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Young girls perform song showing “Zionists” as killers: “Criminals came to our village, killed my father… The Zionists were here’’

Official PA TV host of children's program: "Grades 3 and 4 wanted to show us a dance to the song 'I'm a Palestinian girl'..."
Girls: "I'm a little Palestinian girl, still the age of flowers
My heart is good, my intention pure, and I do not harm anyone
I know my home. I know my land, my nice family around me
All that I want is at hand, through love and compassion…
Criminals came to our village, killed my father and took my brother
They said: ‘This is our land.’ [I was] shocked and my eyes teared
I screamed: ‘Why? What did I do?’ Nobody answered me
It just said on our door: ‘The Zionists were here’ ...
Afterwards, someone came that I already saw . He looked like one of them and was walking in circles around me.
I was so angry I grabbed a stone and threw it, and I am not strong
They caught me, hit me, and told me I will stand trial for the attack
They arrested me and accused me of being a criminal and a terrorist…
Who would agree to such shame, O mankind, hear my voice
There are many like me, when will I see freedom?
When will I see freedom? When will I see freedom?"