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PA Bureau of Statistics: 48.3% of Palestinian families have internet; 75% of Palestinian internet users over 10 use social networks

Headline: “1.25 million people in Palestine use social networks, for an average of two hours a day”
“The Central Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Media and IT made a joint statement for World Information Society Day, which takes place today [May 17, 2016], that the rate of people in Palestine using social networks in 2014 was 75 percent of all the internet users over the age of ten. The average time spent using social networks was two hours a day, while the rate of people using social networks for ten or more hours was one percent of all the [internet] users.
About half of the Palestinian families are connected to the internet at home.
According to data, 48.3 percent of the families in Palestine were connected to the internet in 2014 – 51.4 percent in the West Bank and 42.2 percent in the Gaza Strip, as compared to 30.4 percent of the families in Palestine who were connected to the internet in 2011.
The rate of those above the age of 10 using the internet in 2014 was 54.5 percent in the West Bank, as compared to 52.2 percent in the Gaza Strip. The rate of children (ages 5 – 17) who use the computer was 63.4 percent, 70 percent in the West Bank compared to 51.9 percent in the Gaza Strip.”

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