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Official PA daily op-ed: Israel "maintains a colonial settlement, holds arsenals of nuclear, biological, chemical... weapons," while Palestinian rocks and knives are legitimate self-defense

Headline: “The establishment of a committee to monitor the incitement”
Op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, columnist for official PA daily and advisor to former PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on national affairs
“The Israeli incitement against the Palestinian leadership and people encompasses all aspects of life, and it is biased incitement that has no basis in real facts, but twists the facts, falsifies and mixes up information, moving away from the basic pillars of the Arab/Palestinian – Israeli conflict. This incitement is based on denying the right of the Palestinian to defend himself and his national narrative, and includes the falsification and distortion of data and quotes, and exaggeration [of some] details at the expense of the main issues. For instance, the Israeli wars and their crimes turn into ‘defense’ of residents on the border, and according to the logic of the Western countries working in coordination with Israel, the equation is reversed: ‘It is Israel’s right to defend itself!’ The occupying state, which maintains a colonial settlement [enterprise], holds arsenals of nuclear, biological, chemical, conventional, land, marine, and aerial weapons, perpetrates all types of killing, destruction and burning of citizens, their fields, their homes, etc., against the unarmed Palestinian people that is subject to occupation for the last 70 years, and has nothing at its disposal but its resolve, rocks, and knives – and yet it [the Palestinian people] is required to ‘condemn’ its struggle, because it is viewed as ’terror’ in the eyes of the capitalist West, the Americans, and the Europeans, and even when the [Palestinian] people marks its annual Martyrs’ (Shahids’) Day, it becomes ‘incitement’ and violence.”