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Official PA daily implies Jews have no connection to land of Israel, says “Judaism is a religion, and is not a nationality in any way”

Headline: “Between complete refusal and accepting the facts”
“The great lie, as we know, which was spread by the leaders of the Zionist movement such as Israel Zangwill (i.e., a British author and a close associate of Theodor Herzl) and Theodor Herzl (i.e., one of the founders of the modern Zionist movement), says that Palestine is ‘a land without a people for a people without a land.’ In this slogan there is no truth of any kind, as Palestine and its people existed together, and as the Jews were citizens of the lands from which they came in ships of the Zionist movement project. Likewise, Judaism is a religion, and is not a nationality in any way, and the ‘Ashkenazi’ Western Jews tried and are still trying to change Judaism into that.”