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At event honoring Palestinian prisoners, elementary school students enact execution of Israeli soldier

Headline: "Cultural art exhibition to mark Prisoner's Day in the Al-Surra School in southern Hebron"
"A cultural art exhibition was opened yesterday [April 20, 2016] in the mixed [boys/girls] elementary school of [the village] Al-Surra, south of Hebron, for Palestinian Prisoner's Day. The exhibition included many sections, the most notable of which was a handicrafts section created by prisoners inside the [Israeli] prisons, a cartoon section about the international failure to protect the prisoners, and [the display] Graves of the Living (the prisons) [parentheses in source]. Likewise, the exhibition included pictures of the district's prisoners with life sentences, and pictures of child prisoners and female prisoners. A delegation from the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners' and Released Prisoners' Affairs visited the exhibition together with a number of released prisoners. Director of the commission in Hebron Ibrahim Najajreh praised this magnificent artistic cultural activity, which includes many references to the prisoners' cause and to the daily actions and violations that the Israeli occupation carries out against them."
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Photos from the same event show a group of Palestinian children preparing to “execute” another child dressed as an Israeli soldier. Click here for photos from the event.

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