PA official and released prisoners, some of whom committed murders, visit imprisoned murderer
Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - Mar. 31, 2015

Headline: “Karake and released prisoners visit released prisoner Na'im Al-Shawamreh”
     “Director of the [PLO] Prisoners’ Affairs Commission [and PA Parliament Member] Issa Karake and a delegation of released prisoners visited the released sick prisoner Na'im Al-Shawamreh in the town of Dura, Hebron [Governorate]. Al-Shawamreh suffers from Muscular Dystrophy, a disease he caught while in prison, and his health has recently deteriorated to the point that he is [now] unable to speak or move. Together with Karake, the following people participated in the visit: Rizq Salah, Parliament member (Legislative Council) Abu Ali Yata, Khaled Al-Azraq, Adnan Al-Afandi, Issa Abd Rabbo, Khaled Asakra and Muhammad Darwish… Karake said that Shawamreh and other sick prisoners are victims of severe crimes committed against prisoners in prisons, which expose them to deadly, chronic diseases resulting from secret medical experiments on their bodies, and their deliberate negligence.”

Notes: The following terrorists mentioned in the article were released as part of the 104 prisoners whom Israel agreed to release in 2013 to fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing negotiations:

Na'im Al-Shawamreh - was arrested on March 14, 1995 for placing the explosive device that killed Yossi Hayoun, a police sapper, while he was defusing the bomb (June, 1993). Al-Shawamreh was released in December 2013 as part of the 104 prisoners despite being arrested after the Oslo Accords were signed, this may have been due to his poor health condition.

Rizq Salah - killed Israeli soldier Guy Friedman and injured two others with a bomb in Bethlehem in 1990. He was arrested in 1993 and was sentenced to life in prison, but was released in October 2013.

Khaled Al-Azraq - placed an explosive device in Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda open market on May 28, 1990. The bomb killed 71-year-old Shimon Cohen and injured 9. Al-Azraq was serving a life sentence in prison, but was released in October 2013.

Adnan Al-Afandi – was serving a 30-year prison term for the attempted murder of two young men in 1992. He was released in December 2013.

Issa Abd Rabbo – was serving two life sentences for killing two Israeli university students, Ron Levi and Revital Seri, who were hiking south of Jerusalem on Oct. 22, 1984. At gun point he tied them up, put bags over their heads and then shot and murdered both. He was released in October 2013.

Khaled Asakra – a Fatah member who murdered 64-year-old French tourist Annie Ley (April 29, 1991). He was serving a life sentence, but was released in August 2013.