them... This is a very perverse creation. Unbelievably perverse." 

Petition calls on UK to stop sending aid to PA and by extension to terrorists, based on PMW material 

"As recently reported by the Daily Mail and regularly exposed by Palestinian Media Watch, any Palestinian that is convicted of ‘resistance’ against Israel is automatically granted an official salary. Stabbing a mother to death? Shooting civilians in a bus? Orchestrating a suicide bombing? Any and all of these crimes will result in the perpetrator being officially rewarded by the PA." 

Israel's Ambassador to Sweden stands behind PMW after Swedish journalist slanders PMW director Itamar Marcus 

The Israeli Ambassador to Sweden defended PMW's director after he had been slandered by a Swedish newspaper: "Marcus heads an internationally very respected NGO that monitors incitement and education for hatred under the Palestinian Authority – an unfortunately rampant phenomenon and the most serious obstacle to peace imaginable but hardly covered at all in Sweden" 

PMW lecture to MPs is basis for debate in Swedish parliament challenging Swedish foreign aid to the PA 

MP Oscarsson: "Antisemitic statements and incitement to violence by Palestinian leaders are documented by Palestinian Media Watch. Unfortunately, there you can find new examples of such statements every day." 

Israeli Prime Minister's Office uses PMW material to combat Palestinian terror promotion 

Israeli Prime Minister's Office posted a video using PMW material to combat Palestinian terror promotion. 

Following PMW presentation, British Labour MP attacks UK funding of PA  

Fllowing PMW's presentation to British MP's, British Labour MP Joan Ryan attacked UK financiel support to the PA: "British taxpayers’ money cannot be used to provide a 'blank cheque' to the Palestinian Authority, a Labour MP has said... She was 'disturbed' that the PA was glorifying terrorists in its schools and that its official television station propagated antisemitism."  

Israeli paper Ma’ariv on PMW’s exposure of Israeli Arab MP’s support for Palestinian terror 

“PMW exposes that Balad MP of the Joint [Arab] List Basel Ghattas, who was suspended from [Israeli] parliament this week for four months due to his meeting with families of terrorist murderers, and calling them Martyrs (Shahids)."  

JPost: PMW presentation to Swedish MPs to lead to parliamentary debate 

"[Swedish MPs] were addressed by Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch... MP Margareta Cederfeldt (Moderate Party) said that "the incitement in the Palestinian schools is appalling and shocking..." 

Swedish MPs “shocked” by PMW briefing on Palestinian incitement, will confront Swedish Foreign Minister, suggest aid depend on end of incitement 

[PMW Director Itamar] Marcus said in a conversation with NRG that 'The general message that I want to present here in Sweden is that the main reason that we have so many young [Palestinian] terrorists in recent months is because the average Palestinian child is surrounded from a young age by incitement and lies that he cannot distinguish them [from reality]. Palestinian children grow up on the fact that terrorists are heroes and role models.' 

PMW report on PA Antisemitism in 2015 released in European Parliament 

PMW released in European Parliament a report on PA Antisemitism in 2015 that documents that the Palestinian Authority continued to emit overtly Antisemitic messages throughout 2015.  

PMW findings used to confront PA officials 

A delegation of Australian and British politicians visiting Israel and the Palestinian Authority used Palestinian Media Watch's findings to challenge and question PA officials. 

32 Congress members cite PMW documentation to demand that Sec. of State Kerry close PLO office in Washington 

"Dear Secretary Kerry... The spike in violence in Israel is directly connected to the Palestinian government’s teaching of hate and glorification of terrorism. Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported that the PLO funds terrorism by paying 'salaries' to Palestinians who are put in Israeli jails as a way of rewarding and incentivizing terror attacks... We ask that the State Department revoke the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s waiver to maintain an office in the United States." 

PMW reports lead to second arrest of Antisemitic preacher from the Al-Aqsa ‎Mosque 

Israeli TV 1 reporter: “Last night, he [Khaled Al-Mughrabi was arrested in his home in the Old City [of ‎Jerusalem] as a result of sermons he has given at the Temple Mount that incite against ‎Israel and the Jews... This wild incitement was already exposed several months ago ‎by the research institute Palestinian Media Watch." 

PMW report on PA education presented to Israeli Parliament 

PMW's director Itamar Marcus appeared before the Education Committee of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) to present PMW's report on Palestinian Authority Education. 

