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PFLP condemns Abbas: His statements on Israeli TV "legitimized Zionist war crimes" and "stained the intifada with [the label] `terror`"

Headline: “PFLP demands of the [PLO] Central Council and Executive Committee to stand against President Mahmoud Abbas’ statements, as they crossed the red lines”
“The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) demanded of the PLO to stand against President Mahmoud Abbas’ statements. This is in light of his recent statements to the Zionist media outlets (i.e., Abbas gave an interview on Israeli TV), and in light of the condolences expressed by a PA delegation on the death of the so-called ‘head of the civil administration’ in the West Bank. The PFLP views the recurrence of this behavior, which legitimized the occupation’s institutions and its oppressive instruments, very seriously. It considers it a crossing of the red lines, [a violation] of our people’s tradition and conventions, and harming the Palestinian national action and all Palestinian decisions, the most recent of which were the decisions of the [PLO] Palestinian Central Council. The front emphasized that this conduct, which has encountered sweeping popular and national opposition, obliges the PLO – as the institution that unites the Palestinian people– to demand accountability from the PA’s chairman [Abbas] and hold him responsible.
The Front considers the PA chairman’s statements regarding the chasing of children in schools on the pretext of disarming them of [their] knives as legitimization of the Zionist war crimes, which are perpetrated daily in the checkpoints of death and streets of Palestinian cities in the West Bank and Jerusalem, as direct incitement against the Palestinian education system, both in universities and in schools, and as staining the intifada with [the label] ‘terror.’”