Increased allowance to families of Martyrs
Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - Aug. 13, 2012

     "The Prime Minister [Fayyad] and some members of the [PA] leadership shared the meal breaking the fast last night with hundreds of families of Martyrs, as part of a mass communal meal organized by the National Association of Families of the Martyrs of Palestine, to break the Ramadan fast … In a statement to Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Fayyad said that the meal breaking the fast, which has become an annual event, is a worthy annual tradition, an event of which we are proud, and an opportunity to recall and commemorate the heroes who gave their lives readily for the sake of the liberty of the homeland… [Executive Secretary of the National Association of Families of the Martyrs of Palestine, Muhammad] Sbeihat drew attention to a string of achievements and demands that had been met, among them an increase in allowances (Arabic: mukhassas) to Martyrs’ families, that the Prime Minister approved, so that a Martyr’s family, especially [if the Martyr] was married, now receives an allowance that is reasonable and acceptable. He noted that 17,0000 families of Martyrs and injured in the homeland, and 12,000 families in the Diaspora, were benefitting from these [financial] supplements, that in the Diaspora had jumped from $2 million [per month] to $4.8 million, in other words, an increase of $33 million per year in allowances. In total, the supplements [for families] in the homeland and abroad came to $75 million [per year]."