US Congress freezes $80 million in aid to PA following hearing in which former senior White House official used PMW documentation  

"The background to the current wave of violence is the pattern of glorification of terrorists. Here is ‎perhaps the best, meaning the worst, example, from Palestinian Media Watch: Dalal Mughrabi led the most deadly terror attack in Israel's history. 37 civilians, 12 of them ‎children, were killed in her 1978 bus hijacking. The Palestinian Authority has turned this ‎terrorist into a celebrated hero and role model, as schools, summer camps, and sports ‎tournaments are all named after her." 

Israeli Dep. Foreign Minister Hotovely ‎uses PMW to show PA responsible for October 2015 terror wave 

The latest surge of Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis has come in the immediate ‎wake of explicit calls by the Palestinian leadership to 'spill blood.' [As documented by PMW,] this well-orchestrated campaign of violence follows many years in which Palestinian ‎children have been taught to idolize the murder of Jews as a sacred value and to ‎regard their own death in this “jihad” as the pinnacle of their aspirations.‎"  

Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs mentions meeting with PMW on Israeli radio 

Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign AffairsTzipi Hotovely: "Just yesterday [Oct. 7, 2015], I hosted a conference in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the topic of incitement. The head of Palestinian Media Watch [Itamar Marcus] came, who systematically follows – I want to emphasize - only the incitement of the Palestinian Authority (PA)..." 

Ban Ki-Moon criticizes Abbas for incitement following PMW exposure 

"United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told PA President Mahmoud Abbas that he worried Abbas’s recent incitement would lead to more confrontations in Jerusalem... 'The Al-Aqsa [Mosque] is ours… and they have no right to defile it with their filthy feet. We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem,' Abbas said in a speech translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)." 

Netanyahu's office confirms PMW findings - PA behind surge in violence against Jews 

"When asked whether the Israeli government concurs with [PMW's] assessment that violence is being encouraged by the Palestinian leadership, an official in the Prime Minister’s Office readily referred to the following statements Netanyahu made on this very issue... 'This incitement comes from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Movement in Israel, Hamas, and – to our chagrin – with the active participation of the Palestinian Authority.'" 

Following PMW report, Norwegian councilman proposes cancelling sister city ties with Nablus 

PMW reported that a square in Nablus was named after terrorist Naif Abu Sharakh, who was involved in a double suicide bombing that killed 23. 

Antisemitic teacher of Islam arrested after PMW supplies recordings to police 

"Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi's arrest came after an extended investigation in which the Palestinian Media Watch NGO supplied police with multiple videos of his sermons." 

Netanyahu cites PMW-exposed terror glorification ‎ 

Netanyahu: "We are determined to vigorously fight manifestations of hate, fanaticism and terrorism from ‎whatever side... This is what distinguishes us from our neighbors.‎.. They name public squares after the murderers of children. This distinction cannot be ‎blurred or covered up." ‎ 

Gatestone Institute on combating anti-Israel boycotts praises PMW 

"So far, official Israel has done little in this regard [combating BDS], although Prime Minister Netanyahu's personal intervention was significant in respect of both Orange and FIFA. Rather, the burden has been carried by a number of hard-working private initiatives, such as ...Palestinian Media Watch." 

MPs challenge UK Secretary of State on PA misuse of foreign aid, based on PMW documentation 

"During a hearing at the British Parliament... MP Howell expressed concern about the Palestinian Authority awarding salaries to prisoners serving terror sentences (exposed by PMW), asking MP Desmond Swayne, a Minister at the DFID, if he’s 'aware of reports that the Palestinian Authority continues to pay convicted terrorists, and will he investigate whether UK payments are being used for that purpose?'" 

US House Resolution against PA incitement based on PMW documentation 

"House Resolution 293 - Expressing concern over anti-Israel and ‎anti-Semitic incitement within the Palestinian ‎Authority‎... Mahmoud ‎Abbas repeatedly describes released Palestinian terrorists as “heroes”... The PA pays monthly “salaries” to families of Palestinian terrorists ‎incarcerated in Israel... The House of Representatives‎ urges President Abbas and PA officials to discontinue all official ‎incitement and exert influence to discourage anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement in ‎Palestinian civil society; and directs the United States Department of State to regularly monitor and publish ‎information on all official incitement by the Palestinian Authority against Jews and the State ‎of Israel.‎" 

Wiesenthal Center demands that antisemitic preacher, exposed by PMW, be fired 

"In a lecture published online and translated by Palestinian Media Watch, Mughrabi accused Jews of slaughtering gentile children and draining their blood for use in Passover matzot... In response, the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote directly to King Abdullah of Jordan and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, urging them to denounce the preacher’s statements and make the Wakf 'permanently ban Sheikh Khaled al-Mughrabi from ever using the grounds holy to our faiths to spread his deceitful and dangerous lies.'” 

