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Palestinian professor: There is "no scientific validity" to claims that Israel can cause a tsunami that will only harm Palestinians, not Israelis

Headline: The director of urban planning at An-Najah [University] emphasized that it is impossible to determine when the tsunami will arrive”
“Director of Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction at An-Najah University Dr. Jalal Al-Dabik said: ‘Throughout history, a number of tsunami waves have hit the region, whether the southern part of the Palestinian coast, or its north, and in general every country of the Mediterranean Sea has experienced tsunami waves throughout history.’…
Regarding what has been published by a number of websites and people according to which there is a chance that Israel will carry out explosions that will influence the Palestinian side and cause tsunami waves, he said: ‘Will tsunami waves reach only Palestinian areas, and will Israeli areas be protected from these waves?’ He added: ‘We, as people of science, cannot agree with those raising these matters which have no scientific validity.’”