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PA daily op-ed misrepresents Israeli general’s speech to compare Israel’s behavior to the Nazis

Headline: “Israel is not immune to condemnation!”

Excerpt of op-ed by Yahya Rabah, columnist for the official PA daily and a member of the Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza

“[Israeli] Deputy Chief of General Staff and Major General Yair Golan is not a passing figure in Israel, and is not from the ranks of the Israeli opposition. He is from the heart of the Israeli security and military services, and yet he recently expressed views that greatly angered Netanyahu and many members of his government who are members of the extremist and racist hawks. He said that the behavior of the Israeli army’s soldiers against the Palestinians is not less despicable than the Nazi actions and the Nazi Holocausts (sic.) against the Jews (sic., he actually said that we must be careful not to act like the Nazis and uproot any signs of intolerance and violence).”

Yair Golan’s speech on May 4, 2016:
“The Holocaust, as I see it, must enable us to deeply reflect on the nature of man. It must bring us to deeply reflect on the responsibility of leadership and the nature of society, and it must enable us to think fundamentally about how we, here and now, are conducting ourselves toward orphans, widows and their like. Indeed, there is nothing easier than to simply hate the other, there is nothing easier than to provoke fears and strike terror; there is nothing easier than barbaric behavior, moral corruption and hypocrisy. On Holocaust Remembrance day, it is appropriate to discuss our abilities to extricate from among us signs of intolerance and violence, signs that we're heading towards self-destruction and down the road to moral depravity. In fact, Holocaust Remembrance Day is an opportunity for self-examination. If Yom Kippur is a day for personal self-reflection, then it is appropriate, and even absolutely necessary, that Holocaust Remembrance Day, will also be a day of national self-examination, and in this national self-examination we must consider the effects of those who seek to disrupt the peace."

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