PM Fayyad: Hebron attack was not in the Palestinian's national interest
Al-Ayyam - Sept. 6, 2010

     “Fayyad said: ‘I don’t think that there’s disagreement that carrying out resistance in the way in which it is being carried out, has caused great damage to our cause and to our people… What happened in Hebron [murder of four civilians] does not stand alone, but rather is part of a policy, but this is not the policy of the [Palestinian] Authority… Someone who does such a thing must justify it to the people and justify its results… We [the Palestinian Authority] will carry out the Palestinian struggle in a way that will make the work based upon it vis-à-vis the international community, easier, on moral foundations… Such acts [the Hebron terror attack] cause harm to our people and damage the ability to stand firm and [our] continued existence. Israel exploits it as an excuse, and while the operation [i.e., terror attack] was taking place, the world found time only to talk about ‘the Hebron operation…’ … A journalist questioned the benefit of the [Palestinian] Authority assuming responsibility for events which take place [in areas] under Israeli security control, and condemning them. Fayyad answered her by saying, ‘I’m not speaking at all based on the assumption that we are responsible towards the Israelis. My approach is, where does our interest lie?’”