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Op-ed in PA daily: Israeli government is led by "terrorists who live on biblical myths", and acknowledges that many groups of Jews also work for peace

Headline: "Israel's terrorists blame others for what exists in them"
Op-ed by Jihad Al-Khazen in the official PA daily, re-printed from the London-based Al-Hayat
     "I have worked in journalism non-stop since I was an adolescent, and I followed the terror of the white regime in South Africa and the massacres in Rwanda, and also in Srebrenica (i.e., town in Bosnia and Herzegovina ) after the division of Yugoslavia. However, all of this is dwarfed by the terror of the Israeli right-wing and the government of war criminal settlers, headed by the most despicable man in the world, [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu, and the US Likud (i.e., American Friends of Likud), which protects the last apartheid state in the world.
[US] President Barack Obama spoke at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington about preventing the 'dirty bomb' [from reaching] the hands of ISIS. He did not speak about Israel's nuclear arsenal, despite the fact that Israel and ISIS compete with each other in [the field of] terror.
The fact that the American president is biased towards the crime state did not help him, as I read an article at the time by one of the American Likud people titled Obama's Final Solution for Israel.
The final solution is a description of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews, and Obama is the last to think of a Holocaust. However, the extremist terrorists from Israel to the US attribute to him what exists inside themselves and what they carry out every day against the Palestinians…There is no peace with the Netanyahu government. It is a government that includes the most right-wing extremist terrorists who live on biblical myths that never actually took place. The name of the land is Palestine, and it is occupied, and Israel is a myth, written hundreds of years after the alleged events.
In conclusion, the terrorist right-wing in Israel does not include all of the Israelis and Jews, as there are many groups of Jews working for peace and defending the Palestinians, and they deserve gratitude and appreciation."