Boy scouts teaches kids: “We will return to our homeland Palestine” and “expel the Zionists”
Official Palestinian Authority TV - Apr. 9, 2013

PA TV program One Day We Will Return interviews children who are part of the scout youth movement, living in refugee camps near Tyre, Lebanon:
PA TV host, Zina Abd Al-Samad: “Where are you from in Palestine?”
Boy: “Damun (near Acre).”
PA TV host: “What do you learn in the youth movement?”
Boy: “We learn drills and discipline exercises so that we will free our land, occupied Palestine.”
PA TV host: “Do you want to return to Palestine?”
Boy: “Of course.”
PA TV host (interviewing a second boy): “Are you also from Damun?”
Boy: “Yes.”
PA TV host: “What do you learn in the scouts [movement]?”
Boy: “Order and discipline and respect of others and self-respect and that we will return to our homeland Palestine.”
PA TV host: “What would you like to say to Palestine and the families of Palestine?”
Boy: “We will return to it safe and sound and restore our lands and expel the Zionists and enemies from it.”