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Abbas condemns terror attack in Jordan as "terror"

Headline: "The president consoled the king of Jordan over the victims, and Palestine condemned the terror attack in the Al-Baq'a refugee camp"
"[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas called King of Jordan Abdullah II last night [June 6, 2016] and consoled him over the victims of the terror attack that took place yesterday morning in the Palestinian Al-Baq'a refugee camp and took the lives of five members of the Jordanian General Intelligence [Service] (attack on security force headquarters at Al-Baq'a refugee camp in Jordan, 3 intelligence officers and 2 civil employees murdered -Ed.). The president condemned this terror event, which desecrated the sanctity of the blessed month of Ramadan and the sanctity of the Jordanian security. He emphasized our great solidarity with the Jordanian people, its government, and its king against all acts of terror, and that our people and leadership stand alongside Jordan, and his wish that the kingdom continue along the path of security, stability, and prosperity."
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