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Palestinian daily refers to Israeli soldiers in 1948 war as "Zionist gangs" "with a thirst for killing"

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: “Refugee Ali Karake: They notified us that the Zionist gangs would be making a short visit!”
“Allar is an expelled village located southwest of ancient Jerusalem in an area called Wadi Al-Sarar, and includes a number of Crusader, Mamluk, and Ottoman antiquities and architectural monuments. Its residents were exiled during the 1948 war (i.e., the Israeli War of Independence, which Arab nations initiated and later lost against Israel), and the Zionist gangs established a number of settlement blocs on the village’s land and next to it.
Ali Muhammad Karake, 84, a refugee from the village of Allar… said that the residents of the village were afraid as a result of the acts of terror and massacres being carried out by the Zionist gangs against unarmed [Arab] citizens and farmers, and added: ‘We did not have weapons and we were not trained to deal with gangs and an organized army with a thirst for killing…’
He continued and said: ‘When news reached us that the Zionist gangs were nearing the village of Allar, the leadership of the Arab army came to the village and asked the residents to leave so that additional massacres would not take place.’ Karake added in an ironic tone: ‘The Arab army requested that we not go very far from the village, as the Zionist gangs would make a short visit and then leave, and then they (i.e., the Arab army) would let us go back. However, that short visit has continued until today.’”