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Frontpage Mag writes article based on PMW bulletin exposing Fatah praise for 1972 terror attack that killed 17 Americans

Daniel Greenfield  |
Frontpage Mag writes article
based on PMW bulletin
exposing Fatah praise for 1972 terror attack
that killed 17 Americans

Headline: US Funded Palestinian Terror State Praises Murder of 17 Americans

by Daniel Greenfield

The Palestinian Authority is really Fatah. It's a terror state funded by US taxpayers. And its core terror group has no problem praising the murder of Americans.

As Palestinian Media Watch reports, Fatah praised the perpetrators of the 1972 Lod airport massacre in Israel.

"In 1972, three members of the Japanese Red Army carried out a terror attack in Israel's airport. 24 people were killed and 70 were wounded when the terrorists shot at passengers and threw hand grenades. As the anniversary of the attack approaches, Fatah sticks to its policy of glorifying terrorists on the date of their attacks.

Posting a photo from the attack, showing pools of blood on the floor next to torn and scattered luggage, Fatah sent "greetings" to the surviving "hero," the murderer Kozo Okamoto, on its Facebook page:

'44 years since the airport operation (26 killed and 80 injured) [higher numbers in the original -Ed.] A thousand greetings to the Japanese fighter and friend Kozo Okamoto, the hero of the Lod airport operation, May 30, 1972.' [Official Fatah Facebook page, May 17, 2016]"

Among the dead were 17 Puerto Rican tourists. United States citizens on a tour from their San Juan church. Even after the massacre, the survivors remained behind refusing to be intimidated by the terrorists.
"In June 2006, a legislative initiative of Puerto Rico Senator José Garriga Picó, Senate Project (PS) 1535, was approved by unanimous vote of both houses of the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico. The bill made May 30 "Lod Massacre Remembrance Day". On August 2, 2006, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, signed it into law as Law 144 August 2, 2006. "Lod Remembrance Day" commemorate the events, honors both those murdered and those who survived, and educates the Puerto Rican public against terrorism.

Victims of the attack:

US citizens of Puerto Rico:

1. Reverend Angel Berganzo 2. Carmela Cintrón 3. Carmen E. Crespo 4. Vírgen Flores 5. Esther González 6. Blanca González de Pérez 7. Carmen Guzmán 8. Eugenia López 9. Enrique Martínez Rivera 10. Vasthy Zila Morales de Vega 11. José M. Otero Adorno 12. Antonio Pacheco 13. Juan Padilla 14. Consorcia Rodríguez 15. José A. Rodríguez 16. Antonio Rodríguez Morales 17. Carmelo Calderón Molina"

Why does the US continue funding terrorists who blatantly celebrate the murder of Americans?

In Puerto Rico, Comité Co-Lod conducts memorials in memory of the victims of the massacre. The commemoration is often held at the Holocaust memorial near the capitol in San Juan.

Margarito Hernandez Otero, president of the Co-Lod Committee, stressed that "The most tragic aspect is that one of the perpetrators of the slaughter, Kozo Okamoto, is alive and has never faced justice."

"Survivors and activists of the cause of the victims have made an international claim for the United States to officially request the extradition of Okamoto for his crimes," said the chairman.

Instead of requesting his extradition, the government continues funding those who celebrate the massacre.
"'I threw myself to the floor asking God that nothing happened ... As the shots were ebbing tried to get up and felt there was something heavy on me,' the survivor Juan Antonio Rodriguez Larroy recalled in 2008, in an article published in Primera Hora.

'I thought I was paralyzed, who had hurt me, because I could not move. Then I started to move my legs and I touched something hot under the collar. I see is blood, but it was not mine but a dead person who had fallen on me.'

About 70 Puerto Ricans had left the day before beginning a long journey that had included stops in New York and Rome, before arriving at the capital of Israel, having wanted to visit the Holy Land."
It is long past time for this injustice to be remedied.
"Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Allon said today Egyptian Prime Minister Aziz Sidky expressed satisfaction with the massacre at Israel's Lod International' Airport was as despicable as the act itself.

Sidky said yesterday on Cairo Radio the Tel Aviv airport attack 'indicates we are capable of achieving victory in our battle with Israel.' He said the massacre shattered the 'myth' of Israeli supremacy over the Arabs."