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Training to kidnap more Israeli soldiers

Headline: "During military maneuvers in southern Gaza - [Islamic Jihad] Al-Quds Brigades: Operations for kidnapping Israeli soldiers and taking them captive are an option available to all of the military wings"
"The Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad, emphasized that operations of kidnapping soldiers and holding them in the hands of the resistance are an option available to all of the military wings. This was said during the course of military maneuvers organized by the 'Al-Quds Brigades' yesterday in southern Gaza, using light and medium ammunition and [anti-]tank and mine ammunition. Operations for storming buildings amidst heavy explosions were drilled, and training for kidnapping Israeli soldiers was carried out. One of the field operatives said, during the exercise, that 'Hezbollah's Lebanese experience, and [that of] the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, in kidnapping Israeli soldiers and holding them captive, has proved successful in forcing the various Israeli governments to accede to the captors' demands, and [it has proved] that the theory of bringing back soldiers by force has collapsed. The resistance has broken it and has forced the occupation leadership to submit to its demands.'"

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