Sports official Jibril Rajoub says Jews are “Satans” and “Zionist sons of bitches”
Official Palestinian Authority TV - May 17, 2012

Live broadcast: Opening of the first Forum for Arab women sports journalists, in the presence of PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Deputy-Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee and Chairman of the Palestinian Olympic Committee Jibril Rajoub, .
     Rajoub: "I say also – and on behalf of Palestine: Something that has no place in the dictionary of Palestinian sportsmen is the subject of normalization with the occupation. Impossible, impossible, impossible…
I understand by normalization that the relationship between me and you will be normal, that we'll play [sports] together and there'll be a joint program. I say to you: Under no circumstances will there be normalization. Next time we are prepared to bring the Executive Committee in helicopters… so they will see no Jews, no Satans, no Zionist sons of bitches. Come by helicopter and go back by helicopter."
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