Netanyahu used PMW report in meeting with FIFA President about PA bid to oust Israel 

‎“The head of the Palestinian Football Association and the Palestinian Olympic Committee ‎is using sporting events to glorify terrorists even while seeking to get Israel banned from ‎the international football federation (FIFA), claims a report by the Palestinian Media ‎Watch organization… Last week, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with ‎FIFA President Sepp Blatter, he showed him some of the findings in the [PMW] ‎report." 

British MPs reconsider funding the PA due to PMW report 

"British parliamentarians have called on their government to reconsider providing financial aid to the Palestinian Authority... According to Palestinian Media Watch, the PA tricked the British government into believing that it had ceased providing the salaries, though it had simply established a separate body through the Palestinian Liberation Organization to do the job." 

European MPs condemn PA for deceiving donors about the salary issue, as exposed in PMW report 

"Five European MPs from three separate parliaments have condemned the Palestinian Authority (PA), Palestinian Media Watch reports Monday, following the organization's special report proving that the PA is still paying salaries to terrorists and their families." 

PMW report to British MPs leads to "foreign aid scandal" in the UK 

In a joint statement, Tory MPs Guto Bebb, James Morris and Andrew Percy said: "British taxpayers will be appalled to discover that the Palestinian Authority is handing their hard-earned money to convicted Palestinian terrorists." 

11 MEPs call to stop funding the PA, citing PMW documentation 

"In a written declaration, 11 members of the European Parliament have called on the EU to cut the financial flow to organisations actively promoting terror... German Liberal MEP Michael Theurer, one of the signatories... mentioned in particular the so called 'law of prisoners' of the Palestinian Authority... The law grants prisoners that participated in 'the struggle against Israel's occupation' an average monthly salary of 3129 US Dollar,' according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).  

PMW helped win US court case against the PA, holding PA responsible for terror attacks that killed US citizens 

"This week, a jury in the Federal District Court in Manhattan, New York, finally accepted the evidence that was in Van Buitenen’s possession and other evidence provided by Palestinian Media Watch. The Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization were found liable for their role in knowingly supporting six terrorist attacks in Israel between 2002 and 2004 in which American citizens were killed." 

Congressman Wilson expresses support for PMW at subcommittee hearing 

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.): "The website Palestinian Media Watch, palwatch.org, does an excellent job of highlighting instances of aggression toward Israel, which otherwise may not be told. I support this website and its mission. The US must stand firmly with Israel." 

US Secretary of State John Kerry recognizes incitement is cause of Palestinian terror 

"The US secretary of state, John Kerry, blamed Palestinian leaders for the death of three ‎American rabbis in Jerusalem on Tuesday, suggesting the brutal murders in a ‎synagogue were 'a pure result of incitement' by groups like Hamas and Fatah.‎" 

Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Rivlin, and Defense Minister Ya'alon blame Jerusalem terror attack on PA incitement 

"Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas encourages violence against ‎Jews in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following the ‎vehicular terrorist attack in Jerusalem on Wednesday.‎" 

House of Representatives in Holland unanimously votes to cut funding to PA due to PMW exposure of terrorist salaries 

Holland’s Tweede Kamer, referred to as the House of Representatives, but a better translation is “second chamber,” approved a motion to stop the transfer of money it donates to the Palestinian Authority to terrorists in Israeli prisons. All 148 members voting of the 150 members of the chamber voted in favor of the motion. 

Dutch motion pressuring PA to stop paying salaries for prisoners passes 148-2 

"Noting that since 2011 the Palestinian Authority transfers money to convicted ‎Palestinians in Israeli prisons... calls on the Government, also ‎to work at the EU level, to end the Palestinian policy of payments to ‎Palestinian prisoners…” ‎ 

Israeli police raid PA TV studios over incitement exposed by PMW 

"Good Morning Jerusalem" was caught last January hosting a guest, President of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Ola Awad, who insinuated "there is an Israeli policy" to get local Arabs addicted to drugs. Awad said "this policy is clear Judaization of Jerusalemites in a direct manner." The statements were revealed by Palestine Media Watch (PMW)." 

