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42.8% of Palestinian youth support two-state solution; 52.9% want to resume negotiations but 67% believe they will not be successful

Poll carried out by The Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre, which interviewed "a random sample of 1000 people over the age of 15-29" in the West Bank and Gaza between April 13-19, 2016.
"A greater percentage (42.8%) of youths polled said they support the two-state solution while 19.1% said they preferred a bi-national state. Furthermore, the majority, or 67%, believe that negotiations will not succeed in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in comparison to 23.5% who said that negotiations could succeed in reaching a solution... In terms of the negotiations with Israel in general, the majority of respondents, or 52.9%, supported a possible resumption of negotiations in comparison to 43% who opposed."