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Spokesman of the PA Security Forces: `[Hamas leader] Khaled Mashaal agreed to peaceful popular resistance, but nobody has said that we have renounced the armed struggle… However, the conditions do not allow us to continue it today, as they say`

Headline: "Watch the full interview: Al-Damiri speaks about security coordination, Hamas, ISIS, thwarting the operations, the government, the resistance, and the Gaza Strip"

"[Official Spokesman of the PA Security Forces] Adnan Al-Damiri spoke in an exclusive interview with Donia Al-Watan (i.e., an independent Palestinian news agency) about many topics, including the security forces, the possibility of uniting them in the West Bank and Gaza, the reconciliation [between Fatah and Hamas], Gaza's electricity, and the other important topics…

He noted that the PA workers in the Gaza Strip who stopped working are still not working and have not been asked to return to work 'in order not to endanger their lives as we do not know what level of oppression is being implemented by Hamas.'

Likewise, Al-Damiri noted that the government transfers 80 million shekels a month to the Gaza Strip for electricity and 240 million shekels a month for salaries and services, despite Hamas’ opposition to the government or the PA having a role in the administration of Gaza

The security forces in the West Bank are accused of preventing Palestinian resistance operations (i.e., terror attacks) in the West Bank and persecuting those who carry them out; however, since the popular uprising (reference to wave of Palestinian terror attacks, October 2015 - March 2016), it [the West Bank] has been witness to a series of individual and group operations against the Israeli occupation.

Adnan Al-Damiri emphasized that the Palestinian security forces have not prevented anyone from carrying out these operations, and the proof is the occurrence of dozens of them recently, according to him.

He added to Donia Al-Watan: 'We are not talking about the thwarting of operations (i.e., attacks) within Israel, but rather we are talking about our children being thrown to their death in an uneven battle. We said that we want to protect our children from death, and two or three of our children were executed every day with no consideration.'

Likewise he emphasized that from 1994 until today, the PA has not carried out a counterterrorism operation in coordination with the Israelis even once

On the same topic, Al-Damiri emphasized that there are no relations with the Israelis in regard to issuing arrest warrants against people intending to carry out operations against Israel, and noted that they are first advised not do so. Likewise, he announced that the leadership has a political plan that is not based on the armed struggle, even though this option is included in Palestinian deliberations

Al-Damiri added: '[Hamas leader] Khaled Mashaal agreed to peaceful popular resistance, but nobody has said that we have renounced the armed struggle, as we are subject to occupation, so how can we renounce it? However, the conditions do not allow us to continue it today, as they say.' Likewise, he said: 'I oppose Hamas shooting rockets at Israel today as it will lead to the destruction our people have experienced in Gaza…'

In regard to the arrest of five people belonging to the ISIS organization, he verified that there are people with ISIS views, and emphasized that they are being pursued in order to arrest them. Likewise, he noted that this is a serious matter that cannot be taken lightly. Regarding the number of those arrested, Al-Damiri denied that there is a specific number, and explained that the number is not what matters. Likewise, he explained that there are Palestinians who traveled to Syria in order to join the Islamic State organization.

On a different topic, regarding the young person who published a video in which he curses the friends of the Prophet Muhammad, and the question as to whether the [PA] Security Forces have arrested him, Al-Damiri said: 'We do not put people on trial for their religious beliefs or ideas, but rather for their actions, as there is a clause in the law about this. On a personal level, I am a fairly religious man and I cannot hear that someone has insulted Allah's Messenger or his wives.' Likewise, he emphasized that if this occurred, he will be arrested, and added: 'There is a clear clause in the law regarding insulting religions.'"

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