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Petition calls on UK to stop sending aid to PA and by extension to terrorists, based on PMW material

Petitioning Department for International Development Justine Greening
Stop Palestinian Terrorist Salaries


British taxpayer money supports the Palestinian Authority, in the hope of promoting peace. Instead, the PA spends millions of pounds every month on salaries for convicted terrorists.

Every year, the Department for International Development (DfID) spends billions of pounds tackling global poverty. But there is considerable evidence that not all of that money is promoting such laudable goals. The Palestinian Authority is one recipient of this aid money, scheduled to receive £25.5 million this year as part of a £72million package. This money is intended to help foster peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Instead, it supports an administration that promotes the exact opposite. Because the PA, which would not exist without the funding of donor countries, maintains a grotesque policy that no advocate of peace could endorse: salaries for convicted murderers.

As recently reported by the Daily Mail and regularly exposed by Palestinian Media Watch, any Palestinian that is convicted of ‘resistance’ against Israel is automatically granted an official salary. Stabbing a mother to death? Shooting civilians in a bus? Orchestrating a suicide bombing? Any and all of these crimes will result in the perpetrator being officially rewarded by the PA. These payments are pegged to the length of sentence, so the greater the severity of the crime, the greater the financial reward. And because these payments tend to be higher than the average salary, they provide a direct incentive to commit acts of violence. For example, Abdullah Barghouti, given 67 life sentences for attacks including a restaurant bombing that killed 15 people  is said to have earned £106,000.

In recent years, external pressure has forced the PA to re-route this money in order to fool donor nations – but still the payments have continued. It’s clear that action from foreign governments can have an impact, but more needs to be done. The Palestinian Authority has to be held to account. The UK government must make it clear that either funding for Palestinian salaries ends, or DfID funding does.

No rewards for terrorists. No salaries for killers. No money for murder.”

[Zionist Federation of the UK petition at, April 3, 2016]

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