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Palestinian refugees prefer to remain in Egypt and receive citizenship there, deny right of return

Official PA TV News, about Palestinian refugees on Fadel Island in Egypt.

Official PA TV News reporter: “We have made a lot of effort to ask about something that this woman knows about Palestine, such as what its capital is, or any city, or even any place, but she did not respond, and preferred to smile and answer: ‘I do not know anything.’” 

Palestinian female refugee on Fadel Island in Egypt: “I am a Palestinian but I do not know anything. I am a Palestinian but I never go abroad, I stay here. No, we do not want to return to our land, we prefer [to be] here.” 

Official PA TV News reporter: “There is no right of return?” 

Palestinian female refugee: “No. We want to receive Egyptian citizenship and stay here.”


Note: The Palestinian refugees on Fadel Island are not being cared for by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), and have also been mostly ignored by Palestinian national institutions. Therefore the concept of “the right of return” for Palestinians seems not to have taken root among them.