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PA daily refutes claims that Palestinian journalist`s arrest violates freedom of press

Headline: “The Bureau of Communication of the Security Forces: Abu Zaid’s arrest is connected to fanning the rift (i.e., between Fatah and Hamas) and illegally transferring money”
“The Bureau of Communication of the Security Forces emphasized that the Security Forces’ steps and stance are based on customary laws, which guarantee freedom of press and expression in our land… The Bureau of Communication of the Security Forces issued a statement yesterday in response to Tareq Abu Zaid’s arrest. It stated that Abu Zaid’s arrest and the transfer of the matter to the attorney general and court are not connected in any way to his journalistic and professional activities, but rather to a party matter and the illegal transfer of money. Likewise, the statement emphasized that all of the media outlets and satellite stations in the northern districts (i.e., the West Bank) operate around the clock with all their staff with absolute freedom and without any interference in their work, and that no one was removed from a broadcast, even when they defamed and slandered, but the matter of Tareq is not connected to his journalistic work.”

Note: An article published by a private Palestinian news agency claimed that the journalist was arrested "without giving a reason for the arrest."

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