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Child festival in Gaza promotes child Martyrdom, killing and violence

Eighth Childhood Festival of the Islamic Association in Khan Younes, in the Gaza Strip, posted on YouTube on May 5, 2016

Palestinian girl: “Forward, my child, to the duel. You will die as a Martyr (Shahid) and blow up the enemies. Palestine [is] an Arab holding victory in one hand, and rocks of fire in the other. [Palestine is] an Arab full of the challenging spirit, pride, and determination.”

Young boys dressed as Hamas fighters exit a “tunnel.”

A small car disguised as an Israeli tank appears.

Young boys dressed as Hamas fighters dance with rifles.

Young boys dressed as Hamas fighters capture another boy dressed as an Israeli soldier.

Young boys dressed as Hamas fighters taking a kidnapped Israeli soldier through a “tunnel”

Young boys throw stones at other boys dressed as Israeli policemen. In the background are two boys dressed as Israeli ultra-orthodox Jews, acting as if they are praying.

Two girls: “Arabs, I do not turn to you. You can continue to sleep. We have young people who are all ready, and who do not fear death. The young of Jerusalem are a knife revolution.”

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