Prime Minister Netanyahu blames global Antisemitsm on PA incitement 

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened his weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday (May 18, 2014) by addressing disturbing statistics from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which published a survey last week proving that over 25% of the world's population holds anti-Semitic views. "This is the result of the Palestinian Authority's endless incitement against Israel and attempts to distort Israel's image and the character of the Jewish people, as we know from past experience," Netanyahu said.  

MPs in the UK and other countries consider withholding aid from the PA based on PMW reports on funding terror 

In January, MPs representing the International Development Committee – the group that scrutinises Britain’s £8 billion annual overseas aid budget – quietly asked PMW to produce an updated version of the report, as part of its review of British aid spending in the Middle East. “It is like Britain paying money to the IRA so long as it is only used in soup kitchens,” said Itamar Marcus, one of the co-authors of the report. “The UK cannot close its eyes and pretend that it may not be UK money promoting terror.” 

British MPs call for suspension of aid to the PA until payments to terrorists cease 

Tory MP Sir Gerald Howarth has called for Britain to suspend all aid to the Authority until payments to terrorists cease. ‘The Palestinian Authority is putting two fingers up to the British taxpayer,’ he said. ‘It is not the job of the hardworking British taxpayer to fund payments to terrorists.’... PMW said grants on release can be as much as £50,000. That compares to an average Palestinian wage of about £300 a month. Last year, the Palestinian Authority paid more than £60million to convicted terrorists 

Israel considers withholding funds to the PA equaling amount paid to prisoners each month 

Jerusalem currently transfers to PA about NIS 400 million monthly that it collects for it in tax and duty revenue. The government is considering subtracting from the monthly tax revenue it transfers to the Palestinian Authority the amount the PA pays to terrorists and their families... Money paid to the terrorists represents fully 5 percent of the PA's annual budget. 

Congressman Ted Poe cites PMW research in op-ed about terrorist salaries 

According to Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli-based NGO, the PA paid $100m. to terrorists in 2013... Every US dollar given to the PA serves as an indirect American taxpayer subsidy of whatever the PA chooses to spend its money on, including activities that are illegal under US law and activities that the United States otherwise opposes and seeks to stop... We need to stop subsidizing Palestinian Arab terrorists. We can start by halting all funding to the PA until they abolish the Law of the Prisoner. 

Congress trying to prevent US tax money from funding terrorist salaries, based on PMW documentation 

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.) introduced the bill, under which President Barack Obama would have to certify that the Palestinian Authority “no longer engages in a pattern of incitement against the United States or Israel; and is engaged in peace preparation activities aimed at promoting peace with the Jewish State of Israel”...“No more Palestinian Authority-funded Facebook pages or children’s magazines holding up Hitler as a positive role model. Not only must the PA cease incitement, it should engage in a clear, conclusive and deliberate effort to officially and publicly repudiate the providers of such hatred,” Royce added. 

Congress considers limiting aid to the PA based on PMW documentation 

"The U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee is considering freezing aid to the Palestinian Authority unless its continued incitement against Israel is curtailed... Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, told JNS.org, 'How can the U.S. justify funding a PA regime that glorifies murderers-using American money? How can the U.S. justify giving money to a regime that demonizes Jews as descendants of monkeys and pigs? Conditioning funding on the end of hatred is the ethical thing to do.'"  

House Appropriations Committee debates stopping aid to PA, based on PMW documentation 

"The US Congress House Appropriations Committee is debating cutting off aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) unless its ongoing incitement against Israel stops or is significantly curtailed. Under the new law, aid to the PA will be frozen until a reliable report is released proving that it has begun cutting down its incitement against the Jewish state. US lawmakers believe that the bill is expected to pass by a large majority vote in Congress, according to the daily." 

Dutch parliament reconsiders aid to the PA, based on PMW documentation 

"The Dutch Parliament has called on the Dutch government to pressure the Palestinian Authority (PA) to stop giving Palestinian terrorists aid money. According to research complied by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), Palestinian terrorists who spend more than five years in Israeli prisons continue receiving money even after their release. Much of the money comes from aid funds provided by European Union nations." 

