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Abbas to Romanian delegation: We "are not against the Jewish religion," "our hands are extended toward peace," and "we are against all forms of terror"

Headline: "The president: Israel's agreement to the two-state solution will be the beginning of the political solution"
"[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas received a Romanian media delegation yesterday [April 5, 2016] at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah… The president again emphasized his demand to reestablish the three-way committee to monitor incitement that would include the Palestinian and Israeli sides, in addition to the American side, and which was established 15 years ago. He said: 'We have no opposition to the establishment of a committee to monitor the incitement of the two sides, and the moment the Israeli side agrees to this committee, we are ready to participate in it.' … Likewise, he stressed that the Palestinians are against the Israeli occupation, and not against the Jewish religion, which is one of the monotheistic religions that Islam obligates us as Muslims to recognize, and to believe in its messengers. The president again emphasized that our hands are extended toward peace and we are striving to achieve it, and we are against all forms of terror and extremism, whatever their source. In addition, he noted that a fair solution to the Palestinian issue will contribute to the ending of terror and extremism, and steal away the extremists' excuse."

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