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Abbas' office emphasizes its opposition to attacks on civilians

Official PA TV News, about PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' office's announcement regarding rejecting violence against civilians
Official PA TV newsreader: "The [PA] president's office stated that it has emphasized time and again its opposition to all the operations (i.e., terror attacks) that harm civilians from all sides, regardless of the justification for such. The presidential office added in its statement that the achievement of a just peace and the creation of a positive atmosphere are what will contribute to the end and reduction of the reasons for tension and violence in the region. The presidential office concluded by saying that the achievement of peace obligates everyone to stop carrying out any act that increases the tension, anxiety, and use of violence.”

Muhammad Ahmad Musa Makhamreh and Khaled Muhammad Musa Makhamreh - 21-year-old Palestinian terrorists, cousins, who carried out a shooting attack in Tel Aviv on June 8, 2016, murdering 4 Israelis and injuring 16. The terrorists ordered dessert in the Max Brenner restaurant in the Sarona Market before they began shooting at people. Muhammad Makhamreh and Khaled Makhamreh were both apprehended by the Israeli police. One of them was shot and wounded before being caught and brought for treatment in an Israeli hospital.