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Anti-Hamas op-ed in PA daily claims Israeli forces “execute our young men and women, our boys and girls, out of enmity and racist hatred”

Excerpt of op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, Fatah Revolutionary Committee member and regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: "Hamas is the occupation's prosecutor!"
"In their great stupidity, the media outlets that oppose the national enterprise have succeeded in pushing three young Palestinians into the fire range of the occupation's snipers, who execute our young men and women, our boys and girls, out of enmity and racist hatred… The Hamas leaders know that the occupation soldiers are killing Palestinians on [the slightest] suspicion, and that the Israeli officials – headed by [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu – protected a soldier who qietly aimed [his weapon] and shot young Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sharif in the head in Tel Rumeida [in Hebron]. They know that the occupation army holds the Martyrs' (Shahids') bodies and blows up their families' homes. This means that Hamas' attempt to win a point against the legal political and security leadership will cost the Palestinians three Martyrs, three demolished houses, thee families each of a dozen members, who overnight will become homeless – All in order to prove the guilt of the security cooperation (i.e., between the PA and Israel) and to market its excuses for refraining from fulfilling the national demands. This means that from Hamas’ point of view, the Palestinians – their blood, lives, and fate – are just a means to achieve despicable goals… Hamas has taken the position of the occupation army's prosecutor, which demands the execution of the three young Palestinians, while we and the security services will protect them from occupation (i.e., Israel) and revolt (i.e., Hamas), that have agreed on contempt for Palestinian blood, and its spilling on a regular basis."

The three young men who were arrested, Bassel Al-A'araj, Haitham Al-Sayyaj, and Muhammad Harb, planned to carry out a terror attack in Israel and were arrested by the PA Security Forces. The Al-Hayat Al-Jadida article makes no mention of this, showing how much the PA tried to hide its security collaboration with Israel from the Palestinians, because it draws so much criticism and provides Hamas with material to use against them.

Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sharif – 21-year-old Palestinian terrorist who, together with an accomplice, 21-year-old terrorist Ramzi Aziz Al-Qasrawi, stabbed and injured Israeli soldiers on March 24, 2016, in Hebron. The accomplice was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers and Al-Sharif was shot and wounded. Then, while lying on the ground, Al-Sharif was shot in the head and killed by another Israeli soldier. The shooting was condemned by some Israeli officials as unnecessary use of force and defended by others as justified out of fear the terrorist was wearing an explosives belt. The matter is being investigated by Israeli authorities. (April 2016)