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Palestinian Journalists Syndicate boycotts any Palestinian official who gives interview to Israeli media

Headline: “[Nasser] Abu Bakr: The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate is one of the five most important syndicates in the world”
Excerpt of interview with Chairman of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate Nasser Abu Bakr
 “Q. In an interview with you last October [2015] you called on all the journalists to boycott any Palestinian official that gives an interview to the Israeli media. How did the journalists respond to your call?
A. The Palestinian journalists are a unified group. We made the decision in the general secretariat of the union after long debates and checking the condition of the Israeli media. We have many documents that prove that it is a media that incites against the Palestinians, against the leadership, and against the Palestinian media institutions. Likewise, it is a media that embellishes the image of the occupation and falsifies the truth, and therefore, after long examinations, we reached the conclusion that no interview of [Palestinian] officials serves the Palestinian cause, but rather hinders them or uses them to blacken their faces and the face of the Palestinian people. For this reason, we saw that it is necessary to desist from any meetings with the Israeli press.”