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PA Minister of Religion rejects term “Temple Mount” and claims Israel “attacks Palestinian antiquities, especially in Jerusalem” and tries to “steal” Palestinian antiquities and “customs, traditions, and food”

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: “Ida’is: UNESCO’s use of the term ‘Al-Aqsa’ is a victory for religious and historical legitimacy”
“Minister of Religious Affairs Sheikh Yusuf Ida’is said that the United Nations Educational Scientific, Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO’s) decision to use the term ‘Al-Aqsa’ and reject [the term] ‘Temple Mount’ constitutes a victory for religious and historical legitimacy… He added that there is not a city in Palestine that is exempt from the Israeli attacks against Palestinian antiquities, and especially Jerusalem, which is the cradle of the prophets and Palestian Arab Islamic territory. This is because the occupation is trying to change the demographic signs and the Palestinian signs of the land by daily raids and invasions and an increase in settlement, and it is not satisfied with this, but also tries to steal the heritage of our antiquities… Minister Ida’is said that Palestine is present in all areas and places, as it is an ancient state, and it has antiquities and historical cities that verify its ‘Arabness’… However, Allah wanted it to be under Israeli occupation, which always acts to falsify and change its [Palestine’s] signs and history and to steal its heritage and antiquities, ‘and not only them, but also our Palestinian customs, traditions, and food, which the occupation displays in international exhibitions as Israeli food.’”

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