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Official PA TV program praises “heroic prisoner” who assisted in murder of Israeli civilian

Official PA program Giants of Endurance, praises terrorist prisoner Hani Zayn Al-Din who was sentenced to one life sentence for being an accomplice to murder as “heroic prisoner.” His sentence was later shortened.

Screenshot shows the mother of terrorist prisoner Hani Zayn Al-Din
Text on screen: “Mother of heroic prisoner Hani Zayn Al-Din”
Official PA TV host: “We are now in the home of heroic prisoner Issam Zayn Al-Din... He certainly is resolute. He is a prisoner, one of the giants of endurance, loves the resolve, and he is one of the legends of resolve.”
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Hani and Issam Zayn Al-Din and Abd Al-Rahman Othman – Palestinian terrorists who are each serving 1 life sentence for the murder of Israeli citizen Eldad Abir on March 1, 2006, at the gas station near Migdalim, southeast of Nablus. Abd Al-Rahman Othman shot Eldad Abir and Issam Zayin Al-Din stabbed him. Hani Zayn Al-Din assisted in planning the attack and by driving them. Issam Zayn Al-Din and Hani Zayn Al-Din were apprehended on March 7, 2006, while trying to cross into Jordan, and Abd Al-Rahman Othman was arrested in Jericho on May 1, 2006.

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