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Palestinian Archbishop tells foreign audience that Palestinians aren’t against Jews, only “oppose Zionism and all racism”

Headline: “Archbishop Hanna received a delegation of the Jewish American organization for Palestine”

“Archbishop Atallah Hanna, head of the Greek-Orthodox bishops in Sebastia, received a delegation from the Jewish American organization Religious Leaders for Peace and Justice , a group of Jewish American religious leaders who support the Palestinian cause and oppose the occupation and all manifestations of racism and violations of human rights.

The archbishop received them, blessed their visit, and emphasized that we (i.e., the Palestinians) are not against the Jewish people, or the Jewish religion, and we respect all religions and peoples, but we oppose Zionism and all manifestations of racism against our people.

He stated: ‘We appreciate your activity and your resolve alongside our people, and your constant presence at processions, lectures, and conferences demanding the end of the occupation and realization of the wishes and aspirations of our people
.’ He continued: ‘In light of our religious affiliation, we are not against anyone, but we oppose racist and unjust acts which harm people, their honor, and their freedom.’

Likewise, he declared Palestine’s position, which opposes extremism, whether from Jews, Muslims, or Christians, because we believe that all people are Allah’s creations and belong to one human family, and they must deal with each other in the spirit of brotherhood, love, and peace.”