Congressman Gerlach writes to US Secretary of State Kerry about PA salaries for imprisoned terrorists 

Recent news reports (originally exposed by PMW) have indicated that the PA has provided monetary payments or salaries to individuals convicted of committing acts of terrorism, including those recently released as part of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace talks... what is the U.S. Department of State doing specifically to immediately halt any U.S. taxpayer dollars going to the PA until this program is stopped? U.S. foreign aid, which is distributed through and administered by the U.S. Department of State and/or U.S. Agency for International Development, must not be used by the PA directly or indirectly to compensate convicted terrorists and/or their families." 

Dutch motion passed to pressure PA to stop salaries for terrorists 

‎"The [Dutch] parliament... noting that since 2011 the Palestinian Authority ‎has been giving money to convicted Palestinians in Israeli prisons... calls on ‎the [Dutch] Government in its contacts with the Palestinian Authority to ‎demand it stop this support..." ‎ 

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor announces upcoming PMW report in speech before the UN Security Council 

“Did the resolution passed last year inspire the Palestinian Authority to prepare their people for peace? Not in the least. Rather than teaching their children tolerance and mutual recognition, the Palestinian leadership continues to foster a culture of incitement... Palestinian Media Watch will soon release a report documenting hundreds of examples of Palestinian incitement since the peace talks began. One such example is football teams named in honor of terrorists responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against Israelis. [PMW's Dalal Ping Pong bulletin] Instead of teaching kids to score goals, the Palestinian leadership’s goal is to glorify murderers."  

Netanyahu cites PMW material in letter to John Kerry 

"'Incitement and peace cannot coexist,' wrote Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry... Palestinian Authority TV (PA TV) recently offered $100 prizes in man-on-the-street interviews with Palestinians who identified Israeli territory as part of 'Palestine,' Palestinian Media Watch reported. 'Rather than educate the next generation of Palestinians to live in peace with Israel, this hate education lays the ground for continued violence, terror and conflict,' Netanyahu’s letter to Kerry stated." 

Netanyahu sends letter to John Kerry citing PA incitement exposed by PMW 

"Netanyahu wrote to Kerry that leading Palestinian Authority officials were calling for Israel’s destruction even after peace talks resumed on July 31 in Washington... 'Instead of educating the next generation of Palestinians to live in peace with Israel, the education of hate poisons them against Israel and lays the groundwork for continued violence and terror,' he wrote... He also pointed out that an anchor on the PA’s official news channel stated, during a broadcast of the Barcelona soccer team’s visit to the West Bank last week, that the state of Palestine would extend from Rosh Hanikra to Eilat, i.e. the entire length of Israel, constituting another incendiary statement (exposed by PMW)." 

Israeli PM Netanyahu presents FIFA with PMW documentation 

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter... the Prime Minister decided to show him concrete evidence of the Palestinians' use of football fields as bases for launching rockets at civilian populations in Israel.... Netanyahu also referred to recent media interviews by Palestinian Football Association President Jibril Rajoub in which the latter said that if the Palestinians had an atomic bomb, they would have already used it on Israel (exposed by PMW)." 

US Congressmen demand Abbas fire former advisor, based on PMW documentation 

"We were troubled to learn (from PMW) that a senior Palestinian Authority official, Sultan Abu Al-Einein, who previously served as your advisor holding the rank of minister, had recently expressed his open support for the murderer who killed Evyatar Borovsky, an Israeli who was stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorist Salam Al-Zaghal while he was waiting for a ride... President Abbas, allowing this type of incitement and hatemongering to take place within your ranks is intolerable if you are truly dedicated to non-violence. We ask that you publically and officially denounce and condemn Mr. Al-Einein’s remarks at once and remove him from his position in your government."  

Israel Ambassador Prosor writes letter to UN about map erasing Israel, exposed by PMW 

"[PMW exposed that] on May 2, 2013, officials from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) attended an event in southern Lebanon. At the event, Ann Dismorr, Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon, posed for photos with a map that erased the State of Israel and identified the geographic area as 'Palestine.'" 

Israel Ambassador Prosor cites PMW material in speech to the UN 

"It doesn't take an urban planner to realize that the Palestinians are missing the blueprints to build a peaceful neighborhood. From cradles to kindergarten classrooms, from the fields of summer camps to the fields of football stadiums, messages of intolerance fill Palestinian society... Flip through the channels of Palestinian Authority television and you might find a children's program featuring a young girl reciting a poem that called Jews (and I quote) 'Allah's enemies, the sons of pigs' who 'rap[e] women in city squares (exposed by PMW).' Apparently, this is what passes for 'educational television' under the Palestinian Authority." 

