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Political commissioner of Rammallah: Israel is "spreading anarchy and making it easier for law breakers to spread drugs"

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: "The political commissioner of Ramallah and its suburbs met with the deputy governor of the Jerusalem district and the Biddu police station manager"
"[PA] Political and National Commissioner of Ramallah, El-Bireh, and the Suburbs Nasser Nimr met in the headquarters of the police station of the villages northwest of Jerusalem, in the village of Biddu, with [PA] Deputy Governor of the Jerusalem District Jamil Barakat and [PA] District Administrator Muhammad Al-Tari…
The political commissioner added that the basis for stabilizing the security and protecting society from the various plagues of crimes, and particularly drugs, lies in cooperation between the different institutions in order to create social awareness that will be able to deal with any phenomenon that is liable to harm society and destroy it from within. He emphasized that the Political Guidance [Council] is prepared to carry out various activities and plans in cooperation with the police, security forces, and the different relevant institutes, that will benefit society and strengthen it, and build a defense arrangement for it against the dangers befalling it. This [will be done] in a manner that will ensure the cohesion and integrity of society in dealing with the various challenges, primarily the occupation, which is still the main factor in spreading anarchy and making it easier for law breakers to spread drugs, and which at times even protects them."