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Abbas congratulates North Korea on successful conference, appreciates North Korean support of Palestinian struggle

“[PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] congratulated Marshal Kim Jong-un, First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (i.e., North Korea), and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, on the success of the seventh General Conference of the Workers’ Party of Korea. In his telegram, the president expressed his appreciation of the important pioneering role of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which has historical relations with the Fatah movement in the area of struggle, and a long history of support of the peoples’ struggle for liberation, first and foremost support of our [Palestinian] people in its struggle for its freedom and the establishment of its independent state on its national land. The president emphasized that he is taking care to continue the cooperation in order to strengthen the historic friendship ties between the two states and two peoples and develop them for the benefit of both sides.”

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