Members of US Congress write to Abbas to condemn PA TV hate speech PMW had exposed 

“We are writing to express our grave dismay and deep concern over the recent broadcast of a children’s program on Palestinian Television which included rabid incitement against the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The children's show, The Best Home, included a scene in which a young girl recited a poem filled with messages of hate and other libels demonizing Jews (exposed by PMW).” 

Norway continues investigating its aid to the PA, based on PMW documentation 

There have been greatly surprising developments in Norway in the past weeks. Conservative parliamentarian Peter Gitmark has said on television that his country is indirectly funding Palestinian terrorists. The country’s three largest opposition parties – the Conservatives, the Progress Party and the Christian Democrats – have asked for an investigation into Norwegian financing of the Palestinian Authority by the Parliamentary Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs... All of this was triggered by information provided by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). It showed that the PA uses money from its budget to pay salaries to all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails for security offenses. The recipients include those serving multiple life sentences for murder." 

PMW impact in Norway: Government questions its funding of the PA 

"Norway, of all places, suddenly has doubts about the financial aid it offers the Palestinian Authority. Norway is one of the PA's biggest supporters... Now, someone has woken up and the Norwegian media wants to know: 'Where is our money going?' ... Tormod Strand, a senior journalist with Norwegian public TV, decided to follow the money trail; and together with Itamar Marcus, who heads "Palestinian Media Watch" — an Israeli research institute that monitors the PA's media and schoolbooks — produced two episodes that presented the unadulterated hatred preached by the Palestinian Authority's media towards Israel and the Jews." 

Norway re-examines its aid to the PA based on PMW findings 

"A debate about aid to Palestinians has erupted in Norway, a country that has long been one of the strongest supporters of Palestinian causes in Europe. Suddenly, an urgent level of scrutiny is bringing into question whether Oslo’s aid might be making peace less likely, rather than more... The Israeli group Palestinian Media Watch monitors and translates Palestinian television, and it has long argued that its programming is poisoning the well, demonizing Israel and the Jews to their own people, even as Palestinian leaders speak of peace and reconciliation to international audiences." 

MP Henderson and Foreign Office Minister Burt debate PA incitement and British funding of the PA 

"MP Gordon Henderson has said Palestinian society is wracked by a "culture of hate" towards Israel and claimed British funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) is being used to reward terrorism." 

Debate at highest political level in Norway following TV report on PMW findings 

NRK narrator: "The Progress Party and the Christian Democratic Party want Norway to cut the aid to the PA unless the demonization and hatred of Jews is stopped. Yesterday, NRK [TV] reported that the PA finances and partially controls a TV channel that broadcasts hatred of Jews... NRK's report on the Sunday Evening News, where we reported on the demonization and hatred of Jews in PA TV [exposed by PMW], is now causing strong reactions in [Norwegian] Parliament." 

PMW sparks debate in Norway on funding the PA 

NRK TV narrator: "[Palestinian] children grow up learning that Jews are 'Satan with a tail'... Adults hear that Jews are evil and not to be trusted. It is perhaps not surprising that the [Palestinian] hatred is growing. The messenger is a [PA] government that receives large amounts [of money] from Norway." 

UK Lawyer's Union calls on UNESCO and others to stop funding Arab Lawyers Union after PMW exposed it glorified a terrorist 

"UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) has issued a statement condemning the Arab Lawyers Union (ALU) and its Palestine Committee for glorifying a suicide bomber [originally exposed by Palestinian Media Watch]... UKLFI urges the ALU to retract its statements glorifying Jaradat and her criminal conduct, and calls upon UNESCO, ECOSOC, ILO and other bodies to break off all relations with the ALU unless and until it does so. " 

PMW presentation in London initiates discussion among MPs and government officials about British funding of the PA 

"A report by the watchdog, Palestinian Media Watch, has revealed that every month almost £3 million from the Palestinian Authority goes towards paying salaries to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. These salaries are drawn from the PA general budget, funded by international donors, among them the UK." 

