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Abbas: "Palestine and its people have been here since the Canaanites", Governor of Ramallah: "The occupation will not last long"

Headline: “We will build the government institutions, and you will be able to declare independence soon”
“President Mahmoud Abbas inaugurated the Palestinian Museum which is on the grounds of Birzeit University in an opening ceremony in the presence of top officials, leaders, academics, and cultural figures…
[Abbas] said: ‘We are inaugurating one of the most magnificent Palestinian buildings, which will guard and tell the memories of our people, while it lets future generations know that Palestine and its people have been here since the Canaanites, and are planted in this ground throughout time and long decades, and they have not left this land, not even for one moment.’…
District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Laila Ghannam said…‘The inauguration of this building that stirs pride shows that Palestine is a state that is only missing being rid of the occupation, which is trying to create history for itself at the expense of our history, but it is our history. We were here and will remain in our land, and the occupation will not last long.’”