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PA Ministry of Finance owes released prisoners 9 million dollars, but isn’t paying them despite Abbas’ decision

 Headline: "Karake: The sum of the unpaid release grants is 9 million dollars"
"Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake said that the sum of the release grants due the released prisoners is 9 million dollars, and that the [PA] Ministry of Finance has not paid them in many years, 'which has created a situation of bitterness and anger among the prisoners released from the occupation's prisons.' (Released terrorists who have been imprisoned in Israel more than 5 years continue to receive a salary from the PA upon their release. Terrorists who have served less than five years receive a lump sum upon release. –Ed.)
Karake noted that there are instructions from the president [Mahmoud Abbas], the prime minister [Rami Hamdallah], and the head of the Palestinian National Fund [Ramzi Khoury] to pay the release grants according to the law, but that this has not been done until now.
He explained that about 3,000 male and female prisoners that have been released in recent years – some of whom served more than 15 years – need this grant in order to begin civilized and human lives after long years in prison.
Karake demanded that the relevant bodies regarding this matter 'solve this problem, which has created a negative atmosphere among the released [prisoners].'
Karake spoke of this during a meeting with released prisoners in the Nablus district and visits he made to a number of released prisoners in the Tulkarem district."

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