Dutch parliament passed motion to limit funding to the PA, based on PMW report and presentation 

"[Dutch] parliament adopted a motion that called on the Dutch government to reconsider support for the Palestinian Authority (PA) when they (the PA) sow hatred and glorify violence. However, the government failed to carry out the motion, even though Van der Staaij pointed to a well documented report issued by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), an institute that closely monitors anti-Semitic statements and articles in the Palestinian media or by PA clerics. For example, it was last January that PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein called for the killing of Jews quoting Islamic Hadith (tradition). He said, 'Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (i.e., Jews) is a war of religion and faith.' 'Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.'" 

Australian MP lauds PMW after trip to Israel 

"[Australian MP] Baldwin spoke about learning from Palestinian Media Watch director Itamar Marcus about Palestinian children being taught to hate Jews, something he later used to challenge the Palestinian governor of Bethlehem. 'I said 'how do you then on one hand prescribe a passion for peace when you educate your children to kill the Jewish people?'" 

PMW Director Itamar Marcus to Dutch Parliament: Israeli government cracking down on PA incitement 

"The Israeli government toughened its policy last month on Palestinian incitement, Itamar Marcus, founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch, told Dutch legislators Thursday. 'There were a few public statements by the prime minister: He spoke about the glorification of the killers of the Fogel family; about the mufti of Jerusalem’s call to kill Jews [both of which were exposed by Palestinian Media Watch], and [PMW's]book, "Deception," was given by Israeli negotiators to Saeb Erekat 10 days ago in negotiations in Jordan,' he said. 

PMW book "Deception" used by Israeli negotiators at peace talks to prove PA incitement 

"In the latest meeting between the special Israeli envoy, Yitzchak Molcho, and the head of the Palestinian negotiating team Saeb Erekat, Molcho presented Erekat with a book that sets forth what Israel defines as severe incitement in the PA... The book which Molcho presented to Erekat, "Deception: Betraying the Peace Process", was published last month by Palestinian Media Watch. It provides hundreds of examples of hate speech, glorification of terrorists and murderers, and other anti-Israel statements during the period May 2010 – April 2011." 

Israeli Justice Minister investigates PA Mufti, following PMW exposure of speech calling to kill Jews 

"Israel's attorney general has ordered police to launch an investigation of Jerusalem's top Muslim cleric after the mufti quoted a traditional text that called for killing Jews... Video of the mufti's speech was posted on YouTube by Palestinian Media Watch" 

Israeli PM Netanyahu condemns PA Mufti hate-speech, exposed by PMW 

"Recently, the Palestinian Authority's Mufti, Muhammad Hussein, spoke at an event celebrating the 47th anniversary of the founding of Fatah... The Mufti voiced this latest instance of hate speech, which calls for killing all the Jews... Following is a transcript of the event, excerpted from PA TV (Fatah) by Palestinian Media Watch." 

Israeli Ambassador addresses UN Security Council on PA Mufti's hate speech, exposed by PMW 

This month - on January 9th – Palestinian Authority television broadcast the proceedings of an event celebrating Fatah’s 47th anniversary. It featured a sermon [first exposed by Palestinian Media Watch] by the PA's most senior religious leader - Mufti Muhammad Hussein - who presented the killing of Jews as a sacred goal for all Muslims. " 

UK Foreign Office Minister condemns PA Mufti speech calling to kill Jews, exposed by PMW 

"I condemn the inflammatory words used by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and others at a recent event marking the 47th anniversary of the Fatah movement. To refer to the Jewish people in such a way and to talk of killing Jews is anti-semitism, pure and simple." 

Following PMW's exposure of PA Mufti's hate speech, Israeli PM calls for criminal investigation of Mufti 

"The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), a watchdog group that monitors Palestinian media and textbooks, distributed a video last week of a January 9 Fatah rally during which Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Hussein, read out a well-known text (Hadith) attributed to Muhammad saying that the killing of Jews will speed up the redemption." 

PMW report for Congress: US aid to the PA used to glorify and promote terror 

"Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch explained to US congressional leaders how financial aid from America, Israel's greatest ally, is being cynically used to encourage the slaughter of Israeli Jews." 

PMW tells US Congress that US funding is going to salaries for Palestinian terrorists 

"The Palestinian Authority spends more than $5 million a month paying salaries to terrorists sitting in Israeli prisons, according to a Palestinian Media Watch report presented to congressmen in Washington." 

