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PA daily sports article glorifies the “Martyrs” of Hebron and their mothers who have “the scent of musk and amber” from their mouths

Op-ed in sports section by Khaled Al-Qawasmi
Headline: “The Al-Ahli [team] won an achievement”
“The Al-Ahli team said its piece today, realized its ambitions, and sincerely announced that Hebron is a serious contender that cannot be ignored, and that it very justly has the right to be called the Palestinian Sports Capital, and how could it not be when Shabib [Al-Khalil] is the league champion and Al-Ahli is the cup champion? And this is a precedent in the history of Palestinian football, as for the first time the league champion and cup champion are competing sister [teams] representing the two branches of football in Hebron, in whose skies rose the cries of joy, which brought to mind her ranks of Martyrs (Shahids), and the scent of musk and amber from the mouths of the Martyrs’ mothers.”