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Independent news agency reports Palestinian journalist was arrested for no reason

A week after this article was published, the PA daily published an article claiming that the journalist was arrested for illegal money transfers, not for journalistic reasons.

Headline: “The [PA General] Intelligence [Service] in Nablus arrested Al-Aqsa journalist Tareq Abu Zaid”
“The Palestinian [General] Intelligence Service arrested Al-Aqsa satellite channel journalist Tareq Abu Zaid early Tuesday morning [May 17, 2016] in Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank. Local sources noted that the [General] Intelligence Service forces broke into the home of journalist Abu Zaid in the Al-Makhfiyyeh neighborhood in the city’s west, carried out a thorough search of the home, and then arrested Abu Zaid. They noted that [General Intelligence] Service people confiscated a computer and cell phone without giving a reason for the arrest.”

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