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Students participate in readers chain in El-Bireh honoring killer of 3

Headline: “Baha Alyan chain of readers in El-Bireh”
     “‘We want our people to be a people that is educated and reads, as we love life and are trying to create joy among our children through reading, which was my son Baha Alyan’s hobby before he died as a Martyr (Shahid).’ (Terrorist Baha Alyan murdered 3 in a terror attack on a bus in Jerusalem –Ed.) Attorney Muhammad Alyan, father of Martyr Baha from Jerusalem, opened his address with these words, while speaking to an audience of male and female students who came to participate in the Baha chain of readers, in which hundreds participated with hundreds of different books. Alyan added: ‘Childhood is in the hands of the teachers, and of the education [system] in general, and we need to care for it,’ and noted that he is happy to see boys and girls holding books and reading, after the internet and social networks have replaced books. Likewise, he mentioned his son the Martyr who persevered in reading facing the walls of Jerusalem, on whose land he died as a Martyr, and whose body is still being held by the occupation after all these months. [He added:] ‘Reading has much symbolism and touches our hearts as the family of a Martyr who died on the doorstep of the Al-Aqsa Mosque while still reading, as he established the idea that reading is for everyone.’
Abd Al-Karim Ziyada of the [PA Ministry of Education’s] Education Directorate in the Ramallah and El-Bireh district said: ‘The Ministry [of Education] encourages schools students to read, especially outside the framework of their studies, in order to build a patriotic generation that is scholarly and educated.’
The girl Nida Adel, a fifth grade student from the Al-Mughtaribin Elementary School in El-Bireh, said: ‘Our participation in the Baha chain of readers is a mark of honor and appreciation of Martyr Baha Alyan, who established the idea of reading for all.’
The girl Ru'a Jadallah, a fifth grade student from Ramallah… noted that she knows that Martyr Baha loved to read and encouraged people to read because knowledge is a weapon we should also hold.”

Photo caption:
“Baha [Alyan] chain of readers”
The photo shows Baha Alyan’s father in the middle of the bottom row with the participants in the Baha chain of readers.

Jerusalem line 78 bus terror attack - On Oct. 13, 2015, two Palestinian terrorists, Baha Alyan (22) and Bilal Ghanem (23) boarded a bus in Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood with a gun and a knife and attacked passengers, killing Israelis Chaim Haviv (78) and Alon Govberg (51), and Richard Lakin (76), and wounding 3 Israelis. Alyan was shot and killed by an Israeli security guard at the scene and Ghanem, a Hamas terrorist who served time in Israeli prison in 2013-2014, was wounded.