PA youth magazine: "Recall the wild jungle-like deeds and barbaric behavior of the Zionists... whose blood was nurtured with malice towards mankind"
Zayzafuna magazine - May 1, 2013

Headline: "The Palestinian Nakba Day"
     “Emotions stir on this anniversary [of the Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel)]. The hearts yearn, [one is] breathless, the movements slow down, the brains are worn out, the thoughts are confused, and the tears flow.

But the Palestinian restores his strength and the memory subsides, and now the thoughts begin to pour forth in a torrent, and the anniversary strikes the bell of forgetfulness. Then the automatic thought begins to recall the wild jungle-like deeds and barbaric behavior of the Zionists, who began to build a state for themselves on the ruins of a people they destroyed with their own hands. The kernel of a gang, whose blood was nurtured with malice towards mankind – murder, destruction, captivity, stealing, robbing, an absence of human traits.

An anniversary that stirs the emotions of the fathers as they remember their Martyr (Shahid) sons. Mothers cry as they remember the prisoners, and hopes are renewed among the grandchildren thanks to the key the grandfathers hid, [which] became the symbol of the return.

An anniversary that has become a lesson and a moral: one person recalls the slaughter of children and elders, another recalls the destruction of homes, another tells how a woman died, and someone else recalls homes that became heaps of stones, but [still] tell the story of a people who will surely return.

Look, hear the Nakba of members of your people, your people, your family – how they were uprooted and how a woman’s unborn child was murdered in cold blood. No, do not forget the soil of your land, no matter how much time may pass. The land will return. We shall build a palace of glory and praise, and the lion cubs’ (i.e., children’s) eraser will rub out the words that the vile ones wrote.”

Zayzafuna is a PLO magazine for children funded by the PA. The magazine, which includes material written by both the magazine’s staff and child readers, represents the values of the educators and serves as a window into the minds of the Palestinian children submitting material to the magazine. PMW’s book Deception includes a chapter on Zayzafuna. Following PMW’s exposure of Hitler glorification in the February 2011 issue, UNESCO halted its funding of the magazine. View UNESCO’s statement and PMW's bulletin on the December 2011 issue of the magazine.