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PA: Israelis target young Palestinian boys and give them drugs, as part of an Israeli policy meant to destroy Palestinian society

Official PA TV program Topic of the Day on the opening of a juvenile court, hosting Chairman of the High Judicial Council Sami Sarsour.
Official PA TV host: "There is another issue for which we hold the Israeli elements responsible, and in which we appreciate the role of the Palestinian Security Forces – chases, solving [crimes], relying on their sources – and that is the drug issue. This is a worldwide issue, and we in Palestine are a part of the world, and may be affected by it. It cannot be said that this phenomenon is different from our situation. No, we are a part of the world. However, marking young boys as a target in this matter is very grave for us. Those who were caught [dealing drugs] have Israeli citizenship, while the planting and production are carried out in the Palestinian territories, and the young boys are marked as targets. True, this method is one of many methods employed by the occupation in order to destroy Palestinian society. It begins with the young generation. It [Israel] wants to build a generation that was raised on drugs and smuggling. The problem here is controlling these things. In my opinion, this is extremely difficult, especially in regard to points along the border between us and the areas under Israeli rule… This policy is one of the methods that Israel uses to destroy Palestinian society, from children to adults. It destroys the children morally."