PMW documentation leads Israeli government to fight harder against PA incitement - JPost 

“After months of the government largely confining discussion on Palestinian incitement to internal meetings and private discussions with international leaders, Kuperwasser brought a PowerPoint presentation of the “incitement index” he formulated to the cabinet, and the Prime Minister’s Office – in response to the terrorist attack in Itamar – issued a paper documenting recent acts of PA-authorized incitement. […] The paper, based on information provided by Palestinian Media Watch, a research organization that monitors the PA’s media and schoolbooks, gave recent examples of incitement inside the PA. […]" 

PMW documentation shows PA incitement laid foundations for Fogel murders 

"This incomplete list [of PA instances of terror glorification], which can be substantially supplemented by Palestinian Media Watch’s regular reports, brings us closer to understanding how Palestinian terrorists could bring themselves to perpetrate such a despicable act against the Fogel family." 

Prime Minister Netanyahu's Office website uses PMW material to showcase PA incitement - PMO website 

"Incitement against Israel, which frequently turns into genuine anti-Semitic incitement, is an inseparable part of the fabric of life in the Palestinian Authority. Thus, anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic messages are regularly heard in both the private and official media and in mosque sermons, and are studied in school textbooks." 

In debate over PA actions to end incitement, PMW material shows incitement remains prevalent - The Jewish Daily Forward 

"One source for Kuperwasser’s index are reports put out by Palestinian Media Watch, a group that monitors closely the Palestinian press in search for incitement. Itamar Marcus, the group’s founder and director, believes the Palestinian Authority deserves no credit for its action on the mosques. “The problem is not mosques, it is the glorification of terror,” he said. His Palestinian Media Watch reports are full of examples to prove his point..." 

In debate over PA actions to end incitement, PMW material shows incitement remains prevalent 

"One source for Kuperwasser’s index are reports put out by Palestinian Media Watch, a group that monitors closely the Palestinian press in search for incitement. Itamar Marcus, the group’s founder and director, believes the Palestinian Authority deserves no credit for its action on the mosques. “The problem is not mosques, it is the glorification of terror,” he said. His Palestinian Media Watch reports are full of examples to prove his point..."  

Netanyahu uses PMW documentation to prove violent intention of flotilla participants - Fox News 

"They brought with them in advance knives, steel rods, other weapons. They chanted battle cries against the Jews. You can hear this, some of this, on the tapes that have been released. This was not a love boat. This was a hate boat." 

Congressmen condemn naming of Ramallah square after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, exposed by PMW 

"Dear President Abbas, We are writing to express our concern over reports that the Palestinian Authority was planning to honor Dalal Mughrabi, a terrorist who murdered 38 innocent people in cold blood - including an American citizen - on the 32nd anniversary of this horrific terror attack." 

U.S. Congressman urging PA to crack down on anti-Israel incitement - IsraelNN.com 

"The work of Palestinian Media Watch to expose anti-Israel incitement within the PA seems to be bearing fruit. Congressman Steve Rothman (D-NJ) has begun circulating a letter in Congress urging the PA to crack down on anti-Israel incitement." 

Netanyahu echoes PMW report on danger of PA terror glorification - Galei Zahal (IDF radio)  

"It is not only missiles and rockets that endanger security and push peace further off. Words can also be dangerous. Whoever sponsors and supports naming a square in Ramallah in honor of a terrorist who murdered dozens of Israelis on the Coastal Road – encourages terror." 

PMW credited by Canadian minister for change in understanding of Middle East - Canadian Jewish news 

"Kenney said he once shared the view that "Israel is a bully in the Middle East" serving as a colonial outpost of the United States. But his worldview changed dramatically after viewing a one-hour presentation by Palestinian Media Watch." 

Norwegian MP calls for end to PA funding following PMW report 

Fierce debate in Norway over the use of Norwegian money to fund PA hate propaganda and glorification of terrorists. 

PMW report presented in US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee 

documenting Palestinian Authority contacts and alliances with the enemies of the US. 

Congress freezes $150 million to PA due to PMW report 

A freeze was put on $150 million in aid to the PA by the Appropriations Committee of the US Congress following a PMW report documenting inciting comments made by Mahmoud Abbas. 

Media uproar in Britain over funding of PA hate education 

PMW documentation: British aid funds incitement to terrorism and killing of British troops. 

PMW recomendations in report used as basis for US anti-terror law 

PMW recommended six changes in US law in a report, five of which passed Congress three weeks later. 

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