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Fatah official calls to “establish a national leadership for the intifada”

Headline: "Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee [and head of the Palestinian Olympic Committee] Rajoub to Al-Quds: We are ready to establish a unified national leadership for the intifada (reference to wave of Palestinian terror attacks that started in Sept./Oct. 2015 –Ed.), the clash with the occupation is a fixed element of the national conduct"
"Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee Jibril Rajoub called to provide a framework for the popular uprising against the occupation taking place in the field by establishing a national leadership for the intifada and adopting a struggle plan regarding what's taking place. While there is much talk from a few Palestinian officials about how the present year will be a year of limiting the relations with Israel, without clarifying further regarding the character of those relations, Rajoub explained that in practice the limitation of relations with Israel has already begun. Likewise, he explained that limiting the relations must be a prelude to a unilateral declaration of national independence, from a strategic perspective which will lead to a state of national mobility, and afterwards to the severing of relations with and civil disobedience [against Israel]."