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Fatah student movement encourages Martyrdom and stabbing and car ramming attacks in video of staged terror attack against Israeli soldiers

The video “Martyrdom-seeking unites us” is produced by Fatah’s Shabiba student movement at Birzeit University

Text at the beginning of the video: “The Shabiba student movement – the Martyr (Shahid) Yasser Arafat Bloc presents”

The video simulates a car-ramming and stabbing attack at the Atara checkpoint near Ramallah. Three young Palestinians are seen planning and carrying out an attack in which they kill two Israeli soldiers by ramming their car into one of them and stabbing the other. They are all shot and killed by the soldiers during the attack.”

The rest of the Fatah student video shows the family of one of the terrorists receiving the news of his death as a "Martyr." The terrorist's mother hears her dead son talking to her, telling her that the "Martyrs" will be back. The dead terrorists appear at a ceremony honoring them, and in a speech, one of them mentions names of other terrorists - Ahmad Yassin, Abu Ali Mustafa, Fathi Shaqaqi, as well as Yasser Arafat, adding that "we are Martyrs who sacrificed ourselves for the cause."
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Abu Ali Mustafa - General Secretary of the terror organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He planned numerous terror attacks against Israeli civilians during the Palestinian terror campaign (the Intifada, 2000-2005).

Ahmed Yassin - Founder and former head of the terrorist organization Hamas. The Hamas movement is responsible for numerous terror attacks and the deaths of hundreds of Israeli civilians.

Fathi Shaqaqi - Founder of the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad, which has carried out numerous terrorist attacks, killing hundreds of Israeli civilians.

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